Sunday, August 31, 2014

Metronomy - "Corrine" - Song of the Day [8-31-14]

Metronomy is what I like to call hipster rock, for the most part that label might imply some sort of stigma, but not with this band they kill it. They make music perfect for the emo kids on South Park to groove out to with individual odd dances. "Corrine" is my favorite song by Metronomy, but they have a lot of really cool retro sounding rock music. On the Official Metronomy Youtube channel you can listen to full albums like The English Riveria which includes the track "Corrine." Rock out to the hipster rock stylings of Metronomy, and have a chill Sunday.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Sim Gretina - "Bacon Pancakes" - Song of the Day - (8-30-14)

This song "Bacon Pancakes" by Sim Gretina makes me hungry. Pop on some Saturday cartoons, I suggest the Every Simpsons Ever Marathon, and fire up the griddle for some bacon pancakes. Also get down to the funky electronic chiptunes. "Bacon Pancakes" is available to download for free, so scoop it up. You can get more awesome tunes at Sim Gretina's soundcloud page here.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Sublime - "Ebin" - Song of the Day - [8-29-14] is probably the best reggae/punk rock band ever. This song "Ebin" from the classic album 40 Oz. to Freedom tells the tale of a friend who becomes radical politically. With front man Bradley Nowell, Sublime was completely unstoppable, but as it turned out, heroin proved to be even more powerful. The remaining members of Sublime still play shows today with a new front man, Rome. Sublime with Rome still captures some of the magic, but Bradley Nowell is irreplaceable and will be forever missed.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Al Bizarre - "Ice Jump" - Song of the Day - [8/28/14]

This is a bad ass beat from Al Bizarre, one of the illest in the Electro-House sub-genre of EDM. His music is epic but not trancey, he goes hard and gets the dance floor hopping. This song "Ice Jump" was released as a single on the label Big Fish Canada. Al Bizarre also has music released on Spinnin Records too, he spreads the love to multiple labels. His song "Fire Breazze" is amazing too, you can peep it here.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Tristam - "Kings" - Song of the Day - (8-27-14)

Tristam kills it on this track "Kings". He actually kills it all the time, dude makes very fresh crispy dubstep. This song is also available to download for free directly through Tristam's Official soundcloud page.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Fischerspooner - "Never Win" - Song of the Day (8/26/14)

You might recognize this Fischerspooner song "Never Win" from the hilarious film Grandma's Boy. That's where I first heard of them, but they go deep with countless cool songs. The band is made up of Warren Fischer and Casey Spooner, thus explaining the band name. They have a really interesting retro-electronic style, and they go off on awesome musical tangents. Go check out more from Fischerspooner on spotify here.

Monday, August 25, 2014

The Strokes - "Reptilia" - Song of the Day [8/25/14] a while you couldn't go anywhere without hearing a "The" band and punky emo music. The Strokes were one of those bands, but they managed to be one of the trend setters rather than following along. Jam out today with "Reptilia" one of the best songs from The Strokes, and this is the official music video.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Marty Party and MEISIE aka Maci Delaghetto - "Carmel Machiatto"

Marty Party just dropped a new purply trap banger with Maci Delaghetto, one of the finest females on the planet, and a notable name in the Detroit electronic music scene. "Carmel Machiatto" has a special flavor sweet and sticky like some dank nug. "It's that soulful shit, electro shit, minimal shit, whatever." You already know to follow Marty Party but also check out Maci Delaghetto on soundcloud too. Maci Delaghetto also goes by Meisie now, but the important thing is the banging beats, get em!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Andre 3000 (Outkast) - "She Lives In My Lap" - Song of the Day [8/23/14]
Andre 3000 and Big Boi the two members of Outkast put out a double disk Speakerboxxx/The Love Below back in 2003 and it completely blew up. This is one of the best tracks from the Andre 3000 half of the record called "She Lives In My Lap." This song is really funky and seductive, but also fresh to death hip-hop too. Outkast will be making a few stops along the way with the Mad Decent Block Party tour, don't slack, go see them rip it up!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Pretty Lights - "Yellow Bird" - Song of the Day - 8/22/14

Derek Smith aka Pretty Lights
Pretty Lights was nominated for a Grammy as a result of the hard work and creative vision put into A Color Map of the Sun, his most recent album. Although he didn't win the award, the album is definitely worthy of admiration. "Yellow Birds" is a favorite of ours and it's today's song of the day. Enjoy.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Reflection Eternal - "Move Somethin" - Song of the Day - (8/21/14)

Talib Kweli is a true word-smith, he is on a completely different level when compared to most rappers. DJ Hi-Tek makes such smooth beats, together they are unstoppable, and they call their band Reflection Eternal. This song "Move Somethin" is from the album Train of Thought, an awesome listen all the way through. I first heard about Talib Kweli from the Lyricist Lounge compilation CDs where he dominated with skill. The title "Move Somethin" is topical for me right now because I am moving into a new place tomorrow. Go check out more Talib Kweli for the illest flows and a powerful message of equality. Peace.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Johnny Cash - "Rusty Cage" Song of the Day [8/20/14]

The man, the myth, the legend, Johnny Cash.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Aquabats! - "Super Rad" - Song of the Day - [8/19/14]

The Aquabats are awesome, they make super hero ska music. I was completely obsessed with their album The Fury of the Aquabats! back in the day, and why not Ska music is so catchy. Everyone was skanking to this song "Super Rad" and wearing checker board slip on shoes. It was definitely a simpler time, but we can still listen to these tunes and remember those good times.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Moby - "Porcelain" - Song of the Day 8/18/14

Moby dropped this track in 1999 and it's still kicking ass today. Can't really argue with this one.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

DJ Cassidy feat: R. Kelly - "Make the World Go Round" (Gigamesh Remix) - Song of the Day - 8/17/14 [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Minneapolis based producer, GIGAMESH, gives us a beautiful remix of "Make the World Go Round" by DJ Cassidy featuring R.Kelly. Fun fact, GIGAMESH is a three-time multi-platinum selling artist. Yup, dude kills it.

Arise Music Festival @ Sunrise Ranch (Review) [8/8/14 - 8/10/14]

Review By: Justin D'Amico

This past weekend was the 2nd annual Arise Music Festival in Loveland, Colorado. The event is held at the stunningly beautiful Sunrise Ranch. The weekend was full of love and spirituality, along with a strong message to keep Mother Earth healthy. The line-up brought together a huge variety of awesome musicians on four stages. Arise Music Festival was full of once in a lifetime musical moments, workshops, and presentations.

Sunrise Ranch is located just a bit west of downtown Loveland in a serine valley. On each side of the ranch there are rocky top mountains and a deep blue lake to the south. Sunrise Ranch was decorated with a number of artistically painted totems, often with abstract faces. The sights were intense just with the natural beauty of the valley alone, but especially on the final night as the super moon illuminated the entire night sky. The Sunrise Ranch was one of the most captivating places I have ever visited in my life.

The theme for Arise Festival is to continue on a path to purity and enlightenment. After one has awakened they must then arise and move forward with the day. There were messages of unity, and a goal of achieving a one consciousness, where all people know the truth - building a sustainable place for subsequent generations to thrive. This is why it is so important to get together with friends and family to plan how we can make the Earth even better for ages to come.

Breathtaking art was all around Sunrise Ranch, some of which was created live. The setting and the music inspired a massive array of creativity. Along with certain performances; aerialists, and fire dancers choreographed routines to enhance the show. The Arise Music Festival artists, aerialists, and fire dancers were instrumental making an amazing visual display everywhere you could wander at Sunrise Ranch.  

A strong statement for keeping the Earth clean and pure came in the form of a documentary by Josh Fox, called "Gasland." Josh Fox was at Arise Music Festival spreading knowledge about the dangers of fracking, and also to perform with Peter Yarrow, Bethany Yarrow, and Rufus Cappadocia. The anti-fracking movement stands on a simple platform, they want hydraulic fracturing for oil and natural gas to stop now. Acquiring these fuels using hydraulic fracturing is damaging important natural resources. Many would argue that hydraulic fracturing is contaminating the natural fresh water supplies found in underground aquifers. The only beneficiary to using these techniques is the big oil companies who profit from the sale of fuels. Fracking is a major topic in Colorado right now, recently a massive grassroots campaign was shot down by state representatives. Three hundred-thousand signatures of residents asking to stop fracking were thrown away by Governor Hickenlooper, and activists like Josh Fox and Peter Yarrow are making it known.

At Arise Music Festival there were many activities going on other than the musical performances. There was a tent dedicated to yoga, a number of workshops, an elder village, a children's village, presentations, and film screenings all throughout each day. Yoga sessions were usually done in the morning to help attendees awaken with a good stretch, and at night the yoga tent served as a fifth stage for special performances.

Favorite Performances at Arise Music Festival

Peter Yarrow

On Sunday night Peter Yarrow, along with his daughter, Bethany Yarrow, Rufus Cappadocia, and Josh Fox brought us back to our roots playing some vintage Peter, Paul and Mary songs. The performance was preceded by a special sound check conducted by Peter Yarrow. He made a point to go to each microphone and he instructed the sound engineer to do exactly what needed to be done to get a proper level. The crowd loved it, they cheered loudly as the sound check was completed. The first song they would play was "Blowing in the Wind" and it was so beautiful I was in tears. They would also perform "This Land is Your Land," and again it was absolutely moving. The scope and the message of the music was so overwhelming and wonderful I can't even properly describe the magical moment.

Galactic with Chali 2na

For this special performance at Arise Music Festival, Galactic came together with one of the most recognizable voices in hip-hop Chali 2na of the band Jurassic 5. They went through a bunch of classic Jurassic 5 songs, and everyone including myself sang along with Chali 2na trying to sound as cool as he does rapping. Galactic kept it funky and light making the crowd feel comfortable dancing to the rhythm of their awesome music.

Unlimited Aspect

Unlimited Gravity and Project Aspect are two of the most talented producers in Denver, and together they really get it popping. Saturday night was intense and the best performance on the Souls Rising stage was without a doubt Unlimited Aspect. For their performance at Arise Music Festival they brought Steve Kuzma on drums and also had live saxophone in the mix for an extra bad ass show. When you see Unlimited Aspect be ready for a bunch of hard glitch hop drops and killer guitar riffs. I can't wait to see what's next from Unlimited Gravity and Project Aspect, they are always on the cutting edge of electronic music.

Late Night Radio

Late Night Radio is one of the many talented artists representing Super Best Records. He was one of only a few electronic artists that played on the B-Well Stage and not on the Souls Rising Stage. Late Night Radio did two short sets before and after Beats Antique and he ripped it up. For his second short set after Beats Antique he gave a big birthday shout out to Donnie of Krooked Drivers another awesome group on Super Best Records. Late Night Radio has a smooth funky hip hop style and he showed us all some of his finest beats at Arise Music Festival.


This was my first time seeing Skydyed and I was really impressed. It's a three man band made up of Max Doucette on guitar and DJ, Andrew Slattery on bass guitar, keyboards, and DJ, and Shane Eagen on drums. Skydyed plays the type of music I like to jam out to on my guitar. They are super funky with a sound sort of like early Incubus. They have a different formation than most bands, with both the guitarist and bassist doubling as DJs too. The drummer Shane Eagen is really good, he is able to pound out some banging beats with his own funk flavor. I was getting down to this set hard, I hope to see Skydyed again soon.

Events like Arise Music Festival are very important in shaping the future world. Yes, it is a big party and many people were indulging in psychedelics and whatnot, but the main thing that we must take away from Arise Music Festival is how we can all come together to get things done. Gathering brilliant minds to come up with positive solutions that will enhance the Earth for the next era, that's what it's all about. Let us all arise and share knowledge, let us all work as one and together we can accomplish anything. I would like to thank everyone who played a part in making the 2nd annual Arise Music Festival so perfect. I hope to be a part of the Arise Music Festival community for many years to come.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Cage - "Agent Orange" - Song of the Day - [8/16/14]

Cage is a big name in underground hip-hop. This is an old school track called "Agent Orange" from his album Movies For The Blind. On this track he uses a bunch of references from the Stanley Kubrick film A Clockwork Orange and samples the original film score. Cage is known for being a very morbid rapper with no limitations as to what he rhymes about. His music is sometimes referred to as downer-rap. Although he is not on a major label Cage has consistently dropped albums, some through Definitive Jux and Eastern Conference Records. Go check out more from Cage on his official Spotify page here.

Friday, August 15, 2014

The String Cheese Incident - "Joyful Sound" (live) - Song of the Day - 8/15/14

Take time to give thanks 
Make time to be given 
I'm going to stop and think twice 
About the way that I'm living 

Did I say a kind word 
Am I proud of my actions 
You know a job well done 
Gives me satisfaction

Can I earn your trust 
Your love and affection 
Just one step at a time 
In the right direction 

Going to aim for the sky 
Keep my feet on the ground 
Raise my voice to the heavens 
Make a joyful sound 

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Naaaaaaa.... 
Make a joyful sound

Can I sing for my supper 
And play for my rent 
I know it sounds funny 
But it's how my time's spent

Greet everyday with full purpose 
With passion and pride 
I'm going to follow my heart 
And have nothing to hide

A moment of insight 
I know why I'm here 
You know when the time just stops 
See it all real clear 

I've got to set an example 
Make some mischief and fun 
Do unto others and 
Play a fat bass run

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Naaaaaaa.... 
Make a joyful sound I got to work hard everyday 
And give it my best 
Grab hold of fear and negativity 
And lay them to rest 

I know my time here's important 
Can I do the right thing?
Practice patience and forgiveness 
Feel the joy that they bring

Can I lay down tonight 
Without feeling regret?
I know the love that I give 
Becomes the love that I get 

Well do you hear what I'm saying 
Making sense to you? 
Well if you feel it in your heart 
Then you might want to sing too

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Naaaaaaa.... 
Make a joyful sound

I don't want to sound preachy 
Make you feel all wrong 
Just want to write some kind lyrics 
Sing a feel good song

It's kind of hard to explain 
It is just a feeling I get 
From making music making love 
Getting both feet wet 

Well every piece to the puzzle 
Snapped tight to the groove 
I Close my eyes breathe deeply and 
Let my feet move

You know I feel a little better
Now for speaking my mind 
Good vibes in circulation and 
See who they find 

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Naaaaaaa....
Make a joyful sound

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Black Keys "Weight of Love" - Song of the Day [8/14/14] (NSFW)

The Black Keys are not afraid to mix things up a little, and the video for their track "Weight of Love" keeps that train rolling. More of a short film than a video, a group of free spirited ladies are seen doing exercises and running through an open field, topless.

From their new album Turn Blue, the opening track "Weight of Love" sets the tone for what is to come. The video has a cult of attractive women living in a light house on the beach. You can imagine where that leads.

Super models, rock and roll and bare breasts. Yup, doesn't suck.  
Director: Theo Wenner
Director of Photography: Bobby Bukowski
Producer: Chris Kublan
Art Director: Anthony Asaro @ 11th Street Workshop
Editor: Marlo Nespeca @ Spot Welders
Colorist: Tom Poole @ Company 3
Production Company: Good Company

Rusko Releases New EP "!"

Rusko is back at it releasing a 5 track EP titled "!". The new EP shows a variety of sounds that any fan of electronic music would dig. For years Rusko has upheld a large following, and he has yet to disappoint. Alongside this release Rusko has also announced a fall tour coming soon to a city near you! If you're lucky enough to be one of the select cities, don't miss the opportunity! (Tour dates and info below)

9/5/14: Oklahoma City, OK / Mystik Sanctuary Festival
9/6/14: Flagstaff, AZ / Kaleidescope Kamp Out
9/12-14/14: Victoria, BC / Rifflandia Festival
9/19/14: Honolulu, HI / The Republik
10/2/14: Madison, WI / Segredo
10/3/14: Toronto, ON / The Hoxton
10/4/14: New York, NY / Madison Square Garden
10/9/14: Pontiac, MI / Elektricity Nightclub
10/10/14: Chicago, IL / The Mid
10/11/14: Minneapolis, MN / The Loft
10/16/14: Costa Mesa, CA / Sutra
10/17/14: Los Angeles, CA / Exchange LA
10/18/14: San Diego, CA / Bassmnt
10/23/14: Austin, TX / Vulcan Gas Company
10/24/14: Houston, TX / Limelight
10/30/14: San Francisco, CA / 1015 Folsom
11/5/14: Boston, MA / Paradise
11/6/14: Syracuse, NY / Wescott Theater
11/7/14: Pittsburgh, PA / Club Zoo
11/8/14: Buffalo, NY / Town Ballroom
11/9/14: Washington, DC / U Street Music Hall
11/12/14: Vancouver, BC / Celebrities Nightclub
11/13/14: Seattle, WA / Showbox SoDo
11/14/14: Kelowna, BC / Sapphire Nightclub
11/15/14: Edmonton, AB / Encore at WEM
11/20/14: Phoenix, AZ / Monarch Theater
11/21/14: Denver, CO / Beta
11/22/14: Missoula, MT / The Wilma Theatre
11/26/14: Orlando, FL / The Beacham Theatre
11/29/14: St. Louis, MO / The Old Rock House
12/6/14: Dallas, TX / Lizard Lounge

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Trampled By Turtles - "Codeine" Live at First Avenue- Song of the Day [8/13/14]

My favorite song by one of my favorite artists from the best Trampled By Turtles show ever. Watch, listen, and live.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Danger Doom - "Cross Hairs" - Song of the Day - [8/12/14]
The band Danger Doom is a monster collaboration of producer Danger Mouse and rapper MF Doom. When together MF Doom spits the illest lyrics and Danger Mouse makes some of the sickest beats. This song is called "Cross Hairs" and it's one of the many masterpiece tracks from this brilliant combination of hip hop minds. Go listen to the full album here on spotify, it is a classic hip-hop record with a bunch of cameos by the [adult swim] characters you know and love.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Pipe Guy: House/Trance/Techno Live Using PVC Pipe - Song of the Day - 8/11/14

Today's song of the day was sent to us a by a friend. Pipe Guy gave us this description of the video on youtube: "Playing a live set in Rundle Mall, Adelaide, South Australia on my homemade PVC pipe instrument, played with a pair of thongs (flip flops to the non-Aussie viewers :P)." Yup, dude is nuts! Why don't ya go ahead and give his page a like..

Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Werks w/Papadosio & Dopapod - "Dark Side of the Moon" - Set of the Day - 8/10/14

Ohio's jam-band powerhouse, The Werks, just came off their own festival, The Werkout, in Thornville, OH. Unquestionably one of the more memorable moments from the weekend was when The Werks, along with Dopapod and Papadosio, played Pink Floyd's legendary album, Dark Side of the Moon, in it's entirety. Yup, the whole thing; and to make it even more impressive, they were only off on timing by about a minute. Just turn this on and enjoy friends :)

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Cam Meekins - "Cut Me Off" - Song of the Day - [8/9/14] Meekins turned an overplayed and oddly timed hipster track into a bad ass hip hop banger. Honestly the reorganization of the melody in the chorus is much better than the original song by Gotye. This music video is awesome too, it's the official video for "Cut Me Off" by Cam Meekins.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Bran's Freestyle from CKY2K - Song of the Day - 8/8/14
CKY2K Film Cover (2000)
The CKY video series is a series of videos produced by Bam Margera and Brandon DiCamillo and other residents of West Chester, Pennsylvania and is basically a precursor to Jackass and Viva la Bam. With a poster like the one this movie had, you know it's gotta be good.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Griz - "A Fine Way to Die" - Song of the Day [8/7/2014]

Griz stopped by the KCRW studios in Detroit to play an early morning set for the Morning Becomes Eclectic radio show.  The set included a never before heard track "A Fine Way to Die".  Take a solid beat, throw in Griz on sax, a little guitar and some trumpet and you have a great way to start your day...  Here is the entire 45 minute set.  Happy morning everyone!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Elliphant - "Revolusion" Song of the Day [8/6/14]

Elliphant, weird music, weird videos and awesome beats. Turn it up and spread the word....

Beat Fatigue - "Six Strings Attached" EP

Beat Fatigue, a 25 year old producer, DJ, and guitarist from Amsterdam, was just 10 years old when he picked up a guitar. 15 years later, we've got this awesome fucking ep - Six Strings Attached. Rocking some sexy blues guitar and funky basslines, this is electronic music like you've never heard it before. Featuring 3 original tracks and a remix by SugarBeats, this EP is due to get Beat Fatigue the recognition he deserves. He might just be the best thing since sliced bread. 

Protohype & Bear Grillz - "Uh Oh"

Protohype & Bear Grillz teamed up to bring us their latest collaborative effort dropping on Firepower Records - "Uh Oh." Don't be surprised if you hear the next time you're watching a DJ perform.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Incubus - "Summer Romance (Anti-Gravity Love Song)" LIVE - SOTD - (8/5/14) used to be a super funky band when they first started out. This song "Summer Romance (Anti-Gravity Love Song)" is a straight up jam from the album S.C.I.E.N.C.E. Their style back on the early albums I like to refer to as porn rock. Early Incubus like this is considered classic to me at this point, I know every word of the entire album and I find it hard not to sing along. Incubus is still kicking and they rock out their older jams to perfection live, like we see in this video. If you got into Incubus later in their career you should definitely take a look back to Fungus Amongus, Enjoy Incubus, and S.C.I.E.N.C.E.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Papadosio - "Find Your Cloud" - Song of the Day - 8/4/14

Papadosio is serving up today's song of the day hot and sexy just like we like it. "Find Your Cloud" is the boys at their finest, so let's just sit back and enjoy this one. Who knows, might help with your acute case of the Monday's.

Zomboy - "The Outbreak" - [NEW ALBUM]

It's here! The new Zomboy album The Outbreak just dropped today through Never Say Die Records and it's incredible! The Outbreak is ten tracks, all bangers, with a few special guests and collaborations including - Armanni Reign, MUST DIE!, and vocalist Rykka. Zomboy shows his versatility on this album going into some breakbeat, trap, and trance formats at times. Although Zomboy always ends up coming back to his bread and butter, the hard electrifying beats. The whole album is available to listen to streaming through soundcloud embedded above. To buy The Outbreak go on iTunes by following this link here.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Gorillaz - "DARE" - Song of the Day - [8/3/14]

Gorillaz is an awesome hip-hop group with a ton of creativity. They had the idea to do a live performance using holograms way before Coachella brought out Tupac. Gorillaz have cartoon characters that represent each of the members of the band in their videos, and so they wanted to try and create a live show using the animations bringing them to life as holograms. This is the Gorillaz official video for the song "DARE".

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Razihel -- "Skybreaker" -- [Free Download]

This is a brand new song by the impeccable electronic producer Razihel called "Skybreaker". Razihel makes awesome electronic music with very crisp clean sounds. This track goes all over the place starting with a sort of trance build up and then dropping into a hard dubstep finish. Razihel has made "Skybreaker" available to download for free simply by liking his facebook page. There are a bunch of other free downloads too available when you like Razihel's Official Facebook page. Go check it out, and enjoy the free ear candy.

Hot Chip - "Over And Over" - Song of the Day [8-2-14]
Hot Chip has a different way of using a chroma keyed room in this video for their song "Over And Over". The song is great too, it's a sort of hypnotizing melody and the lyrics are easy to learn and sing along with. Hot Chip is one of the bands I would classify as electronic hipster rock, a term I use when describing bands I enjoy. They make awesome experimental music just slightly off the middle path, but that's what makes them so good.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Araab Muzik - "Streetz Tonight" - Song of the Day - [8/1/14]

Araab Muzik and his bangin hip-hop beat "Streetz Tonight" is today's song of the day. Araab Muzik is known as the MVP of the MPC, the sample box style drum machine he uses to create his music. He is awesome to watch perform live, and he can use an MPC to cover other producers music and for remixes too. I have seen him recreate Skrillex and others live just by perfectly timing a select array of samples. Araab Muzik has total control of the sounds with his hands using them like drum sticks on the pads. Other producers might use an MPC sample box machine to add little bits to live sets, but Araab Muzik is able to play his sets on one completely live.

Evol Intent & Eye-D -- "Jim Skynner" -- [Free Download]

This is a new song from the drum and bass masters Evol Intent, and for this track they collaborate with Eye-D another junglist. This song "Jim Skynner" is particularly dark and mean sounding, sure to start a mosh pit so listeners beware! Drum and bass is always good to get the blood flowing, and both Eye-D and Evol Intent represent the style well. You can download "Jim Skynner" for free directly through the official Evol Intent soundcloud linked above.