Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Perpetual Groove returns to Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom for EPIC two night run Dec. 4 & 5

December is a special month for most people for a variety of different reasons. Its a time for spending time with the family, celebrating the holidays and the last chance to make some year end memories. For Colorado music lovers, its a fuckin' jackpot.

There is a zillion shows going on throughout the state all month long and what better way to start it off with Athens, Georgia rockers Perpetual Groove at Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom this Dec. 4 & 5. 

The band, which includes Brock Butler (guitar, vocals), Adam Perry (bass, vocals), Matthew McDonald (keys, vocals) and Albert Suttle (drums) formed in 1997 and after touring vigorously for years, took a two year hiatus. The group re-united in 2015 and is currently touring in select cities. 

The shows will be supported by McLovins on the 4th and Greener Grounds on the 5th. 

Tickets are now available through ticketfly.com

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Monday, November 23, 2015

TNERTLE with Party Pants and Skydyed @ Cervantes Other Side (Review) [11-20-15]

Review by: 

Friday night The Other Side of Cervantes had a special get together and record release party for TNERTLE. The line-up brought out a big squad of Denver talent including: Sassfactory, Alixir, Skydyed, and Party Pants. The Other Side was nearly sold out and the people got weird with their friends.

The festivities started off around eight and first up was Sassfactory. She would do a chill, bassy, and future type of set to open and also a tweener set between Skydyed and TNERTLE. Next up was Alixir another talented Denver DJ. Alixir did a good job mixing up some funky and dubby beats too.

Skydyed would take the stage next and they always kick out the jams. I love Skydyed because of their interesting style, they incorporate elements of jam band funk and add in electronic bass and glitches. Skydyed always comes through with a lovely sound that is very uplifting. The three guys each contribute in different ways. They have an excellent percussionist, and two guitarists who also add synthesizer and other electronic production techniques to their live show. I have been a fan of the band ever since seeing them kill at Arise Festival back in 2014. Every show they do you can tell that Skydyed gives it their all and they love to play together.

Michal Menert joins in with TNERTLE

The purpose of the party was a big celebration for TNERTLE who just released their debut album called Matamata on Super Best Records. Michal Menert was in the house Friday night too, he is the big dog at Super Best Records and he knows good talent. This was very exciting for the members of TNERTLE to finally be able to share their passion with the people. For part of the set Michal Menert would join the band for a special jam session.

TNERTLE has amazing energy on stage, they are a big band with a beautiful full sound. The musicians in the band can switch up instruments to create new flavors in their live set. For example the saxophonist had at least three different versions of the sax. She played an alto sax, a baritone sax, and another was an electronic type of sax. There were accordions used for other songs, and the guitarists had multiple axes to use for different twangs. TNERTLE played an hour and a half long set, and the whole time the crowd was mesmerized. They make awesome jammy and funky songs, and also they put their own style on other popular songs they cover. One memorable track they covered with a TNERTLE twist was an old classic from Outkast called "Spottieottiedopaliscious." This was an unforgettable set and a perfect record release showcasing the band and all their versatility.

Mikey Thunder (left) and ProJect Aspect (right) - Party Pants

Closing out the night were two of the illest producers Denver has to offer in a new collaboration band called Party Pants. The duo is a combination of Mikey Thunder and Project Aspect both from the Mile High Sound Movement. Each of them alone have a unique live show; Project Aspect adds his guitar skills to his sets, and Mikey Thunder is a scratch-ologist with his decks. This set was really cool because it allowed each of them to contribute a third element into the live mix. It started off with Mikey Thunder laying down the beat on his two digital turntables, and Project Aspect whaling out on his guitar. Then about half way through it would switch up to Project Aspect on the mix with Mikey Thunder adding samples and scratches over top. This collaboration is still very new, but the skills both guys bring forth makes it work very smoothly.

Cervantes Other Side had a fabulous feel with such good funky jams flowing Friday night. It's always a favorite spot to go see some of the best local bands, and also big names from all over the world. Congratulations to TNERTLE on their record release! Mad love vibes for everyone else who contributed to this awesome night.   

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Eagles of Death Metal merchandise manager among the victims in bloody massacre at Paris music venue

A man is evacuated from the Bataclan following attacks. (Thibault Camus/AP Photo)
The music industry, as well as the entire world, suffered a horrific blow Friday when members of the terrorist group ISIS stormed into several areas of Paris' armed with assault rifles and suicide bombs as part of a barbaric planned attack against civilians.

Here is what we know.

Several members of ISIS stormed the Bataclan, a music venue in Paris, during an Eagles Of Death Metal concert Friday night. The terrorists began firing upon the concert attendees and taking hostages. What began as a normal night for the average concert-goer quickly turned into a ruthless massacre of horrific proportions. 

According to The Guardian, the death toll from the massacre left more than 100 dead at the concert hall with many more injured. Around 40 people were killed in related attacks around the city. 

The report also confirms there were eight attackers killed, seven of them being suicide bombings. 

Nick Alexander, the merchandise manager for the Eagles of Death Metal.
Polina Buckley/@polinabuckley 
Nick Alexander, the Eagles of Death Metal merchandise manager, was among the many victims to lose their life, as reported by RollingStone. Alexander worked with several major American acts including Panic at the Disco, Sum 41, The Black Keys and Alice in Chains.  

He was 36 years old. 

Friday's attacks prove that even in a concert setting, where most of us go to find happiness and escape the horrors of the world, are vulnerable. But alas, we cannot bow to the forces of evil that are at work here. The music industry might be a little shaken right now but as the old saying goes, the show must go on. 

Friday, November 6, 2015

Hallowfreaknween @ National Western Complex in Denver, Colorado (Review) [10/31/15]

Review and Photos By: jdrightright

Global Dance Festival just put on their big Halloween Costume concert at the National Western Complex. This year Hallowfreaknween was a multi-stage event with four different stages set up through out the venue. Headliners galore in the main room including Deorro, Borgeous, Vinai, Mayhem, Antiserum, Kayzo, and Tuneboy.

The night got started early because their was so much talent to showcase. First up for the big name talent was Kayzo a Los Angeles producer, and he brought the room into a more monstrous mood. Kayzo just dropped a special Halloween banger called "FREDDY KRUEGER" and what a perfect place to pound it out. Kayzo has a number of different genres he likes to spin so he got into a bunch of kinds music to get the room going right.

The crowd was about ninety percent dressed up with some of the coolest costumes I've seen in a few years. The one that naturally caught most peoples attention was a guy in a Big Hero 6 costume chilling up front in the VIP. Another baller costume I saw was a full Marty McFly from Back to the Future part 2, complete with a hover-board and the futuristic clothes and hat. There is never a shortage of gorgeous babes at Hallowfreaknween, and this year was no exception. There wasn't a costume contest, but if I had to pick I would definitely go with the dude in the Big Hero 6 costume. He never got out of the suit and he was bouncing the whole night with the bass.

Mayhem and Antiserum came up to the stage and the place got all swagged out. This was definitely the illest set of the night having two amazing producers tag teaming with a ton of new banging beats to bump. They have a very unique spin on trap music mixing in some dubstep, and sometimes a little drum and bass. The constant blending of new glitches and old school party favorites made this such a good set. I am a huge fan of both Mayhem and Antiserum, so getting to see them together was a huge rush of positive happy energy. It was cool watching Mayhem and Antiserum work together on stage. They almost treated it like a rap battle, each one coming up with a song to top the last. This set was hard as fuck, and it wins the award for most hype and feels.

The next set was by a duo called Vinai, they are a couple of young dudes who know how to work a room. They release a lot of their music through Spinnin Records, a label known for techno and trance artists. Vinai had the room bouncing up and down to the music, and they did some of the favorites for big shows. One activity they had the crowd do was a sit down and jump up at the drop song. It was a very energetic set and the guys from Vinai showed some skills.

Girls love Borgeous and you could see them all perk up when he got on stage. He kept a similar style going with a big room trance and techno flavor. He as well as Vinai got into some Queen remixes including "We Will Rock You" and "We Are The Champions." Borgeous has been building a name very quickly with outlets like his show on XM Electric Area and other media. In just the last couple years Borgeous has become a name that almost all EDM lovers know. He does a good job getting the crowd hypnotized into his sonic trance.

It was time for a legend to show the place how to get down on Hallowfreaknween. Deorro came out and immediately fooled the crowd starting to wind up his first track and it sounded like he was going to drop five hours. Nope, but he would get to it, all in due time. Deorro played a set similar to what I saw him drop at Decadence on new years. He got into some classic trancey bass and he spun some remixes of popular music like Oasis' song "Wonderwall." Deorro had a huge crew on stage with him, not for any technical reason, but just so he could have some friends to dance with. It was getting close to the end of his time so Deorro spun the CDJ and wound it down to just wavelengths, and then slowly sped it up more and more until just the right moment and boosh, "Five Hours." It was cool, even though we all knew it was coming it still was an epic drop and a brilliant finale to a great set.

The show closed out with a producer called Tuneboy and he made the room pulsate with hard-style and techno beats. I found this to be a bit overwhelming, The energy was at peak levels for Deorro and now we are supposed to turn up even more? Some people did and they got to rock out until 3AM. This was daylight savings night so at 2AM it became 1AM again. Lets just say the party went late and who cares what time it actually was. I was fulfilled and I think most of the people were too.

Hallowfreaknween was the very first show I ever attended in Denver back in 2013 and it remains one of the best nights of the year. Global Dance Festival always throws an epic party and everyone knows to be there or you will regret it. See you all next year when we get together again for the biggest Halloween Costume party in the city. Hope everyone had a happy Hallowfreaknween.