Saturday, May 17, 2014

Desert Dwellers - "Seeing Things" Song of the Day [5/17/2014]

Today's Song of the Day comes from an electronic duo that is rising quickly within the psychedelic electronica scene. Desert Dwellers just finished touring with Shpongle (Simon Posford) on the Museum Of Consciousness Tour. The track Seeing Things is one of their more famous tracks. The base of it is straight Dubstep. It is 145 BPM and has low frequency bass wobbles layered under slowed down hip-hop beats. However, Seeing Things is much more than a normal Dubstep track. Desert Dwellers adds many glitchy atmospheric sounds in order to create a very ominous psychedelic vibe. Their production is on point; every sound is crisp and layered well, especially the fat bass-line. This is definitely a track you want to check out if you are into the weirder, darker side of electronic music.


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