Thursday, October 31, 2013

Codes and Flinch - "The Skeleton Bounce"

It's Halloween and you need something to get the party fired up, here it is. "The Skeleton Bounce" by Codes and Flinch, a big room banger perfect for the Halloween playlist. This track has a vintage bassline, a Sega Genesis type bass if you will, something about it is just intoxicating. You can download the track for free directly from Flinch on soundcloud. Happy Halloween.

Happy Halloween - Beetlejuice Theme (FIGURE Drumstep mix) - Song of the Day [10/31/2013]

To get you in the spirit of the day, we opted for a creepy track remixed by FIGURE.  The Beetlejuice theme song, with a thumping bass beat...  Time to go scare the crap out of some little kids...  Happy Halloween.

Jay-Z - "99 Problems" (K Theory Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

K Theory is a San Francisco based trio composed of Dustin Musser, Dylan Lewman, & Malcolm Anthony. Consistently switching between heavy edm and hip-hop influences, this remix was right up their alley. While keeping the badass feel of the original, they revitalized it and gave it a touch of the current electronic scene. This is just an awesome remix, just download it first and listen later... you won't regret it.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Griz w/ Two Fresh & Marvel Years @ EPIC Minneapolis - "Rebel Era Tour" - 10/23/13 (Review)

The one and only Griz came through Minnesota for a part of his tour to promote the outstanding new album “Rebel Era”.  He dropped all the songs from the brilliant new album, and even mixed in some old tunes too. The vibes were unreal for the night.

Opening the night on the stage was an unbelievable 19-year-old producer from Burlington, VT – Marvel Years.  I would have to say he is a younger version of Griz himself.  He easily set the mood for the night and got the crowd ready for what was about to come. This young man is going to be extremely successful in the next few years. I strongly suggest checking this kid out.

Direct support for Griz was Kendo and Shweez, also known as Two Fresh.  These two young men were something else. I have never heard of them before but they completely blew me away. Their transitions from song to song were a little off, but that didn't stop them from getting the crowd going. Two Fresh had a variety of music from trap to hip-hop to remixes of older songs. The crowd loved every minute of their set.

Previously seeing Griz at Summer Set Music & Camping Festival – also a SIMshows production -  and a few times before that I was so ready for what was about to go down. Right before the Rebel Era tour started Griz dropped his new album “Rebel Era”.  Tracks like “DTW to DIA”, “Keep The Dream”, and “Hard Times” reflect Griz’s signature electro-soul/future-funk style, while “Do My Thang”, “Too Young For Tragedy Pt II”, and “Crime In The City”, are high-intensity dance music bangers. There is literally a song for every kind of electronic fan out there.

Griz’s light production and set up was stunningly perfect! He had three triangles on stage in front with three squares hanging up behind him and hundreds of strands of LED lights hanging down behind that.

The show was an overall success for Griz, despite the fact he was very ill that night. He gave a phenomenal performance like always and left everyone there speechless. I was smiling the moment he got on stage until the very last second he got off. His music mixed with the saxophone live was incredibly intertwined and delivered flawlessly to the crowd to give an unforgettable experience. The energy from Griz and the crowd was unbelievable; he murdered that stage and made everyone there go crazy. He gave such an unforgettable performance that the crowd screamed for an encore when he was done and Griz gave them more, he played an extra three songs for the crowd. A huge shout out to Sound in Motion for getting this incredible talent to come through Minneapolis! 

Krewella- "Live For The Night" (Pegboard Nerds Remix)

Krewella soaring from their recent success from their album "Live For The Night" recently announced a remix package due out November 5th. With remixes by Dash Berlin, Xilent, W&W, Deniz Koyu & Danny Avila and of course the Pegboard Nerds this is sure to make another splash. They just released the first track, remixed by the Pegboard Nerds. They made a house track even more of an uptempo dance jam. With a sped up chorus and multiple crescendos this remix is sure to keep the kids happy.

Porter Robinson - "Unison" (Knife Party Remix) Song of the Day [10/30/13]

Knife Party remix gives a whole new meaning to the name dirty synth. With a melodic break between the filthy notes that sound like two Deceptecons arguing at the bar, this track makes for a great hump day jam. Take a listen and see what you think?

General B and The Wiz - "Lie Until You Prove It EP" [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Our good friends, General B and The Wiz, have released the newest installment to their catalog, the EP, "Lie Until You Prove It." The EP opens up with a riveting track, "Solid Gold", that masterfully blends powerful guitars with very passionate vocals. The song reminds me of The Black Keys, and that is definitely in a good way. The EP then transitions into  a more melodic track, "Love You Year Round." This 2nd song was previously released as a single and is an incredible example of the band's ability to flawlessly transition between genres and moods within a single song. "Midnight Freeway" had me a little weary on the first time through, but after a second listen I quickly changed my position on the song. A progressive track that transitions from a melodic, vocal intensive beginning, through a distorted psychedellic rock segue into a noisy but intricate ending. This is probably the track that people will be the most discontented with, but I think it's a perfect separation of the album. "Pin Me Down" is another track that reminds me of The Black Keys, but this one also brings some influences that remind of Jack White into the mix. A short song, it is just incredible how they were able to control the mood and transition between various tempos in such a small time while still making it seem cohesive. If you weren't sold on these guys before this song, then this is will definitely change that - they are talented to say the least. Finally, we have the title track of the EP, "Lie Until You Prove It." The track opens up with some ambient Pink Floyd like progressions that linger throughout but are lost into a masterfully crafted collage of sound that unleashes a total assault on your ears and dissipates as quickly as it escalated. The album is up for free download, but we suggest naming a price that you feel is reasonable for the album and support the band! Pick up the "Lie Until You Prove It EP" HERE.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

HallowFreak'nWeen in Denver, CO [10-26-13] (Review)

A Review By: Justin D'Amico 

Colorado had a massive EDM costume party for Halloween last Saturday. Global Dance Music and Triad Dragons came together for HallowFreak'nWeen at Denver Mart. This was a big production with superb visuals. The spectacular laser light show dazzled on the main stage for headliners: Showtek, Gareth Emery, and DJ Blend. The event had two rooms bumping with multiple genres of EDM for a solid 7 hours of rage.

The design of the main stage included a giant skull and a huge inflated spider dangled over the main portion of the dance floor. The stage was surrounded with LED screens, and each side of the stage had a go-go dancer booth. The center LED screen was positioned directly behind the skull structure to be used for a variety of incredible eyeball graphics bringing the stage to life.

Showtek lit up the show introducing the Amazing Lasers and some hard hitting bass. They were first of the headliners on the main stage, and for most of the set they stood right up close to the crowd to keep everyone hyped up. Amazing Lasers is a local laser company in Denver and working with headlining acts all over the world including Flux Pavilion on his Freeway Tour. Showtek went all out and fired up the room for Garth Emery the next of the big names at HallowFreak'nWeen. After Gareth Emery put the party into a trance it was time for DJ Blend. The stage had to be stocked up with two large tubs full of water bottles and champagne bottles in order for DJ Blend to properly douse the crowd with liquids.

HallowFreak'nWeen was a giant two room event with a completely different feel in the second room. The second stage was mostly for smaller local producers, but the sounds were killer. Different genres were used for a greater variety by the DJs in the second room.

At 2AM everyone who was decked out in costume was allowed to come up onto the main stage to try to win a prize. The costume contest let the dressed up crowd each get their 15 seconds of fame. There were over a hundred contestants, most of which had unique halloween costumes. Triad Dragons rocked the main stage for the costume contest and they would close out the event.

Eminem feat Rihanna- "The Monster"

Eminem released another track of his up coming "Marshal Mathers LP 2", and this track featuring Rihanna. Her seductive voice draws you in right before Eminem comes in with his in your face rhythm and vocals. Another great joint off the LP, available November 5th. Purchase the track on iTunes.

Pearl Jam "Lightning Bolt" Song (Album) of the Day [10/29/2013]

As one of the greatest Rock bands of my generation, Pearl Jam has been putting out solid rock tunes for more than 20 years.  Just released earlier this week, their latest album "Lightning Bolt" has once again shown that at their core they simply love to rock out.  After ditching the major label and setting aside their disdain for stardom, Eddie Vedder and company prove that Rock is not dead.  This puts a smile on my face.  Check out the whole album here, before it gets yanked from Youtube...

Monday, October 28, 2013

John McVie, Bassist Of Fleetwood Mac, Diagnosed w/Cancer; Band Cancels Tour

The 67 year old bassist, John McVie has been diagnosed with cancer and will begin treatment soon. In light of the recent news, Fleetwood Mac cancelled the rest of their Australia and New Zealand tour dates. The type and severity has yet to be released. McVie along with drummer Mick Fleetwood coined the bands name and forever changed rock and roll history. Along with lead singer Stevie Nicks, Fleetwood Mac has been performing for decades. All the best goes to John for a safe and quick recovery.

The Velvet Underground "Sweet Jane" - Song of the Day [10/28/2013]

To honor the recent passing of Rock legend Lou Reed, for today's SOTD is "Sweet Jane" by The Velvet Underground.  Reed and the Velvet Undergound have been credited with being a major influence on everyone from David Bowie to U2, and their debut album "The Velvet Underground and Nico" is listed as Rolling Stone's 13th greatest album of all time.  Details of his passing have not been released, but his wife disclosed that Reed had undergone a liver transplant earlier this year.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Rock Legend, Lou Reed, Dead at 71.

Former frontman of the Velvet Underground, Lou Reed, died today - Sunday, October 27 - at 71 years of age. The Velvet Underground revolutionized rock in the 60's & 70's despite never reaching tremendous commercial success. The cause of death has yet to be disclosed, but the rock star had a liver transplant back in May. Details are still being released at this point and not much is known at this point.

Borgore- "Decisions" ft Miley Cyrus Song of the Day [10-27-13]

Asaf Borger, better known as Borgore brings us this upbeat party jam. Hailing from Isreal, Borgore has been gaining fame and touring worldwide. "Decisions" with the tight drum pattern, a party influenced vocal track and today's biggest pop sensation, Miley Cyrus singing all that about cake. If this song does anything, it will definitely bring back memories of last night.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Noisia - "Stigma" - Song of the Day [10/26/13]

Today's Song of the Day comes from the Drum n Bass trio from the Netherlands, NOISIA. NOISIA distinguishes itself from most EDM artists in the scene because of their amazing production skills. Their usage of side-chaining and compressing leaves their music sounding effortless and each instrument at the perfect listening volume. While their main focus is on Drum n Bass music, they also produce within house, techno, and hip-hop. The song Stigma is by far one of their most hard-hitting Drum n Bass tunes. It starts off with a slow and ominous guitar melody. Then slowly, as the song progresses, the percussion kicks in. The song gets faster and faster until the beat finally drops into a very refined synth heavy section. At 172 BPM, this tune is definitely faster than most EDM songs. If you ever get the chance to see them live, take it. Their shows are one of the most mind-blowing musical experiences.
In the mean time, listen to Stigma below... on repeat.

World Class Art Theives - "Yacht Club" [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Hailing from Minneapolis, MN World Class Art Thieves delivers with another powerful original mix. "Yacht Club" brings that up-tempo electro beat while simultaneously blending multiple vocal samples and has the feel of a filthy house jam. Be sure to keep an ear open for this duo, bound to make a splash in the EDM world.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Sublime - "Saw Red" - Song of the Day [10/25/13]


It's Friday! Time to get down because it's the weekend, right? Well then this song should get that started off right. Off Sublime's Robbin the Hood album, "Saw Red" is a short upbeat ska song that featured another up and coming California artists, Gwen Stefani. Bradley Nowell and Gwen Stefani's voices play off each other so well I can only wish they would have made a couple more songs together. I found a video of them performing it live together which is pretty incredible if you ask me, it is only good for the first minute or so, then it switches to another feed that isn't so great... oh well. Enjoy the amazing sounds that Bradley left for us! :)

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Supporting Acts For STS9's 5-Day News Run In Atlanta Announced!

As if 5 days of Sound Tribe aren't incredible enough, they announced who is going to be supporting them throughout their stint at The Tabernacle in Atlanta.

12/27: Lunice
12/28: Eskmo
12/29: Russ Liquid
12/30: Cherub
12/31: Project Aspect

BOOM. Get your tickets now!

Farfetchd "Beebop" - Song of the Day [8/24/2013]

FarfetchD - Beebop

Today's Song of the Day is Farfetchd's "Beebop".  A trippy, 8-bit sounding, track with a funky backbeat.  It's short but has style to spare.  Nintendo wishes they had producers like this working up tracks for their games back in the day.  Add this one to you "workout" playlist (I don't have one of those, but you might) it'll keep you pumped for that stairmaster session...

The Floozies - "Ice Cold"

Dynamic duo, The Floozies, have put out the newest single, "Ice Cold", off their forthcoming album, "Tell Your Mother." "Ice Cold" is one of the more funky electronic songs I have ever heard. The floozies masterfully incorporates glitch style production with the soulful electro-funk scene that GRiZ is pioneering the way for to give us a groovy dance jam that will get you moving - hopefully not "twerking". This song is just too sexy and isn't really anything new for The Floozies, so if you dig this I would definitely check out their SoundCloud for more of their tunes.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Amp Live- "Hot Right Now Bassnectar Remix" Song of the Day [10/23/13]

Today's song of the day is a Bassnectar remix of "Hot Right Now" from his Wildstyle EP, a downright explosive joint. Filled with heavy bass waves and a dominant hip-hop vocal track, this remix will definitely kick you right into next week.  It may be 2 years old, but Nectar's tunes are timeless...

K Theory - "Trouble" [FREE DOWNLOAD]

San Francisco based group, K Theory, is currently on Sonny Moore's (Skrillex) label, OWSLA, and recently released their newest piece of ear candy, "Trouble". The electronic hip-hop fusion has a classic 90's gangster rap feel that incorporating more futuristic bass heavy sections that have a nice little crunch to them. Continually releasing fire, check out their SoundCloud to stay up to date with all their latest tracks and to snag this one FOR FREE!

Minnesota's Nationwide "Collective Identity Tour" Still Raging!

Kicking off earlier this month, dubstep heavy hitter, Minnesota, teamed up with an incredible array of support acts to bring us one of the hottest tours of the fall... The national "Collective Identity Tour" is going hard and even coming to a city near you!  Check out Minnesota's SoundCloud to see what all the fuss is about!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tor - "Circles"

Released only a couple of hours ago, downtempo producer Tor's Circles takes a very ethereal and exotic approach to trip-hop. Similar to the style of his LP Drum Therapy, this tune has its main base in an organic, non-traditional hip-hop beat. It is then layered with lush and heavenly melodies and a soft bassline.
Tor is an up and coming artist looking to contribute his unique meditative and transcendental style to the rapidly growing downtempo electronic scene. He was signed to Emancipator's Loci Records late last year and toured with Emancipator on his famous 2013 Winter Tour.

Gramatik - "Stairway to Hip-Hop Heaven" - Song of the Day [10/22/2013]

Today's song of the day is Gramatik's "Stairway to Hip-Hop Heaven". This is just a funky jam and an awesome rework mashup. It'll definitely get your day on the right track if it isn't already. Crank the stereo and let this one take over the airwaves...

SoundCloud Album Image -->

Enter To Win 4 Tickets to & A Chance To Meet GRiZ 10/23 @ EPIC Event Center Minneapolis!

Sound in Motion posted the contest to their Facebook and we're sharing it with you. The contest goes like this... "Comment and tag 3 friends for your chance to win 4 tickets to GRiZ this Wednesday! SHARE for your chance to meet GRiZ and win a free ticket to the show!" So go to the post on their Facebook, HERE, and follow the instructions and win yourself some tickets to GRiZ!! 

KOAN Sound & Asa - "Sanctuary" EP

KOAN Sound & Asa gave us the first single off this EP, "Starlite", the other week and since then all I have been wanting is for this to be released... and now it's here! :) This whole EP is incredible. From the production quality to overall composition, everything is exactly what I had hoped it would be. Sanctuary has an overall down-tempo atmosphere surrounding it that will surely get you into the right place and then get you moving with a banging last track. "Tetsuo's Redemption" might be making up for everything that wasn't crunchy up front, and if so, damn, does it do a good job. Rifting between melodic intervals and sexy basslines, this last track emphatically concludes an awesome EP.  Every track is absolutely masterfully crafted and I couldn't even choose a favorite. After listening to this EP 3 times through in a row, I can definitely say you need to check it out. Available on iTunes, purchase "Sanctuary" HERE.

Monday, October 21, 2013

RL Grime - "Because of U" [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Trap legend RL Grime just released his newest single, Because of U. Unlike his most recent EP High Beams, which was released on Fool's Gold Records, this tune does not have excessive trap elements. It rather maintains a style of sound evident in earlier RL Grime releases such as his EP Clipz. This track starts out with some faded vocals and a clean mallet melody, but the really surprising part is when the percussion comes in. Instead of it being very mechanical and electronic, it is very organic and real; something very unlike RL Grime's signature beats. Once the beat drops, RL Grime throws in a very light brass synth melody, almost like a Minnesota tune. Because of U seems to flawlessly combine elements of hip-hop, trap, and trance. This is definitely a must listen for any fan of electronic music.

Pink Floyd - "Sheep" - Song of the Day [10/21/13]

Mondays usually suck, lets be honest. I know most of us usually do whatever we can do just get through the day and make it home from work to crack open a nice cold one, so I figured I would help out the cause. For today's song of the day, I pulled Pink Floyd's "Sheep" from their 1977 album, Animals. Although definitely not an official video by any means, the audio is superb in all its glory. Hopefully this song helps make your case of the Monday's a little better like it did mine. Enjoy :)

Sunday, October 20, 2013

RJD2 @ Elektricity in Pontiac, MI [10-18-13] (Review)

Review by: Justin D'Amico 
Hip Hop producer and legendary turntable master RJD2 came through Michigan for part of his tour to promote the new album "More Is Than Isn't". He dropped all the classic songs from his brilliant catalog of hits, and peppered in some new ones too. The vibe was extra chill and that went perfect with the vintage hip hop music.

Opening the night in the main room was Drone Sxtn a Detroit DJ and founder of Skratchlife. He set a tone for the evening with some chill hip hop beats and excellent turntable skill. The next group Matis One changed things up a bit with 2 MC's and 2 DJs for a live rap session. The second stage on the patio was kicking out all kinds of  different genres and representing a big fluffy stuffed bunny. The patio was bumping some amazing blends from local producers: Steve Dronez, BHill, Shug, teej, and R.C.U. Back inside Satta Don Dada another Detroit producer busted out some moombahton and trap to switch it up.
RJD2 had to set up a few extra things in order to properly drop his flow. There were already two turntables in the booth, but that wasn't enough for RJD2. He added two more turntables, another mixer, plus two sample boxes on each far end, completely covering the table. That's a total of four turntables two mixers and two sample boxes. This would be way too many things for a typical DJ to handle, but RJD2 used everything and even had to stretch his arms completely across the table at times. It should also be noted that RJD2 had no headphones on, everything was mixed completely live and through the main speakers, so it had to be just right. I have never seen such a masterful performance before, to watch RJD2 create his music live from the albums he samples on his recordings was incredible.

Elektricity has a few different areas for the wandering concert goer, rather than just a big room. The patio area is where people go to have a smoke and cool down outside, and out there you'll find another booth spinning all night for most events. The patio is used as it's own venue for smaller shows during the week when weather permits. There is a bar out on the patio and VIP lounge areas with chairs and tables. Back inside the club you can go upstairs to a double tiered balcony. The rear portions are often reserved for VIP groups and private parties. These VIP areas are raised higher than the rest of the balcony so the stage can be viewed even from the very back. The lower balcony surrounds the main dance floor area all the way up to the sides of the stage. The very front of the balcony is reserved for VIP parties. The front balcony area also has lowered balcony sections on each side directly adjacent to the stage, these are only accessed by VIP and artists. Even the main floor has two tiers, the back of the room is a bit higher up than the front, and the lower main floor has a slight ramp downward. This type of floor design makes it so nearly everyone can see the stage from almost anywhere in the club.

Tiësto's new track "iTrance" - [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Tiesto goes back to his Trance roots with his new track, iTrance.  In collaboration with Disco Fries, we get a little taste of what made us love him in the first place.  Hearkening back to his late '90s sound, and evoking a more down-tempo vibe, it took me all of about 3 seconds to love this track.  I hope this is a sign of what's to come.

Kid Rock- "Bawitdaba" Song of the Day [10-20-13]

Going way back on this one, Kid Rock with his first major hit off the "Devil Without A Cause" album, "Bawitdaba". Since the early 90's Kid Rock has been dazzling crowds with his gritty lyrics, midwestern pride and signature style. "Bawitdaba" is a throwback to the days when radio actually played rock music. With hard rock as the background Kid Rock throws down the hip-hop inspired lyrics to a track that is sure to bring back memories.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Phutureprimitive - "Darkness" (Faded Mix) - Song of the Day - (10/19/13)

Today's Song of the Day brings us to the not well recognized Glitch scene within electronica. Phutureprimitive, one of the best artists of the scene, released his Faded mix of his downtempo song Darkness a few years ago. In this song, Phutureprimitive merges the slow psychedelic tone of downtempo dub with bass-heavy dance music. The synthesis is flawless.
Phutureprimitive is currently on his Dance Out Your Demons Tour and is selling out shows at most of the stops. I highly recommend if you are in the area to go to one of his shows as you will be blown away by what he calls dripping wet love drops of nasty mind melting sonic bliss.

Friday, October 18, 2013

GRiZ - "Keep The Dream Alive" - Song of the Day - (10/18/13) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

GRiZ just dropped his new album a couple days ago and the whole thing is streaming on his SoundCloud right now. This is probably my favorite song off this album - it's progression is incredible. Guitars are masterfully intertwined with incredible sax, bass, and synthesizers that take the listener on a journey of highs and lows. The whole album is available as a free download on his official website: HERE.

GRiZ. Source: instagram

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dillon Francis and Flux Pavilion - "I'm The One"

This is something I have been waiting for ever since Dillon Francis remixed Flux Pavilion's "Daydreamer". Finally Dillon Francis and Flux Pavilion together for a massive moombahton anthem. "I'm The One" is essentially a perfect mix of the different signature sounds each artist uses. The drop has distorted electric organ melodies a corner stone for Flux Pavilion songs, and then smooth moombahton bass that Dillon Francis is know for. The second drop gets a bit more intense as more glitch sounds are mixed in. Both Dillon Francis and Flux Pavilion have dabbled into a plethora of genres, but when they come together it's something special. "I'm The One" will be a part of a future Flux Pavilion release entitled the Freeway EP.

Lapalux - "Gold" (ft. Jassy Grez)

Only a few hours ago, experimental glitch-hop artist Lapalux released his newest single Gold. This single is completely unlike Lapalux's previous works, which were mainly a combination of glitch-hop, R&B, and ambient music. Gold starts off similar to other Lapalux tunes, with a slow ambient melody but then he does something completely different. He drops a steady four-to-the-floor kick drum beat, effectively creating a house tune instead of a glitchy hip-hop tune. When Jassy Grez's vocals come in, I am completely blown away. They seam to float perfectly over the lush, ambient-house layering.
This song is a must listen for any fan of electronic music. It completely tears apart house music conventions.

Beats Antique and Les Claypool - "Beelzebub" - Song of the Day [10/17/13]

It isn't often you get a collaboration like this.  Beats Antique and their brand of percussion heavy EDM with global influences team up with bass guitar legend Les Claypool, the twisted-mastermind behind Primus and a laundry list of other funky musical experiments.  As fans of both endeavours, this track is right in our wheelhouse.  Having Claypool's signature sound stamped all over it, make sure you are prepared when you press play, this track six different kinds of funky...

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Pusha T feat. The-Dream - "40 Acres" (Sanctuary Remix)

Up and coming downtempo artist Sanctuary just recently released his super lush remix of Pusha T's 40 Acres, off his new album My Name Is My Name. Sanctuary, staying true to his 'music to dance and cry to' style, starts off the remix much like the original song does. It has a very ambient and bright tone to it. Then he throws in The-Dream's hook coupled with reverb heavy percussion and a heavy bass-line. As the song progresses, Sanctuary maintains the elegant and atmospheric color while also seamlessly maintaing the chilled out hip-hop rhythm of the original song.

With this remix and the few other tunes that he released in the past few days, Sanctuary is giving a new definition to the whole downtempo electronic scene, filling it with more emotion through warped vocals, chilled out hip-hop beats, and smooth ambient rhythms.

Watch for his upcoming EP to be released later this year.

Gramatik - "Obviously" (Feat. Cherub & Exmag) - [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Future Funk artist Gramatik just dropped his final single off his upcoming album The Age Of Reason! With features from Cherub and Exmag Obviously completely tears apart basic electro soul-filled hip-hop conventions. Unlike Gramatik's other new tunes, Obviously is not very dub and oscillator heavy. This song is very different. It takes us back to his Street Bangerz days.
With classic Gramatik percussion, flanger heavy synth progressions, funky guitar riffs, thick bass-lines, and soulful vocals this new tune in itself creates a completely different spectrum of genres within the newly started EDM-filled hip-hop movement.

Watch for Gramatik's new album The Age Of Reason to be released very soon!

In the meantime, download Obviously and set it on repeat.

The Roots- "The Seed 2.0" Song of the Day [10-16-13]

The Roots formed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania during the late 80's with Tariq "Black Thought" Trotter and Ahmir "Questlove" Thompson. They've released 10 studio albums, 2 EPs, won Grammys, and collaborated with some of the worlds biggest acts in multiple genres. They have also been the house band on "The Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" since premiering in 2009. "The Seed 2.0" is a up-tempo retooling of their hit single "The Seed", with some funky guitar riffs a soulful vocal track and just a pinch of hip-hop makes for a jam that is sure to have you searching through your archives for the rest.

LoBounce - "RTN"

LoBounce has done it again on "RTN" a flashy song from his new EP 'Raze'. This track is beautiful, the builds sound like something from an 80's movie, and the bass line has exceptional clarity on the hard moombahcore style drops. 'Raze' was released Tuesday via SMOG Records, 12th Planet's label, it has 5 songs all a bit different from the rest.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

GRiZ Brand New LP, "Rebel Era", Available Now! [FREE DOWNLOAD]

For GRiZ Fans, The "Rebel Era" Arrives Early on his New Website - Album Available Everywhere Later This Month. 

"The Rebel Era is upon us: acclaimed Detroit musician GRiZ (Grant Kwiecinski) has finally unleashed his new album as a gift to his fans. Following yesterday's premiere of album single and accompanying music video for "Hard Times" via The Fader,  today the record is available to GRiZ enthusiasts for free download on his newly revamped website,, which was also unveiled today. GRiZ's Rebel Era  will be available for purchase everywhere later this month (including Beatport and iTunes).

At a mere 23 years old, Detroit native Grant Kwiecinski (aka GRiZ) is an amalgam of talents that go beyond a simple description. A producer, DJ, and classically-trained saxophone player, GRiZ is bending and re-shaping electronic music with his funky, sax-infused sounds that find heart and soul within the beat of the dancefloor."

GRiZ wrote of the album on his website: 
"In a time where words and phrases like the occupy movement, personal freedom, the NSA, riots, elections, and war are on the tips of everyones tongues, I can feel a shift in global energy. This is a time where classism and competition is tearing a rift in society. A time where imperialist democratic capitalism is fighting its way to dominate cultures and seperate people into selfish consumers. A time where people are turning against the powers that be and are speaking out against these values. A time that is inspiring people to seek change. Its the time that we live in, an age that we created.

I wrote this record over the past year in many different states and phases. From tour busses, to bedroom studios, from green rooms full of friends and scenesters, to planes thousands of feet flying through the sky. I've met and worked with so many new people through the creation of this album and pushed my limits as a producer to create something challenging and dynamic. Taking every single moment that I wasn't on stage and dedicating it to developing ideas of sound; at times, left me breathless and laid out on the floor of my room with songs on repeat - anxious thoughts melting away into space.

But thats the thing. I've found that music sets me free. Its up to us to use that which is most compelling and manifest a new reality. One free of apathy. A world of compassion, empathy and cooperation. A world of action of and love.

This is Rebel Era.

- G"

Photo Credit: Joshua Hanford