Monday, October 26, 2015

Exmag, Krooked Drivers, Mikey Thunder and SoDown hit Cervantes' Other Side this Halloween

As we we inch closer and closer to Halloween, you will need to make sure you have two important things planned out – a costume and a place to party.

We will leave the costume up to you but, if you are still looking for plans, Lowtemp recording artist Exmag (Eric Mendelson, Mike Iannatto, Tyler Dondero) is set to throw it down this Saturday night at Cervantes' Other Side!

Exmag will be joined by Krooked Drivers, Mikey Thunder and SoDown.

Tickets are $20 in advance or $25 at the door. Don't sleep on tickets because the last thing you want is to be shut out on Halloween!

Get your tickets here --->

Doors @ 8 p.m.
Show @ 9 p.m.
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Monday, October 19, 2015

GAUDI, Kaminada, Caulli and Digital Vagabond set to take over Cervantes' Other Side

This Saturday, Oct. 24, international dub/electronica DJ, GAUDI, will make a pit stop on his U.S. tour at Cervantes' Other Side in the heart of Denver, Colorado.

The Italian-born Daniele Gaudi is no stranger to the art of electronic music. Beginning in 1981, GAUDI has a professional music career spanning more than 30 years with experience in a wide range of genres. His work as a solo DJ is an accumulation of different styles showing that he truly is a master of his craft. 

GAUDI will be joined at Cervantes' Other Side by Kaminanda, Cualli and Digital Vagabond. Come out early and catch some sweet dubalicious tunes! 

Friday, October 16, 2015

The Magic Beans w/ Modern Measure @ The Bluebird Theater (10/10/15) [Review/Photos]

Photos by Kyle Sutton
Review and Photos by Kyle Sutton

It was early in the morning, sometime between 3 and 4 a.m. The music had come to a close at Wakarusa 2013 and attendees began to leave the venue. A friend and I were among these people.

As we walked down shakedown street, we began to hear the faint sound of music coming from the distance and with each step, it got louder and louder. After walking for a bit, we stumbled across the source of the music and a crowd of people surrounding the main gate where people were exiting. 

Energy was high, especially for a group that just raged a 4-day long festival in shin-deep mud. I made my way to the front to see what all the commotion was about. A band had set up shop right there at the entrance/exit. The music sounded like funk, but the jams were longer and spacey plus a little hint of bluegrass. It was like a beautiful fusion of all my favorite genres of music, so of course I was hooked.

That was my first Magic Beans experience. 

Fast forward to last Saturday. This time the venue was The Bluebird Theater in Denver, CO, the Beans' home state. 

Two years after the pop-up set at Waka, the Magic Beans – which consists of Scott Hachey on guitar, Josh Appelbaum on bass, Casey Russell on keys/synth and Cody Wales on drums – are rapidly solidifying themselves as one of the better bands to come from Colorado. 

The energy at the Bluebird was extraordinary. People in Colorado love them some Beans, that's for sure, and with good reason. Their music is impossible to stand still too. By note one your booty muscles have already made it clear to you that there will be dancing...and lots of it. 

So thats what we did. We danced all night long, using the band's music and energy as fuel for our party. 

Music aside, this particular night also featured a little added bonus in the form of Mr. ROYGBIV himself Saxton Waller. While the Beans adhered to our musical likings, the STS9 lighting director dazzled us with a beautiful visual experience. 

After all was said and done, the night was a huge success and I can honestly say there will be plenty more Beans shows in this writer's future. 

If you missed out on the Beans this time, don't fret. The boys will be back in Colorado on Oct. 29 at the Barkley Ballroom in Frisco, Oct. 30 at Schmiggity's in Steamboat Springs and a HallowBean extravaganza at The Aggie Theater in Fort Collins on Oct. 31. 

SETLIST: 10/10/15

Set One:
Lazer Lady
As You Like It
Love Stank

Set Two:
Who's Crazy>
Dr. Bubbleman
Monique the Freak
The Sound Pt. 1>


Monday, October 5, 2015

Flux Pavilion's "Tesla" Album is OUT NOW!

Review By: Murrah Sabouni
Flux Pavilion at Forever Festival 2014 in Detroit, MI
If you’re looking for variety, be sure to listen to Flux Pavilion’s new album, Tesla, released on September 18th, 2015. Tesla still has the old head banging Flux that we all love, but it’s evident that he’s taking a new approach and being respectably more innovative with his sound. He’s thrown in a mix of different genres, from heavy bass featured in his track “Vibrate” to the more melodic tune of “Emotional”, featuring noted vocalist, Matthew Koma. In addition to Matthew Koma, Tom Cane and Andrea Martin also appear on Tesla, which gives a more emotional feel to the album. This album is branching him out from his dubstep roots and introducing us to a new Flux. Check out the album for yourself!