Friday, October 31, 2014

John Carpenter - "Halloween Theme" - Song of the Day 10/31/14

In 1978 John Carpenter penned the iconic theme song for the class film, Halloween. Seeing as it's Halloween today, we figured it was the perfect time to dust of the cob webs and let this track echo through our speakers. Hopefully you find it as creepy as we do. HAVE A GREAT HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!!!!! 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Kito & Reija Lee - "Run For Cover" - Song of the Day - 10/30/14

These two girls create some amazing music, Kito on the decks and Reija Lee on the microphone. They dabble with multiple genres and add more flavor to anything they touch. I really like their moombahton style, but they do almost every electronic music sub-genre justice. This track "Run For Cover" comes from the Mad Decent Volume 1 compilation, an insane collection of kick ass electronic talent. Follow Kito & Reija Lee on facebook to stay on top of their tour dates and new music.

Win A Pair Of Tickets To Jantsen And Dirt Monkey 11/6 @ Cervantes Ballroom In Denver, CO

To our friends in Denver, we have some good news for you! Can't afford to make it out to Cervantes Ballroom 11/6 for the Bounce City Tour? With help from Jantsen, Dirt Monkey and their team we are picking a lucky fan to win a pair of tickets to catch them do what they do best. Being the last show of the tour, energy level will be at an all time high. Don't miss out on the fun!

How do you enter?
- Like IkonicSound on Facebook
- Share the giveaway post
- Comment and let us know the lucky friend you're bringing with you

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Jon Brion - "Knock Yourself Out" - Song of the Day (10-29-14) little diddy comes from the soundtrack to a very enlightening film called I ♥ Huckabees. It's such a simple song with a great message, the lesson being just "Find a way to be ok." The film is all about existentialism and the idea that everyone and everything is connected somehow. Getting thorough the tough times in life will make the great times even better. If you haven't seen I ♥ Huckabees you must, it will surely give you some perspective and maybe calm down your inner pessimist. Also peep out Jon Brion's work from the film score to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind for even more superb self examining style music.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

TC - Tap Ho (AV8r Remix) - Song of the Day - (10-28-14)

Among many of the great remix's this song has created, AV8r's is one of the best! This hybrid track takes it above and beyond the expected. While surrounded by the scene, such talent flourishes with inspiration from left to right. Coming from San Diego, the unique artist begins to spread his sound in not only the local area! Be sure to check out more from AV8r.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Greenskeepers - "15 Minutes" - Song of the Day - (10/27/14) have an album called Polo Club that is just perfect. I have listened to it straight through a number of times. They are a total throwback band, retro sounding but with new ideas. "15 Minutes" is a brilliant spin on new age music, it sounds just like something out of the 80's. The band began as friends James Curd and Nick Maurer collaborated creating an awesome sound but also amazing vocals and excellent lyrics. You can stream the double album Polo Club the third album from Greenskeepers by following the link. Or check out more on James Curd's Official Soundcloud page too.

The Specials - "Ghost Town" - Flinch & JRabbit and SPL Remixes

You gotta love this, double new shit! Two remixes of "Ghost Town" just in time for Halloween. I love the original "Ghost Town" by The Specials mostly because of the soundtrack to the film Snatch but Flinch and JRabbit team up and make it all new. They kick it all jazzy with a little trap flavor. Then SPL takes it too another level with his raunchy spin on things for another bumpin remix. If you want to get it poppin make sure to rock these songs out at your Halloween party this Friday night.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Baths - "Lovely Bloodflow" - Song of the Day - [10-26-14] is a nice chill type of musical artist called Baths. This particular song has a lot of glitches creating a melody, but a lot of his music is rather mellow, and some use vocals or samples of spoken words. "Lovely Bloodflow" comes from Baths debut album Cerulean released by Anticon. This is the official music video through the Anticon youtube channel. Chill electronic music is becoming a popular sub-genre, not so much in the club scene but more so in cars and the background when people want to chat at parties. Satellite radio even has a station dedicated to it simply called Chill on channel 53 for XM. Baths is awesome, you can listen to most of his music on spotify here.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Rogue - "Atlantic"

Here is a brand new banger from Rogue, "Atlantic" is a full blown electro party melted into one song. Joel Hunt is his real name and he is from Birmingham, England. Rogue's music is always an awesome blend of a lot of electronic sub-genres. I first heard Rogue a couple years ago after Jahan from Krewella shared one of his songs on twitter. Ever since then I have been big fan. You can follow Rogue on facebook here.

SKisM - "Experts" - Song of the Day - (10/25/14)

You can't mess with SKisM, the guy is an electronic music mogul. He's one of the founders of Never Say Die Records and an incredibly talented producer too. His label has some of the best producers represented including - Zomboy, Eptic, HeRobust, Far Too Loud, LAXX, Habstrakt, Megalodon, and more. This song "Experts" is a hard dubstep jam, a perfect representation of what SKisM is all about. He likes it mean and grimey, although still with high production quality and amazing bass. Go check out the Official Never Say Die Website for new music and touring information from their team of sicko producers.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Jantsen & Dirt Monkey @ Mac's Bar In East Lansing, MI (10/19/14) [Review]

Things got a bit nutty at Mac's Bar this past Sunday! With news of the Bounce City Tour stopping in town, I wouldn't have expected it any other way. A killer lineup of artists I had never seen before continuously swept me off my feet with their unique ways of presenting some of their favorite tracks.  Fusion Shows - Based out of Michigan - seems to have developed a good idea for what artists people are wanting to see in these parts.

While this was my first show at Mac's Bar, I was very surprised by it's atmosphere. I wouldn't say it wasn't what I expected, but it had defined itself as a place of it's own. Providing myself, as well as the rest of the crowd, a very personal set from the artists.

Although I was unable to make it in time to catch The Bass Choir, I hope to catch them sometime soon in the area. As I walked in, the duo ANVBiS were setting up and ready to give us a show! Blasting us with their trap and bass music, the crowd was quick to catch on. Backed with a decent light show setup, it was a great way to start the night off.

Midway through their set Jantsen and Dirt Monkey showed up! I spotted Jantsen right away and introduced myself. Not knowing Dirt Monkey was standing right beside him, He introduced himself. The shaved head through me off for sure! 

For those of you unaware of Jantsen, What are you waiting for? The veteran electronic artist clears paths others didn't know existed, yet remains unheard by the ears of so many. With his one of a kind sounds and style, there's no telling what you might get when you cross his path! Coming out of Boulder, Colorado, he continues to spread his music worldwide. After hearing about the recent collaborations with Bassnectar, it makes me wonder what is next?

Keep an eye out for LOCOJA. A newly announced side project created by Jantsen as well as Lorin himself. I asked Jantsen, "What is to come?" and he dropped Bassnectar's name. There could be a possible album coming from the two! When it will be released is still in up the air, but planning seems to have begun.

Dirt Monkey has built a strong very fan base! He has branched off from Sub.Mission and now he is building his own label Kairos Audio. Expressing his expansive combination of sounds, he made it look easy to put together. With my eyes glued, I noticed his style of mixing stands alone. Creating new sounds with songs already created by fusing them together at different speeds and times. I later noticed a stack of Dirt Monkey stickers that needed some love! Passing them out and tatting up the already decently inked venue with pink and black stickers was a job well fit.

Upon realization that the end was near, the crowd stood together expecting only a couple more tracks. Song after song we continued to jam out without hesitation for another half hour! With an energy level that couldn't be diminished, the two artists kept going at it! Including Dirt Monkey's "Tap Ho" remix as well as an unreleased Bassnectar track, it was safe to say they saved some of the best for last. All in all the show was awesome and a night to be remembered. I can't wait for them to return in early 2015! :)

Check out the Bounce City Tour feat. Jantsen and Dirt Monkey in a city near you.  
Remaining dates below:

Breach - "Jack" - Song of the Day - [10-24-14]

This song "Jack" by Breach is one of the illest house tracks ever created. Everyone who spins house has this in a set, if not they are slacking. I've heard Claude VonStroke and a number of other house DJs drop "Jack" and it always kills live. It's just the quintessential house beat, and a great song to approach that sexy crush of yours on the dance floor. This is the official video for "Jack" and boy is it weird, although very interesting. Come on let's Jack!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Heiroglyphics - "You Never Know" - Song of the Day - 10/23/14

Hieroglyphics are always amazing, elaborate classy beats and vocabulary expanding lyrics. They spread the word and knowledge through rap and you see their symbol everywhere once you become aware. This is what the Hieroglyphics call having third eye vision, using your inner eye to enlighten. This song comes from the debut album Third Eye Vision a complete masterpiece in hip-hop music. The Hieroglyphics are a collective of musical talent with a ton of brilliant lyricists and producers including - Del the Funky Homosapien, Casual, Pep Love, DJ Toure, producer/manager Domino, and the Souls of Mischief: Phesto, A-Plus, Opio, and Tajai. They all disseminate truth and spit about real life, every song is a lesson so be sure to go to Hieroglyphics class.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Floozies Announce 2015 US Tour

Who's ready for some Floozies?! Coming to a city near you, this stacked tour will definitely be a huge focus point in early 2015. With supporting acts Manic Focus and Russ Liquid, Missing this show would be a misfortune. Select shows are already selling tickets so jump on them quick. More tickets and info coming soon. Can't wait for this one!

White Zombie - "Electric Head, Pt. 2 (The Ecstasy)" - SOTD - [10/22/14]
White Zombie is one of the best hard rock bands ever. This is the official video for Electric Head part two The Ecstasy an intense jam from the legendary album Astro Creep 2000. I used to strum along to this song early on learning how to play bass guitar. Rob Zombie is such a character, he dominates the screen and he dominates the stage, just a true performer. Today White Zombie is no more but Rob Zombie still is very creative in film and in particular animations. Rock out today with some White Zombie!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Getter - "Wizard Flex" - Song of the Day - (10-21-14)

This song "Wizard Flex" has become a staple in the Getter collection. That being the hardcore dubstep producer Getter out of San Jose, California and his library of mean music. At first listen you might think this is a Flux Pavilion track, I used to think it was. It's much easier to finalize musical arguments today having phone/encyclopedia devices in our pocket at all times. I for one will trade the potential thigh cancer to be correct when it comes to music facts. Some might recognize the voice of Lucas from the film The Wizard asking, "Are you the Wizard?" Definitely go like and follow the Official Getter Facebook page for tour dates and free music downloads.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Copywrite - "Jeah" - Song of the Day [10/20/14]

You have to love Copywrite his flow is so ill, in this song "Jeah" he rips it up. Every line is a simile or a perfect comparison. It's almost like he's battling anyone who would want to try him. To peep out the official Copywrite fanpage go here.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

They Might Be Giants - "Don't Let's Start" - SOTD - (10/19/14)
They Might Be Giants have been around forever, and they have been making me laugh since I was a kid. Today there is a total of 16 studio albums from They Might Be Giants some of which are children's music and others that are goofy rock and polka jams. The band has a platinum album in Flood and several gold albums too. They Might Be Giants are probably the only band that plays polka music that I can say I rock out to. The thing that keeps me coming back is the humor in the music, they are both highly intelligent and hilarious.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Gym Class Heroes Ft. Neon Hitch - "Ass Back Home" - Song of the Day - 10/18/14

Taking us back a few years, we've stopped at 2011 for a track that still dominates its class. While all four members are off doing their own things, their music shall forever live on. Go check out their official website for further news and updates!

Friday, October 17, 2014

The Partysquad - Helemaal Naar De Klote (Abstract Brasserie Mix) - Song of the Day - (10/17/14)

A remix that defined an entire summer for me will hopefully do some good for you as well! This track couldn't have been named better, as "Helemaal Naar De Klote" means "Jacked" in Dutch. While already intrigued by the original track, hearing someone rework it was great and unexpected! Out of Amsterdam, Abstract is pushing forward on a path of his own. Creating a style untouched by most, but heard by many.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Battles - "Atlas" - Song of the Day - 10/16/14 is a very experimental style of rock band, they are all talented musicians that can go off on musical tangents leaving the listener wondering what just happened. "Atlas" comes from the debut album by Battles entitled Mirrored. The album name is very fitting due to the incredible use of patterns found in many of the songs. Battles sort of reminds me of Primus, using powerful banging bass slaps along with raw recordings. This is about as indie as you can get with rock music and vocals, just when it seemed like everything had been done before musically, Battles comes through with a new take on grunge music. Mirrored is a long song basically split into tracks, thus the abrupt ending, so you have to listen to the whole album to get the full effect. You can listen to the entire Battles album Mirrored here on Spotify.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A_Rival - "Venus" - Song of the Day - [10-15-14]

A_Rival is a dragon slayer and an elite electronic production group out of San Francisco. They are a trio made up of - Luke Esquivel, Jimmy Esquivel, and Helen Nowik. This A_Rival song "Venus" is fucking amazing! It's a complete ravers dream soundtrack, when you fall asleep and the Nintendo is still on. It has one of the naughtiest drops and so many incredible sounds perfectly mastered. You can stream and download the incredible A_Rival album TRUTHCANNON by following this link to the A_Rival bandcamp page. Also check out A_Rival's Official Facebook page too for more free downloads and to stay on top of tour dates and new releases.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

BeazyTymes - "Nocturnal Sound" - Song of the Day - (10/14/14)

Ready to test your footwork? This club banger just might push you to your limit! With a dark jungle sound, this track sweeps through dance floors and shakes the hips of many. While highly anticipating a trap breakdown, the build up was sure to trick me. Reaching it's peak, the bouncy anthem get's the "oooo" effect every time. Like the track? Don't stop here! Check out more from BeazyTymes on Soundcloud and Facebook

Monday, October 13, 2014

Muse - "Hysteria" LIVE - Song of the Day - [10-13-14]

Muse puts on one of the best live performances in the rock genre, so I had to share a live video. They are a very complete band, some songs are so rich with a musical story it's almost like watching a film, just all audible. This song "Hysteria" come from the album Absolution. I love this bass line it's very difficult to play and it's completely vital to the song, normally the drummer keeps the beat but not on the song "Hysteria" everyone follows the bass. Muse really blew up in America when the song "Knights of Cydonia" hit every rock radio station back in 2006. Every Muse album is a masterpiece, they are a very well established and highly skilled group of friends with fame all over the world and rightfully so, they rock!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Moguai - "Mpire" - Song of the Day - (10/12/14)

This was a huge track a couple of years ago by Moguai called "Mpire." The album is also call Mpire and it was released through Mau5trap Records, the label founded by electronic mogul Deadmau5. Moguai creates very big epic songs, with just a touch of electro house. This is my favorite song from Moguai, I first heard it on XM Electronic Area and had to go check out more Moguai music. You can listen to a bunch more from Moguai on his official soundclound page here.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

AdhesiveWombat - "Osmium" - Song of the Day - [10-11-14]
A funky bass line is such a powerful thing, it can literally force people to get up and dance. This is the "Osmium" by a very talented American producer George Shaw, he also goes by stage name AdhesiveWombat. He creates 8-bit symphonies and he is a genius with the electro-house genre too. You can listen to a ton of full quality music streaming on the AdhesiveWombat Youtube Channel. Or if that's not enough there is even more on the AdhesiveWombat Soundcloud page, and many of the songs are available to download for free. Go get some new funky/chippy music and don't fight the urge to dance, it's natural.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Mord Fustang - "Drivel" - Song of the Day (10/10/14)'s the newest single from Mord Fustang called "Drivel." As you might expect its starts with a hypnotizing build, leading into a banging electro-house beat. Mord Fustang makes awesome melodies that take you on a journey. He provides perfect beats to accompany playing any old school Nintendo, be it Original NES, Super Nintendo, or Nintendo 64. At least that's what I like to listen to Mord Fustang with, although I often have to pause the game to get up and dance it out.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Less Than Jake & Kel Mitchell - "We're All Dudes" - Song of the Day - (10/9/14)

Here's a classic track by Kel Mitchell & Less Than Jake from the 1997 classic film, Good Burger. We don't think much needs to be said about this track, just hit play and let the nostalgia take hold.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Redman - "Pick It Up" - Song of the Day - (10/8/14)

Reggie Noble aka Redman is truly the most hilarious of all hip hop lyricists. He represents the brick city - Newark, New Jersey - and he tells his side of the hard streets. Redman is a proud marijuana aficionado, he and Method Man have a film called How High which is probably the second best stoner film ever created after Half Baked. "Pick It Up" comes from the third Redman album Muddy Waters released back in December of 1996, a record that went gold in just three months! Despite being a goofball Redman is rather intelligent, his lyrical flow is one of the most impersonated in the game. His bars are timeless, almost a 20 year old album still has you "Humpin and a bumpin in yo jeeps." Back in the day Redman was all about Def Jam Records, and Def Squad, now his crew is Gilla House. You can check out the Official Redman Website for more music, movies, and awesome merchandise.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Rhye - "Open" (Branchez Bootleg) - Song of the Day - (10/7/14) [Free Download]

Who doesn't love some good ole come down music? With an image there is a way and for Branchez, Rhye's "Open" needed some work. The quick escalation leads to an unexpected change in the tracks environment. With new music hopefully soon to come, Branchez continues to sweep the world with his melodic rhythms. Be sure to catch him in a city near you with Skrillex on his fall tour!

Support Branchez:

Monday, October 6, 2014

Point.blank - "Head Gone" [Free Download]

With the recent milestone of 100,000 likes, what's better than a free track for celebration? "Head Gone" showcases a unique set out sounds, creating a head bangin' tune! Starting off very melodic and relaxing, there is no telling what is in store. As the song quickly escalates, we are lead into a Trap/Dubstep drop that I still can't get out of my head! Some people are beginning to call this style of production "Hybrid Trap" but all in all, this combination seems to do the trick every time. Check out more from Point.Blank on Soundcloud and Facebook!

Citizen Cope - "Let The Drummer Kick" - Song of the Day - (10/6/14)

The simplest things sometimes hold the most meaning and in this case, that is very true. As many would believe, this is just a list of words sharing a stem, but when looked at closely the story within takes shape. The calm voice of Clarence Greenwood lies upon the acoustics he has come to trademark through the years. This solo act touches the hearts of many with his inspirational words and soothing presence. With his tour currently in action, make sure to check for tickets in a city near you!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

HIM - "Pretending" - Song of the Day - [10/5/14] is an intense gothic rock band from Finland with a ton of great music. If you have seen any of the Bam Margera films - Ming Hags, Haggard, or the CKY movies they all use HIM music within the score. HIM is one of the only bands that goes into hard metal and also deep ballad type tracks. The lead singer Ville Valo is very smooth with his vocals, different than a lot of other rock bands where the singer puts on a tough guy voice. "Pretending" come from the album Deep Shadows & Brilliant Highlights released in Finland back in August of 2001. HIM has a total of 8 full length albums to date, go check out more from HIM here on spotify.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Gnarls Barkley - "Smiley Faces" - Song of the Day - 10/4/14
Gnarls Barkley is a super duo consisting of Danger Mouse and CeeLo Green. Together they created a modern form of soul music with a mo-town feel, while also using new age electronic styles. Danger Mouse is the production mastermind, and CeeLo is the vocal genius and a brilliant performer. In this video a story is told about the pseudonym Gnarls Barkley, and how he can be found at numerous historical events. It's not for real, but it's a clever way to use a documentary type of format for the music video. "Smiley Faces" is from Gnarls Barkley's debut album St. Elsewhere which blew up back in 2006 with the massive single "Crazy." They have since put out a second record called The Odd Couple another soulful throwback full of awesome music. You can stream the entire Gnarls Barkley library through spotify here.

Friday, October 3, 2014

[PREVIEW & GIVEAWAY] The Glitch Mob Return To Chicago 10/17 @ The AragonBallroom

From the release of their second album, Love Death Immortality, and the album’s ascent to #13 on the Billboard Top 200 Chart to delivering top-billing performances at a slew of major festivals, 2014 has been a phenomenal year for the boys of The Glitch Mob. Riding a shockwave of momentum from their stellar summer and firing on all cylinders, their 2014 Fall tour brings The Glitch Mob to Chicago’s Aragon Ballroom on October 17th, with support from special guests The M Machine (live) and Chrome Sparks.

The iconic trio that form The Glitch Mob- producers Ooah, edIT & Boreta- possess a collective ability to seamlessly incorporate elements of genres from electro to industrial rock and everything in between into a new breed of musical beast with a character all it’s own. Gritty yet graceful, universal yet introspective, the music of The Glitch Mob is impossible to pigeonhole under one label, and this quality is among the many reasons their music resonates so strongly with devoted fans and new listeners alike. Accompanying TGM on stage will be their cutting-edge and mind-blowing new stage production, The Blade, which provides a visual representation of the high-octane audio barrage The Glitch Mob dishes out at performance after performance across the globe.

The M Machine, another electronica trio, have been rapidly gaining recognition and adoration since the group first got together in 2011, and their unique live shows are the driving force behind their success. Their signature custom stage production, designed and built by the group members themselves, features a massive LED “M” that displays live visuals while crowds sway and bounce to the group’s refreshingly original Indie-Dance tunes, creating a more unified experience for the audience.

Chrome Sparks, real name Jeremy Malvin, brings an element of unknown to complement the widespread popularity of The Glitch Mob. His synth-driven bass music has gained him a steady following on the Internet over the past two years, with highly addictive tracks such as Marijuana” going viral. Earlier in 2014 he released his first solo album Goddess, and the album’s fluid, bubbling and ethereal sounds are a testament to the young producer’s talent and promising future.

For lovers of artistic ingenuity and throttling bass music like myself, October 17th can’t come quickly enough. And better backdrop to a night stacked with raw musical talent and creative performance than the gorgeous Aragon Ballroom of Chicago with it’s iconic starry painted ceiling and wraparound balcony. At $26.00 GA tickets, this will be THE show of the Fall/Winter season here in Chicago, get yours today, click here for ticketing!

No money? No problem! For a chance to win a pair of FREE tickets to The Glitch Mob at The Aragon, head over to our Facebook profile and check out our post about the show. Share the post and tag your concert crew to be entered in our giveaway!

Article by Joe LeBeau

Squarepusher - "Planetarium" - Song of the Day [10/3/14]

Here's one by Squarepusher, it's "Planetarium" a trippy, fast paced song from Hello Everything released on Warp Records. This is a prime example of how you can master and manipulate electronic music and create a digital symphony. Tom Jenkinson is the one and only Squarepusher, he is a prodigy as well as an elite multitask specialist. He will bust out all kinds of toys in order to create a specific sound to perfectly compliment his compositions. The result is a incredibly rich work of musical art. Like and follow Squarepusher for more goodies on his official facebook page here.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Noisia - "Tommy's Theme" - Song of the Day - (10/2/14)

Packed with anticipation, "Tommy's Theme" gives off a very mysterious variation of euphoria that draws you in every time. The hard hitting bass illuminates the sound being portrayed by the talented trio. Interested in hearing more from Noisia? Check out more from them below!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

MUST DIE! Releases New Album, "Death & Magic"

The long awaited MUST DIE! album release is finally here. "Death & Magic" is out now everywhere and it does it all. This 10 song collection of brand new dance floor bangers is one that must be added to your library. With the overall genre being Dubstep, we are taken on a wobbly adventure through the ears of MUST DIE!. After listening to the whole album, it came to my attention that OWSLA was the only home for such an album. Enduring a long journey, MUST DIE! has expressed that he is here and more ready than ever! Listen below and get your own digital copy of "Death & Magic" on iTunes here.

Sea Of Dreams @ Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco, California - 12/30/14-12/31/14

A New Years treat for those of you on the west coast and this two day event couldn't get much bigger! Anonevents, SunsetSF and Another Planet present "Sea Of Dreams." Including sets from Pretty Lights, The Glitch Mob, Flying Lotus, Beats Antique, Lettuce and many more. Ticket sales don't start until Friday October 3rd, but they will go quick so get them while they last!

Joe Jackson - "Steppin Out" - Song of the Day - [10-1-14]
I don't know why but this song always gets stuck in my head when I'm in a traffic jam. It's "Steppin Out" by Joe Jackson. The quick paced bass line is what catches my attention, it's a throwback tempo and pattern in the song. Similar to an old school film score, during a driving scene, where the tempo adds to the visual element of the story. Joe Jackson is a composer and he plays multiple instruments including saxophone and piano. "Steppin' Out" is from back in 1982, and it properly represents the new wave phase in the music scene which was huge in the 80's. This is also the official video for Joe Jackson's "Steppin Out" and it's still classy thirty years later.