Thursday, April 30, 2015

Champagne Drip - "Love In" - Song Of The Day - 4/30/15

Mad Decent artist Champagne Drip is a bit unknown to most, but the tunes being put out are unbelievable. The genre labeled as "Future" seems to be taking over. Many say Flume has a large part with originating the genre and turning it into something worldwide, but I believe it's a very shared contribution from all of the amazing artists pushing out this feely genre. Vibe out to "Love In" below!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Peter Bjorn and John - "Young Folks" - Song of the Day - [4/29/15]

Peter Bjorn and John have one of the catchiest indie rock songs in recent memory with this track "Young Folks." The band is comprised of Peter Morén, Björn Yttling, and John Eriksson, so you see how the group's name came about. It's hard to believe, but it's already been about 8 years since their album Writers Block was released. This is the official music video for "Young Folks" it's a clever animation that turns the lyrics into an ongoing dialogue between two people as they become friends and more. Peter Bjorn and John have a great sound for festivals with large crowds to sing and whistle along to. The melody that is whistled on "Young Folks" is almost impossible to not join in with. This song is so uplifting with a subliminal hippie happiness built in. Get more up to date by browsing the official Peter Bjorn and John website. Be cool.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Dog Blood - "Next Order" - Song of the Day - [4/28/15]

Dog Blood is still a bit under the radar, having done very few performances live and with only a handful of releases. That's not to say the two producers involved haven't been very busy. If you don't know yet Dog Blood is a duo of Alex Ridha (Boys Noize) & Sonny Moore (Skrillex). Both are huge names in electronic music and also both run record labels - OWSLA and Boys Noize Records. There are a couple notable shows coming up this summer for Dog Blood. One is Hard Red Rocks in Morrison, Colorado. The line-up is huge this year for Hard Red Rocks also including - The Glitch Mob, Porter Robinson, DESTRUCTO, Branchez, and Option 4. Another big show is Movement, formerly called Detroit Electronic Music Festival, it's a huge rave in downtown Detroit at Hart Plaza. The Dog Blood style is described as "Middle Finger Music" because it says FU to the main stream. Definitely go check them out if you get a chance this summer, they always throw down fresh beats.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Boaz Van De Beatz - "Guappa" (feat. RiFF RAFF & Mr. Polska) - Song Of The Day- 4/27/2015

Happy Monday everyone! Today's song of the day comes to us from Boaz Van De Beatz of The Netherlands. At the young age of 13 Boaz was already producing music. He has risen to become one of the hottest Dutch producers creating his own unique sound. He first was released on Jeffree's and now stepping up to Mad Decent. Boaz Van De Beatz has had the opportunity to work with big names like Diplo, Jack U, and Major Lazer. "Guappa" was recently featured in the last Skrillex Selects playlist and when I heard it I knew I had to share it. "Guappa" is a hard hitting trap track and to top that it has RiFF RAFF and Mr. Polska to bring it to a whole new level. I can definitely see how he is influenced by major artists as well as some from his home country. Follow him on soundcloud so that you can stay on top of all the new music coming from Boaz Van De Beatz. Enjoy!

[Leftovers] Savant - "Up N' Smoke"

Oh my! Savant just dropped a bomb track called "Up N' Smoke" last week. This is a single that is a commissioned track not affiliated with SectionZ Records. The drop is a new type of moombahcore only Savant could dream up, and of course dazzling video game sounds blended in too. I can never get enough of Savant, and luckily he is never tired of creating new songs. The thing that makes Savant so amazing is his pace in creating new music as well as the detail in mastering. He is consistently releasing 3 or more albums a year, all while touring and putting out countless singles in between. Just search for yourself and you will find days of Savant music to listen to. Savant's soundcloud alone has over 200 tracks of his on it, and that's just a start.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Birdy Nam Nam - "Defiant Order" - Song of the Day - [4/26/15]

This video is nuts, some people are fearless when it comes to controlling a manipulating powerful machines. You might have heard of Birdy Nam Nam from the huge hit they had as a result of a Skrillex remix for the song "Goin In." They are a French band made up of DJ Need, DJ Pone, Crazy B, Little Mike and together they create an awesome funky electro music with some glitch-hop feels too. The group's gets their name from a line by Peter Sellers in the 1968 film The Party. This is the official music video for "Defiant Order" put out through the OWSLA youtube channel. If you are a producer go to the exclusive website for Birdy Nam Nam and there you can enter a remix contest to put your spin on "Defiant Order." Even if you aren't a producer you will want to peep it out here.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Sub Focus - "Tidal Wave" featuring Alpines - Song of the Day - [4/25/15]

This is "Tidal Wave" by Sub Focus, on of the finest London based producers out there, with a steady hand in the drum and bass culture. Most people have heard this song of one of the various version of it with it's massive popularity. I hear jungle DJs mix into "Tidal Waves" all the time, and why not, it's a masterpiece. The vocals are provided by Alpines, a beautiful and very talented singer. The lyrics are inspirational as well as perfectly delivered, it's mostly just saying that negative words are not going to hurt me, or crush me like a tidal wave. Get more phenomenal music through the official Sub Focus soundcloud page here.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Interview: Headphone Activist talks influences, progression of music and new releases


Written/Interview By: Michelle Fitzgerald

Pete Domville, better known as Headphone Activist, is a 24 year-old DJ and producer who was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, where he is firmly making a name for himself, and now steadily across the globe. He first started writing music at the ripe age of nine, and over the years has made exceptional steps in building his career. You wouldn't say his sound has improved over the years, but instead transformed and expanded to all points on the creative spectrum. His style ranges from reggae-inspired dub to DnB, from jungle to melodic cloud rap. 

He is an innovator, incorporating sounds produced from life itself to assimilate vitality and soul into his music, whether it be samples from scores of movies such as "The Place Beyond the Pines," to "Shawshank Redemption," and even "The Goonies." 

HPA goes so far as to merge opera and classical into his beats, along with authentic samples derived from sounds heard in nature and space. He continues to push limits and break barriers with his rare and exquisite sound that can only be described as the type of art that truly changes the way the world views music, and more importantly, has power to change the way we live our lives. 

HPA's fan base continues to grow, and he has the world at his fingertips, or should I say eardrums.
I was lucky enough to have the pleasure of asking him a few questions, so that we can all see a little more clearly into the mind of the guy behind the headphones:

Ikonic Sound (Michelle): So what first inspired you to start writing music?

Headphone Activist: DJ Shadow albums and my friend Justin Doverspike. When I was starting out as a DJ, Doverspike of 1337 Pittsburgh suggested I also look into making my own tracks, to quote him, “in 5 years the most successful DJs will be the ones who write and play out their own music.”
Over time I started working on making my own music. I started with writing dubstep. I wasn’t very good at writing dubstep, so then I progressed into making jungle and drum and bass. I was having a blast writing jungle. And then, I met DJ Craze after one of his shows in Pittsburgh. He introduced TNGHT's EP to me, and I went home and downloaded 808 sample Kits and started writing hip-hop and trap influenced music.

Ikonic Sound (Michelle): Where did you come up with the name Headphone Activist and what is its significance to you?

Headphone Activist: The name is derived from lyrics in a track by the Minnesota hip-hop duo “Atmosphere," and the track is titled "C’mon." Basically one of my favorite things to do is to put on my headphones and just listen to music for hours - it’s like meditating for me. When I heard the name in his lyrics, I iust knew that was it, that was what I wanted my name to be. 

Ikonic Sound (Michelle): What inspired one of your most popular tracks “The Place Beyond the Pines?”

Headphone Activist: Films play a huge roll in influencing my music. I went to see the film of the same title. The main score is this track called “Snow Angel,” by Mike Patton. By the third time I had heard the song played during the film I knew I had to sample it. I went home, found a solid sample source, plugged it in, and started writing. It’s funny because I worked on that track for a week or so and then got stuck and put the project aside. A month or so later I reopened the project and scrapped everything other then the bass line and ended up writing the track that night. I put it out a couple days later.

Ikonic Sound (Michelle): Who has influenced you most musically throughout the years?

Headphone Activist: My list is endless and always gaining new names. To highlight a few: 
Aphex Twin was my first real introduction to electronic music. At the time, I wasn't even aware it was called electronic music. I was 12, or 13, and just thought that it was so dark and different than anything else I had heard up to that point in my life. 
Also, Yung Sherman and Yung Gud. This past year my friend Buku got me hooked on these two producers. Personally I think a lot of what they are doing is where music is going - really  
innovative mixing of electronic music with a hip-hop influence. 
Not trap, just progressive beats.

Ikonic Sound (Michelle): How do you describe your sound and what do you want your fans to take away from your music?

Headphone Activist: Cloud rap, trap, bass music, electronic, chill, and vibe music are all ways my friends have described my sound, and they are all right with classifying my music in those genres. 
What I think it is though, is just next generation hip-hop. I am a kid born in 1990, raised via TV and the internet. Bands like Sublime, Gorillaz, Portishead, and Jurassic 5 have all influenced me.
But I'm 24, so who knows where my sound will go. Personally, I see myself moving into making more film based tracks, ambient vibe music, while maintaining my love for good drum work.

Ikonic Sound (Michelle):Your latest releases focused on sounds revolving around nature and space. What inspired you to choose this new direction with music?

Headphone Activist: Clams Casino's work with sampling from nature was a big influence behind the my new tracks. Also, NASA recently released a large archive of sounds and samples from space, which was a gold mind for building background sounds and creating atmosphere for my track “NASA."

Ikonic Sound (Michelle): You seem to have a strong and growing fan base. What has helped make that possible?

Headphone Activist: Awesome fans, and support from blogs like Trap Nation, DOPE MAG, The EDM Network - the list is pretty long but thank you to anyone who is supporting what I am doing.

Ikonic Sound (Michelle)Where do you hope to be a year from now?

Headphone Activist: Still having fun, sharing and writing music, traveling, and meeting new people.

You can follow Headphone Activist on his Soundcloud page:
Also, listen and download for free his latest release "Spring  2015."

CHARLES JAMES - "House Sessions Vol. 3 [Free Download]

CHARLES JAMES is a DJ out of the northern Chicago suburbs. He is relatively new to the scene, his transitions becoming smoother with each new mix. This is a free download of his newest mix entitled "House Sessions Vol. 3."

Sam Paganini - "Sunflower"
Hot Since 82 - "Shadows"
Hot Since 82 - "Error 909"
Jay C & Lello Mascolo - "Nobody"
Jayforce - "What!"
Maya Jane Coles - "No Sympathy"
Mark Knight & Adrian Hour - "Get Down"
Hot Natured - "Electric Jones

Sam Paganini - "Sunflower"
Hot Since 82 - ""
Maya Jane Coles - "No Sympathy"
Mark Knight & Adrian Hour - "Get Down"
Hot Natured - "Electric Jones

AWOLNATION - "Woman Woman" - Song of the Day - 4/24/2015

AWOLNATION's blowout hit of 2009, "Sail," was legendary, right? Well they just released their latest album, Run, on March 17th, and it exhibits not only their unique electronic rock sound but one-ups their previous album with a wide range display of tracks with no room for "fillers" - each song holds its own powerful lyricism and delivery. You might have heard the single "I Am" in one of the latest compelling Red Bull commercials (which makes sense, since the band is signed with Red Bull Records.) This particular song, "Woman Woman," however, is beautiful in its light-heartedness and upbeat melody with, of course, Aaron shouting out to some woman who he feels worthless without. A lucky woman at that! Please listen and enjoy below - the album in its entirety is timeless.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Trampboat - "Fresh Off The Boat" - Song of the Day - [4/23/15]

This song is bad ass, Trampboat builds it up and then boom electro madness! The drop is a straight up complextro work of art, with a ton of different sounds placed into a perfect pattern. The two producers Dan Lindholm and Samuel Kovanko hail from Helsinki, Finland and they represent the creative Scandinavian style. I find that a lot of the best producers are from that side of the world. Definitely peep the Official Website for Trampboat for more on the band.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

HARD Summer Released Their Massive 2015 Lineup feat. Jack Ü, The Weeknd, Porter Robinson & More!

Back again for another year of crazy fun, HARD Presents their annual Summer Music Festival! Bringing out a long and not complete list of artists, this years festival is sure to be a run for your money. Showcasing live acts from artists such as The Weeknd, Porter Robinson, Maya Jane Cole, Ratatat & more really sets this event apart from others of it's kind. Tickets are ON SALE and going fast! Get yours HERE while supplies last. 

SPOON ME? SPOON Ü!View the #HSMF15 Trailer NOW!Tickets:
Posted by HARD presents... on Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Pillar - "Frontline" - Song of the Day - 4/22/15

Pillar, the Christian rock band out of Tulsa, Oklahoma found great success with their album Where Do We Go From Here and continue to hold their place. "Frontline" was released and was no.1 on the Christian rock charts for months after. Listen and love below:

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Trobiz - "On Point" - Song of the Day [4/21/15]

Tremayne Howe aka Trobiz represents the intelligent side of hip-hop lyricists quite well. This is "On Point" a smooth beat underneath some of the illest flows spliced in with descriptive similes. The mic is passed around like a Lyricist Lounge song with a bunch of different voices all coming together to throw down. This is the type of music that would accompany many a back-road drive and smoke session in my youth. There are very few songs that can make me day dream about the good old days in my life like this. I always have good memories pop up when getting down to Trobiz.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Jim Grim - "The Perfect Dance"

Here's a perfect piece of glitch-hop music from one of my favorite electronic composers, Jim Grim. He, like many of the most creative producers today, comes from the SectionZ Records crew. "The Perfect Dance" is a little peek into the next album from Jim Grim, called Ifomi. His intentions are to disseminate this record a special way. Each song will be individually put out via social media outlets. Then once all 15 tracks are released Jim Grim has promised to make the whole album available for free. I am fired up to hear what Jim Grim has been working on.

He describes his motivation for the album and the meaning behind the title in the quote below.

"This album is dedicated to Ingelin Flåen Olsen, Aka IFO. The girl I love. The meaning of this album was originally not ment to be shared as it was kind of "private" or internal to understand, but whatever, I've decided I want to share it with all of you. Why? Well, I'm quite fond of sharing experience in general, and I can't really find a reason to not share it to those who are interested in reading about it. For all you others, just skip reading. Alright anyway, the album was supposed to cover a series of events that happened within in a period of my life last year. Each title is a small description, kind of in chronological order, of a situation or a flow of thought that I had during this experience. I'll tell you more as I release each track."   --  Jim Grim

Summer Set Music Festival Line-Ups Announced

The fourth annual Summer Set Music and Camping Festival is set to be the best yet.  Delivering its unique blend of artists, fans of hip-hop, EDM, Jam style and indie all have something to look forward to.  I know we're excited.  Just take a look at that line-up.  If you can't find at least 5 artists on that list you want to see, you really just don't like music, do you.

As Summer Set continues to grow, the festival grounds will once again expand to provide music enthusiasts with the ultimate experience and atmosphere. For the second year in a row, the festival adds another stage with increased production, bringing the total number of stages to five. The new stage, dubbed A Live One, will feature critically acclaimed bands with live performances from Purity Ring, Tycho, Tanlines, Lettuce, Railroad Earth, and many more.

2015 marks a special year for Summer Set’s hip-hop fans as Wu Tang’s Ghostface Killah hits the stage with Toronto jazz trio BADBADNOTGOOD for one of their notorious live performances. Additionally, in celebration of the 20-year anniversary since the release of their renowned second album, which includes the Grammy Award-Winning Song "Tha Crossroads,” Bone Thugs-N-Harmony will be performing their full-length album E. 1999 Eternal in full.

To accompany the eclectic lineup, Summer Set provides festival-goers with affordable VIP camping packages that offers unrivaled amenities and perks, including private restrooms and showers, full assistance from dedicated VIP staff members, access to all after parties, and private viewing areas at the Main Stage and Grove Stage, plus much more. Attendees will be provided with preferred on-site parking and advanced entry to “The Woods” VIP campgrounds, beginning on Thursday August 14th at 4:00 pm, ahead of the General Admission ticket holders.  Free professional massages, and an additional mini-stage featuring intimate DJ sets exclusive to VIP campers, will also join the VIP amenities in 2015.

SSMF has taken extensive fan feedback into consideration and is dedicated to providing the best possible experience year after year for the fans and artists. Camping prices have been significantly reduced, starting as low as $99 per campsite, which equals roughly $22/person to camp for the weekend, and there will be more experiential interactive elements than in past years.

Don't forget to BOOK A CAMPSITE

Stratus - "Hedon" - Song Of The Day - 4/20/2015

Happy Monday everyone. Today I decided to take it back home to Chicago with an artist I have had the pleasure of seeing a few times now, Stratus. His latest release "Hedon" is massive and needs to be on your radar. For those of you trying to turn up your Monday, go ahead and check this track out. "Hedon" has this hard hitting, very dry in your face sound. It reminds me of "Chinchilla" by Jackal(yeah that's the one that Caked Up basically ripped off). It really takes a lot to impress me with a trap song, and the first time I heard this I literally played it 10 times in a row. Overall great production from Stratus. Be sure to check him out on soundcloud to stay up to date on all of his music.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Muzzy Bearr (Ft. Exmag, BRANX, & Benny Bloom) - "Radio Glider" - Song of the Day - 4/19/15

Muzzy Bearr (formerly Muzzy), just released his debut album titled Vintage Sutra with some great retro style funk. "Radio Glider" is a prime example of his sound as he jams with Exmag, BRANX, and Benny Bloom who plays the trumpet for Lettuce. You can stream the whole album on Muzzy Bearr's soundcloud page here.

Summer Set Music & Camping Festival Lineup Announced!

Summer Set Music & Camping Festival is back for it's 4th year in Somerset, Wisconsin at the Somerset Ampitheatre about 45 minutes east of Minneapolis-St. Paul. The lineup this year can hang with the best of them featuring Bassnectar & Deadmau5 as headliners. Not to mention Tycho, Action Bronson, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Lettuce, Lotus, Railroad Earth, Thievery Corporation, and about 10 other artists, there is definitely something here for everyone. Although not the most well run festival, and certainly not the most organized, the lineup make up for the complete lack of everything else this festival offers its patrons in the way of art installations, live art, and interactive activities. Oh well, let's just go out in the middle of a field for a couple days and have a gay 'ol time with your homies.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Vitalic - "Second Lives" - Song of the Day - [4/18/15]

For today we have a cool melodic song from Pascal Arbez-Nicolas aka Vitalic. This track is called "Second Lives" and it has a simple beat with just the right amount of intrigue. This is a very odd music video and also the bands official representation for the song. It shows a number of different scenarios that all take place in a bathroom stall. It's weird how the same area can make one claustrophobic and at the same time others might utilize the space for a lusty or perverted experience. The song is awesome, a true heartbeat type of track of a progressive format with a lot of cool sounds. Vitalic has a very creative musical style and he also sells interesting merchandise with his logo the upside down triangle which can be purchased here.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Golden Brahams/Dusty Owl - "Au Bazar Des Curiosités"

SoundCloud Profile Pic
Hailing from Rennes France, Dusty Owl as he goes by on SoundCloud, has consistently been putting out quality abstract electronic Jams for what seems like forever. Still going by Golden Brahams on Facebook, this french producer creates diverse and deep soundscapes that pull your ear in and don't surrender it until the song is over. This one is no different. If you aren't already, follow him on SoundCloud to keep up with the stuff he releases on what seems like a weekly basis.

Ash Reynolds - "Mysterious Vibe" - Song of the Day - 4/17/2015 [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Happy Funky Friday everyone! Today's Song of the Day comes from one of London's finest, Ash Reynolds, master of groove and funk. This particular jam, "Mysterious Vibe," is his latest publication, released about a month ago on his SoundCloud. I myself first heard it on Future Beats Radio 076 W mix featuring Stooki Sound and DJ Bluz as the show's opening track, and I needed to hear more of his chill, funky vibes.
Reynolds has been in the game for ten years now, spinning behind decks across the world. Half of his career has since been involved in the production side of music, incorporating funk and hip-hop beats into his sound that just makes you want to disco dance immediately.
This latest installment, however, is by far my favorite. Just as the cover art implicates, this song is perfect for a long summer drive with the windows down and the breeze flowing. What better way to do that than on this fine Friday day?
Download for free in the link!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Nero - The Thrill (Porter Robinson Remix) - Song of the Day - 4/16/15

With all of the current Nero talk going around, why not make a remix? Surprising his fans this past weekend at Coachella, Porter Robinson played a sneak peak of his remix of "The Thrill". While thinking it was safe to assume we wouldn't hear the track for some time, here we are less than a week later! Gaining a substantial amount of respect over the last year, the young artist went on to be The Woodie of the year! Listen and love "The Thrill" through the ears of Porter Robinson.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Handsome Boy Modeling School - "The Truth" - Song of the Day 4/15/15

Today's song of the day is brought to us by Handsome Boy Modeling School from their 1999 release, So... How's Your Girl. This album was ranked by Spin Magazine as the #2 album of 1999.  Handsome Boy Modeling School is a collaboration between Dan the Automator, member of Gorillaz & Deltron 3030, and Prince Paul, member of De La Soul & Stetasonic, and has released only one other album, in 2004. This selection has an awesome acid-jazz lounge type feel to it and features guest appearances from J-Live & Roisin Murphy, HBMS utilized some samples from Galt MacDermot's "Coffee Cold." This is definitely something that should help you make it through hump day without a hitch.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Kill Paris Releases "Galaxies Between Us" LP [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Corey Baker, AKA Kill Paris has been hyping up his newest album titled Galaxies Between Us. This album is super chill with some really great melodies and that future funk style Kill Paris is always putting out. Baker only released 2 tracks from the album before its release date which is preferred. A lot of artists release half their album before it even officially comes out which ruins the surprise effect. Give this album a run through and check out Kill Paris' other groovy stuff if you haven't had a chance. Almost all of it is FREE for download.

Follow Kill Paris on: Soundcloud | Facebook | Official Site

Pyramid - "Wolf" - Song of the Day - [4/14/15]

Here's a kick-ass video for a song by Pyramid called "Wolf." Pyramid is a French artist with a clever electronic style that is hard to describe. The video is shot like a short film depicting a heist. Two masked men scheme to steal a valuable item, a mysterious pyramid and floating orb. The song is rather intense, perfectly accompanying the harsh actions taking place in the struggle to recover the package. Pyramid doesn't follow a specific genre it's just about good music. You can check out more on the official Pyramid website here.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Calvin Harris feat: Ellie Golding - "OutSide (Marshmello remix)" - Song Of The Day - 4/13/2015

Happy Monday everyone! Today's song of the day comes from an artist known only as an ingredient for your s'mores, Marshmello. Marshmello is a new artist that popped up about a month ago with complete anonymity. The musical style fits heavily with the new trends of future bass and some jersey club as well. So for today I'm sharing a new remix of Calvin Harris' "Outside". At a faster pace, it's about time someone turned this song into a beautiful piece of music. This might not be a "banger" but is an amazing remix. Marshmello, though very young has proven to be more then just another fad about being anonymous. It's cool that someone else is making music anonymously which lets it speak for themselves. Enjoy!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

VibeSquaD - Slither (Remix) - Song of the Day - 4/12/15

VibeSquaD aka Aaron Holstein is hitting you with some heavy bass in his Slither remix featured here on our the song of the day. Holstein put a whole new spin on Psymbionic's track and adds some ridiculous ear pleasing whomps. VibeSquaD also has 3 full-length albums you can check out on his website and Soundcloud so head over there and give some of his other songs a listen if you enjoy this gem.

Follow VibeSquaD on: Soundcloud | Facebook | Official Site

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Grateful Dead - Althea (12/31/79) - Song of the Day - 4/11/15

Song chosen by: Kyle Sutton

In honor of the 50th anniversary of The Grateful Dead, here is a particularly awesome live version of "Althea." Hit the rewind button and take a listen to this version of their song off the album "Go to Heaven." The song comes from New Years Eve 1979 at the Oakland Audit
orium. Strap in, it's a jam!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Members of The Grateful Dead announce two additional shows as part of Fare Thee Well

Deadheads everywhere, especially on the west coast, are breathing a sigh of relief after the core four members of the Grateful Dead - Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Bill Kreutzman, and Mickey Hart - announced earlier today in a letter to fans that the group will now play two shows at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California on June 27 & 28. These two Fare Thee Well shows come in addition to the already scheduled Chicago/Soldier Field shows July 3-5.

Like the Chicago shows, the boys will be joined on stage by Trey Anastasio, Jeff Chimenti, and Bruce Hornsby. They also announced that they will be trying out a new online ticketing platform for the two west coast shows in an effort to cut out the scalper problem which has plagued the Chicago shows.

Here is the statement released by the core four off of

Dear Heads,
Although none of us knew it when we walked off the stage at Soldier Field on July 9, 1995, the Grateful Dead's long strange trip ended in Chicago that night. As you are aware, twenty years later, we’re returning to Chicago to properly say Fare Thee Well.
But every good ending must start with a beginning. For us, it all began fifty years ago when we grabbed a bunch of instruments off the walls of a music store in Palo Alto California and began banging away on them in the back room, at night after the store had closed for the day.
Since we made the decision to go back to Chicago to say our final goodbye, it has become clear to us that we first need to return to our beginnings, where we first said hello — to each other and to all of you.
And so it is that we have decided to plug in for two additional shows on June 27 and 28 at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California — just a dozen miles south of where Dana Morgan’s Music Store once stood. At Levi’s — as at Soldier Field — we will have the pleasure of being joined by Trey Anastasio, Bruce Hornsby and Jeff Chimenti.
Ours wasn’t just a long, strange trip — it was a VERY long, VERY strange trip. We weren’t sure what it was going to be like to put a punctuation mark on the end of it. None of us anticipated the overwhelming outpouring of love and interest following our initial announcement of the shows at Soldier Field, and we were blown away by the response.
We have tried to do the right thing wherever we could for the Chicago shows by honoring the roots of where we came from, while dealing with the realities of the current times. But that’s hardly comforting when you’re shit outta luck for tickets and your only option is inflated prices on secondary ticketing websites. That would piss us off too.
From the moment these shows were first talked about, we have been thinking about what we could do to honor the roots of our Deadhead experience, even in the face of changing technologies. (Remember: Ticketmaster didn’t even go online until we got out of the game.) These shows were always intended as an expression of our gratitude, to both the music and the fans, so it’s important that we get things as right as we can.
We have always been proud of our in-house mail order ticketing process, and the phenomenal way our fans have built a tradition out of turning a standard envelope into a frame-worthy piece of art. Some 60,000 mail order tickets were issued for the Soldier Field shows by the good folks at Grateful Dead Ticket Sales — yet we were still crushed to see how many of your beautifully designed envelopes did not get tickets.
For shows of this magnitude, it’s impossible to eliminate every scalper. However, we offer you this: Working with our partners, we are using an online ticketing platform for the Levi’s shows that will help ensure that the tickets for these shows will get into the right hands, the hands of our true fans. We believe that this process is the best way to give each of you an equal opportunity to obtain tickets at the most affordable possible prices. We are are proud to announce that 65,000 tickets per night will be available via the "online mail order" for the Levi’s shows. For the nuts and bolts, go to
We will not be adding any more Fare Thee Well shows. The three Chicago shows will still be our final stand. We decided to add these two Santa Clara shows to enable more of our fans to celebrate with us one more time. But this is it.
We love you guys more than words can tell, and hope to see you in the Bay Area or Chicago. If you can’t make it to the shows, we are working on ways for you to still experience our Fare Thee Well, from wherever you might be. Stay tuned for those details.
Gratefully yours,
Billy, Bobby, Mickey & Phil

StéLouse - Joyride - Song of the Day - 4/10/2015 [FREE DOWNLOAD]

The first time I heard the incredible music of StéLouse (pronounced "stay loose") was his remix of Doja Cat's hit song "So High," and I instantly fell in love with how upbeat his sound was. There were a lot of remixes of Doja's sexy song (and I listened to probably all of them), but none compared to StéLouse's.

Once I heard this rework, I went to his Soundcloud page right away, and let me tell you, I couldn't find one song I did not love. In my opinion, mediocre is no where to be found in this man's collection. I'm wondering if Doja dedicated "So High" to StéLouse himself, because that is exactly how his music makes you feel, and "Joyride" is the perfect representation of this.

A native of Denver, Colorado, StéLouse belongs to the label Hebinomichi, which was self-created alongside his talented counterpart Ahh-Ooh. Maxx Baer, Pusher, and Rusty Hook, to name a few, also belong to the label.

StéLouse continuously incorporates an abundance of unique, exquisite sounds, and somehow makes them flow as one perfectly. The steady build heard in many of his songs, including this original, is patient, but the drop is always an unexpected, eargasmic surprise.

"Joyride," which was released last year on the City EP, goes from funky fresh and upbeat to sweet, sweet gangsta lovin' in a matter of seconds, and together the two variations generate a heavy yet ethereal melody that will make you want to jump in the car for a joyride with friends. It's Friday after all, so why not? Take a peak for yourself, and promise to not become too obsessed like I have. Free download in the link!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Steve Aoki feat Kid Cudi and Travis Barker - "Cudi the Kid" - Song Of The Day - (4-9-15)

Looking back into the years we've had many tracks that are considered classics and this is indeed one of those songs. As believed to be sparked by Steve Aoki's infamous remix of Kid Cudi's "Pursuit Of Happiness", news of a collaboration from the two was exciting for all. The music video portrays Scott Mescudi as a young child riding his bike through the streets while the asain jesus himself looks down upon him. Some may not see the place Travis Barker has in this, but he makes it what it is. The legedary drummer turns anything he touches to gold. Indulge yourself and enter the journey that is, Cudi the Kid.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Bassdrop Music Festival Phase One Lineup Annouced!

Phase one of the Bassdrop Music Festival has been announced and there were a couple of surprises! Being a strictly B2B (Back to back) festival, the turnout is exciting and leaves me wondering what is next to come. Stay tuned and get your tickets while they last!

Phase One

Colin Thomas
Fun Fakt
Jay Fawler
Manny Tulletti
Nat Young
Trill Clinton

Phase Two


Robag Wruhme - "Robag's Bobb 2005 Für F." - Song of the Day - 4/8/15

Robag Wruhme. You've probably never heard that name before. Well, I was in the exact same position up until about a week ago when I decided to order a couple random albums along with some others that I wanted to justify the $4 shipping. This was one of them, and boy was it a great surprise at $3. It reminds me of Aphex Twin. Right about the 3:20 mark there is just this awesome bouncy bass sound that is hard to explain but even harder not to enjoy. I've been obsessed with this track since I first gave it spin on my turntable. You can pick it up fairly cheap on Discogs, HERE. Hope you enjoy and thanks for checking out the site!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Bossfight - "Jet Stream Beam"

Calling all Junglists! Check it, the latest track from Bossfight is this ill Drum and Bass banger called "Jet Stream Beam." They also add a dash of my favorite spice into the recipe, Chiptune. Awesome video game synths and intense melodic blends make "Jet Stream Beam" a rich and powerful song. Bossfight keeps coming up with killer new beats, covering many sub-genres of electronic music, so stay on the up and up with the band by following them on soundcloud here.

Umphrey's McGee live Abbey Road Studios album hits the shelves!

On June 18, 2014, members of Umphrey's McGee entered the legendary Abbey Road Studios ready to kick ass and put out a new album but with one small catch...only 12 hours to record. To most, this is a daunting task to say the least, figuring in how much work goes into tracking an album, but it didn't seem to worry the UM boys to much. Most of their fame has come from their mind-blowing live performances. Why stray from a perfect formula? Why not bust it out live?

That was exactly what they did. And what came from their hard-work was "The London Session: A Day at Abbey Road Studios" - a ten-track live album under their own label Nothing Too Fancy Music. A mixture of new and old live favorites make up the first nine tracks of the album, and in typical UM fashion, the tenth is a cover song recreated in the band's own sound. Of course they chose to pay homage to those who came before them by busting out a rendition of the Beatles' "I Want You (She's So Heavy)" off their 1969 "Abbey Road" record.

"The London Session" hit records stores today. Head on over to Umph merch to order your physical copy or get your digital download through iTunes!


  1. Bad Friday
  2. Rocker Pt. 2
  3. No Diablo
  4. Cut The Cable
  5. Out of Order
  6. Glory
  7. Plunger
  8. Comma Later
  9. Eat 
  10. I Want You (She's So Heavy)

Blackmill - "Spirit of Life" - Song of the Day [4/7/15]

This is a beautiful song by Blackmill called "Spirit of Life" from his album Miracle. Robert Card is the sole member of Blackmill and he has been into music his whole life. He is an excellent musician and also a skilled singer as well. There are so many melodies intertwined in this track for a very full sound. Just recently Blackmill released a new single called "Child" and he also does vocals for the song too. The laid-back grooves are why I like his music so much, he calls it Melodic Dubstep a perfect description for the Blackmill style.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Jameston Thieves & Dirty Doses - "Oh Yeah" - Song Of The Day - 4/6/15

Today we're going one deeper with a new release from Jameston Thieves and Dirty Doses titled "Oh Yeah". I was first introduced to Jameston Thieves after hearing their remix of Mija and Ghastly's "Crank It" during Zeds Dead's Pete Tong mix that came out about a month ago. For the past few months I've been on a grind listening to this type of music non stop. When I heard this track I knew I had to share it with you all. "Oh Yeah" has got a dark late night vibe with a bit more intensity which really makes it stand out. I love how it's got a simple house beat as an intro but turns into something much bigger then you would expect. The build up to the drop begins as sounds start to overlap and reverb and decay into each other. The vocal "Oh Yeah" starts to fade in and then you're met with a hard hitting hollow synth sound that's somewhere between deep house and electro. It's such a tight and full sound. Get down to this, and happy Monday!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Zeds Dead - "Demons" - Song of the Day - 4/5/15

Today's song of the day is a classic from the Canadian based duo Zeds Dead. Since coming out with a very much dubstep sound they have transformed their music that reaches out to many other sub-genres of electronic music. This track comes from the album titled Hot Sauce that has numerous other popular songs that are still played out today. This album is one of the few albums that was put out by Mad Decent and you can be sure that they were happy to back it. You never know what Zeds Dead will come out with next. Definitely keep an eye out for Hooks & DC (stage names) as they haven't dropped an official album since last July and seem to be on a schedule for putting out a new album every year. I've included the official YouTube video below as well because it's pretty damn awesome. WHO'S ZED?

Follow Zeds Dead on: Facebook | Soundcloud | Instagram | Twitter

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Savant announced a twelve date North American tour!

Savant is back at it with a 12 date tour. Catch the Section Z crew in a city near you! 

Modest Mouse - "Float On" - Song of the Day - 4/4/15

Today we go back to a classic jam from Modest Mouse. The iconic alternative band took over in 2000 and continue to spread their vibes throughout the world. "Float On" represents the idea of continuing in the worst of times. The idea is a bit haunting, but at the same time as uplifting as could be. Take a moment out of your day, find you inner peace and just float on.

"It was a completely conscious thing. I was just kind of fed up with how bad shit had been going, and how dark everything was, with bad news coming from everywhere. Our president [George W. Bush] is just a fucking daily dose of bad news! Then you've got the well-intentioned scientists telling us that everything is fucked. I just want to feel good for a day. ” 

—Isaac Brock, The A.V. Club

Friday, April 3, 2015

STS9 announces September Red Rocks show dates

Tribe fans rejoice! STS9, or Sound Tribe Sector 9, announced earlier today that they will travel back to Morrison, Colorado this September to perform two shows at one of the most beautiful concert venues in the U.S., Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater.

The five-piece jamtronica powerhouse teased us yesterday that there was something in the works for the end of summer by posting this status to Facebook....

The band also announced they will play special Thursday night show at the Boulder Theatre on Sept. 10 in addition to the two RRX shows on the 11th and 12th. Tickets for all three shows go on sale next wednesday, April 8 at 10 a.m. MTN time. They can be purchased directly through the bands website.

The Whitest Boy Alive - "Burning" - Song of the Day (4/3/15)

Super chill and very smooth, it's The Whitest Boy Alive and their hit song "Burning." This comes from a killer album entitled Dreams released back in 2006. As of June last year The Whitest Boy Alive is no longer together, but the music they made will hold up for a while. The band was made up of - Erlend Øye on guitar and vocals, Marcin Öz on bass, Sebastian Maschat on drums, and Daniel Nentwig played Rhodes piano and Crumar synthesizer. Definitely one of the coolest jam bands of recent years. You can stream The Whitest Boy Alive's full catalog on spotify here.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

What So Not - Gemini ft. George Maple - [NEW] - Song of the Day - 4/2/2015

EVERYONE STOP DOING WHAT YOU'RE DOING THIS INSTANT. The first and leading song off the upcoming What So Not EP, "Gemini," was just released the other day, and it is AMAZING. With the recent announcement of Flume's departure from the duo in order to embark on his solo career, the release of this final EP including him will be bittersweet, but he is leaving on the highest of all notes, and is passing the torch into the safe hands of Emoh Instead, who will be taking his place in the group. After listening to this first single, it is easy to see why the EP and the upcoming tour in late April are both entitled "Gemini." The steady, melodic piano throughout is complimented by light synths and drums as well as the amazing vocals of Australia's own George Maple (George is a girl, and a gorgeous one at that.) If you're a Flume and What So Not fan, you are not going to want to miss out on this tune or the soon-to-be EP that you can pre-order in the link below. Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Skrillex announces FullFlex Express Tour with Jack U, Zeds Dead, Tycho & More!

The wait is over and the FullFlex Express Tour lineup is finally here! Showcasing seven headlining acts, the group of artists will be traveling through Canada on an 8 date tour that will hit multiple Canadian festivals including Pemberton Festival in BC. Tickets are on sale now and will go quick, so be sure to plan your trip while the opportunity is present!

July 8th - Ottawa, ON - Ottawa Blues Festival
July 9th - Quebec City, QC - Quebec City Summer Festival
July 10th - Montreal, QC - Parc Jean Drapeau
July 11th - Toronto, ON - Echo Beach
July 14th - Winnipeg, MB - Adrenaline Adventures
July 15th - Saskatoon, SK - Diefenbaker Park
July 17th - Calgary, AB - Prairie Winds Park
July 19th - Pemberton, BC - Pemberton Festival

marshmello - "WaNt U 2" [Free Download]

Alright at this point I don't even know anymore. There has been too much confusion as to who this marshmello guy is and I just want to know already. Being April fools, there's no telling who or what is the truth, but this track is the absolute truth. "WaNt U 2" marks yet another festival anthem from the innovative mystery artist and I have a feeling we're in for a lot more.. Get your FREE download below and be on the look out! You don't want to be the one who gets fooled ;) 

The Rolling Stones are headed back to the states for the summer

Legendary rock 'n' roll superstars The Rolling Stones, have announced they will hit the road this summer as part of a 15 city Zip Code tour.

 The tour will begin on May 24 in San Diego and end on July 15 in Québec. The Stones will play a majority of classic hits and some special gems from their extensive archive of music.

 This marks the first time the British rockers have played stadiums in the states since 2007

Tickets go on sale April 13 for all shows. Québec tickets go on sale April 11. _____________________________________________________________________________ 

May 24 - San Diego, CA @ Petco Park 
May 30 - Columbus, OH @ Ohio Stadium 
June 3 - Minneapolis, MN @ TCF Bank Stadium 
June 6 - Dallas, TX @ AT&T Stadium 
June 9 - Atlanta, GA @ Bobby Dodd Stadium 
June 12 - Orlando, FL @ Orlando Citrus Bowl 
June 17 - Nashville, TN @ LP Field 
June 20 - Pittsburgh, PA @ Heinz Field 
June 23 - Milwaukee, WI @ Summerfest / Marcus Amphitheater 
June 27 - Kansas City, MO @ Arrowhead Stadium 
July 1 - Raleigh, NC @ Carter-Finley Stadium 
July 4 - Indianapolis, IN @ Indianapolis Motor Speedway 
July 8 - Detroit, MI @ Comerica Park
 July 11 - Buffalo, NY @ Ralph Wilson Stadium 
July 15 - Quebec, QC @ Le Festival D’Été de Québec