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Neckbreaker Tour @ Cervantes Other Side (5/21/16) [Review]

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Stetson Colt Mathias

The Neckbreaker Tour made a stop at Cervantes Other Side this past Saturday night. Once again Rebudz and Reload Productions came together to bring an awesome display of electronic music. The line-up included local talent Detrace, Coult45, and DJ Fury, as well as Tempest, and Habstrakt, with Dirty Phonics headlining. The moon was full, the Other Side was nearly sold out, and an energetic squad came out to rage.

The room at Cervantes Other Side is super intimate, there is no barricade in the front row so you are right up to the stage. You can basically reach out and touch the artists if you wanted to it's really cool. Rebudz brought out Surreal Laser to add some extra visuals. They had two lasers installed onto pillars on each side of the DJ booth and when the bass dropped the lasers zapped. Out back is a large smoking area with a wooden second stage structure. Early in the night out on the wooden stage, separate from the Neckbreaker Tour show inside, was a group of Christian rappers preach-styling. No one knows why.

Starting off the night was Detrace an up and coming artist representing Denver. He has direct ties to Rebudz and is a resident at Beta Nightclub. Detrace is a smart live DJ and also a very skilled producer, he got things started with some chill and melodic music and throughout his set he ramped up the hype meter slowly. I like how he puts his live sets together, he is very inventive and mixes clever transitions that blend two songs to create a whole new build up. You have to check him out if you haven't already, dude is ahead of the curve.

DJ Fury took the stage next with a special guest MC Dozha and he immediately got the collective heart-rate thumping with drum and bass music. His set also had plenty of dubstep and drumstep drops too, and MC Dozha added a bit of flavor with some freestyles on the mic. Fury always brings a massive arsenal of music, he has been around the electronic music scene for a long time. He is responsible for a lot of the amazing artists that come to Denver. Fury is a pivotal part in the Reload Productions machine, and he never disappoints. This set was extra dirty and dubby, which worked perfect to get the crowd kickin.

Next up was an impressive producer formerly from Colorado but now out in California, Danny Kim aka Tempest. I was able to chat a bit with Tempest and he's a really nice guy, always willing to talk to fans. I thought he might have gotten his DJ name from the old school Nintendo game, but he told me he had never played it. He makes deep dubstep and he put together a bangin live mix. The room started to really fill up during Tempest's set, and he got them all bouncing. Tempest did a lot of sneaky drops, where he would play the build of one song and then drop a much harder track. One drop that was exemplary united Zomboy and Flosstradamus with both drops playing at the same time. Tempest slayed the crowd and they kept coming back for more. 

Coult45 took the controls and layed down a raunchy set with a trapstep, dubstep, and drum and bass. On select Gravity Fridays Coult45 is another DJ you can find at Beta Nightclub. He got his flow started with music from the new Cookie Monsta EP, and the song "Death Wobl." Coult45 used a lot of the new music I love to create this live set, so I stayed right up front. Some of the loudest bass of the whole night came out of Coult45's mix. Lots of finger guns were shot during this set and I was one of the shooters. Coult45 closed out his set with a drum and bass segment which primed the people for Habstrakt.

A special guest headliner Habstrakt from the Never Say Die Records crew joined the Neckbreaker Tour to show Denver how a true house DJ does it. Habstrakt has been pumping out the house beats for years and he is one of the pioneers of the rather popular bass house genre blowing up right now. Habstrakt accidentally cut the music right at the beginning of his set and he said, "Alright, I just made a big mistake, great way to start the night. I've got the biggest headache since 1972!" He is a comical guy on the microphone, and full of dance moves on stage. Habstrakt likes to jump-shift around on stage to the beat, and he makes it look like so much fun to be a DJ. During his set he made a point to shout out some of the producers that created the music he was mixing, producers like Eptic, DJ Snake, and Trampa all got props. Habstrakt spun in between house, dubstep, and bass house mostly but he covered almost everything. One drop in particular cracked me up, he built up to Zomboy's "Like A Bitch" and then right at the drop switched it up to Enya "Only Time." He then yelled out, "Enya!" It was hilarious to see the reaction of the people. To close his set Habstrakt changed gears and spun into some Moombahcore. The whole set was magnetic you had to get up bop around to the beats.

Dirty Phonics was the featured act on the Neckbreaker Tour and they showed us why they are so elite. The band started out as four guys all adding a little something different to their live sets. Just last year Thomas left the band so now it's down to three Charlie, Pitchin, and Pho. For this night it was two of the three Charlie and Pitchin, and they came just as hard as when it was four guys. Charlie was hopping all over the stage and built up a sweat, he showered himself and most of the front row with bottled water throughout the mix. Pitchin mostly stayed in the booth and kept the beats going hard. This was a bit of a different set than I would have expected involving a lot of genres other than drum and bass. Charlie and Pitchin blended into some dubstep, drumstep, bass house, and even trap. They played a new song of theirs still unreleased which crushed, it was a bass house and dub hybrid. The headbangers were going off for Dirty Phonics especially the girls in the front row. There wasn't much time for an encore but the guys made the people headbang with a metal-step track to close. After their set Charlie and Pitchin stayed around and autographed items for the fans, it's such a cool gesture for artists to come out after performing to meet the people who support them.

The Neckbreaker Tour came through with a rowdy night of hard bass. Cervantes Other Side hasn't been that vivacious in a long time. Denver very well may be the Bass Capital when we show out like that. Check out more of the ill photography from Stetsen Colt Mathias, and help me thank him for his visual documentation the night. It takes a special kind of promoter to put these events together, much love goes out to Rebudz and Reload Productions for all they do. More awaits Denver bass fam, stay sharp for show announcements, there are big things ahead.

Creaky Jackals Freeze Time With Their "Enfants Terribles" EP [Free Download]

The unexpected two track EP release from Creaky Jackals titled "Enfants Terribles" is topping most 2016 releases thus far. Coming from one of the infamous OTODAYO branches, "Take It Low" & "Don't Give Up" featuring Calin Cave are sure to break their way into playlists throughout the world. Get your free copy here!

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Celebrate Eight Years Of Beta Nightclub with Kill The Noise!

Returning to Denver, Kill The Noise sets the standards high for Gravity Fridays this week with Reload Production! Not only does the night taunt you already, this will be the celebration of 8 years with Beta Nightclub and they're ready to do it proper. Grab a friend, grab an enemy, bring them all because this is the show of the year! Sign up for the FREE guest list HERE!

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Your New Summer Anthem From CVL3X Is Here!

The long awaited return from the silly robot we all love has finally reached us and it was worth the wait.. This hit new track will you have dancing into these summer months with it's uplifting club feel. Recently making the move from Detroit to Orlando, CVL3X has a new found inspiration and is ready to tear off your face!

We were able to get a few words from the man himself in a short online interview recently, see what he had to see -
1. What inspired PLUR Booty? 

"PLUR Booty was actually one of the rare occasions that a random title I came up with just to save a session was the inspiration behind the actual record. With a title like that I wanted to go for a happy vibe that required a lot of movement on the dance floor and I wanted to stray away from my usual sound. Believe it or not, PLUR Booty started off as a happy Drum N Bass record that was in the works for quite some time. After sitting on the record for a long time and coming back to it later with new ideas, it quickly changed formed to more of a club track while keeping the vibe from the original idea."

2. We see you have a slot on the Never Say Die tour stop in Orlando, Anything special planned?

"YES!! I’m extremely happy to make my Florida debut in a couple weeks on such an amazing night! I’ve been day dreaming off & on of exactly what I’m gonna do for my set and since it’s my first time playing here, I’m just gonna continue to bring high energy like I do with all my sets so that Central Florida gets a proper introduction of who I am exactly. I really have to thank the great people over at Alliance Events for giving me the opportunity to showcase my talent and I’m pretty sure there will be plenty more after the NSD show."

3. What's next from CVL3X?

"My plan for the Summer is to stay consistent with single releases that will lead up to my EP "Robot’s Are Stupid" that I’ve slowly been working on for some time now. I don’t have an exact time frame when it will be complete because I’m really aiming for perfection with it. My goal is to make sure every track that I put on this project has it’s on identity instead of just making 5 or 6 tracks and throwing something together. I’m at a point where I’ve figured out the sound I’ve been looking for so I’m very confident that this EP will get a lot of attention."

Like the track? Share PLUR Booty with your friends below - 

Movement 2016 Is Just Around The Corner!

Back again for their 10 year anniversary, Movement goes all out with a show that will go down in history. Bringing Kraftwerk 3D, Caribou, Mija, Loco Dice, Justin Martin, Get Real, Kill The Noise, Kevin Saunderson & many more for their biggest year yet, it's no question we're in for something special. If you haven't been to Hart Plaza in Detroit, MI, Movement is the perfect experience. Being surrounded by thousands in one of the most beautiful downtown areas is only the beginning of the action packed weekend of techno! Tickets are still on sale at Movement.us, get yours before it's too late!

Life Is Beautiful Reveals Massive 2016 Lineup!

Life Is Beautiful Festival returns to Las Vegas for a huge 2016 celebration with an even bigger lineup! Revealing Mumford & Sons, J. Cole, The Lumineers, Jane's Addiction, Die Antwoord, Third Eye Blind, Bassnectar & many more earlier yesterday, they were sure to make themselves stand alone in this years festival roster. While imagined tickets will quickly run short, it's encouraged to get planning as soon as possible to ensure your position in the crowd. Tickets are ON SALE at LifeIsBeautiful.com!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Bass On The Bricks Returns To The Loft Tomorrow Night

Friday night in Flint, MI return to The Loft for the annual Bass On The Bricks gathering! The rather successful string of events from Key 2 The City brings a list of Detroit's finest for a night on the bricks. We'll be hosting the second stage tomorrow night and will have a few surprises! Tickets are still available and are cheap, get yours while you can.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Look Inside JOYRYDE's Magical Box [Free Download]

Back at it with his latest track "The Box", JOYRYDE continues to preach his words on future bass. Showcasing a diverse signature festival sound, the new combination track is sure to see the main stage this summer! Recently releasing with Rick Ross & working on the infamous label OWSLA, JOYRYDE is building an army and needs you. Be sure to get your free download as well as check out the video here!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

DJ Brexx Reveals His Take On Adrian Lux's "Teenage Crime"! [Free Download]

This clubby remix of the it track "Teenage Crime" from DJ Brexx is sure to hit the charts. Bringing a completely different happiness out of an already uplifting track is a hard thing to come by and this hits it on the head. The jersey club bassline behind the perfectly chopped vocal samples allows a new audience to reach out and appreciate the dynamics behind the original track. This track is available for free here!

Celebrate Five Years Of Dub Down May 21st With Barely Alive, Adair, Grex & More!

Has it been that long already? From basement to warehouse to the main stage Dub Down has created a movement like none other and continues to bring great parties to the table. Ringing in 5 years May 21st at The Works, Dub Down brings Barely Alive back to Detroit with Adair, G-Rex & more! With the limited capacity, it's sure to be an intimate night with those underground feels Detroit presents. Get your tickets here!

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Hebinomichi's Volume 4 Compilation Is Here! [Free Download]

Hebinomichi showcases a unique collection of talent in their newest compilation. Volume 4 brings a new level to quality sound with releases from Dabow, StéLouse & Sober Rob, MYRNE & Filip, Ahh Ooh & more. While having seen most of these artists in the last year, It's always interesting to see the progress as time passes. Add these free tracks to your collection by downloading here!

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Bass Rising @ Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom [5/7/16] (Review)

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Stetsen Colt Mathias

Saturday night was Bass Rising a bash put on by Rebudz and Reload Productions. The setting was Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom a classic venue for a bass family reunion. For this show the electronic label Disciple was showcased with four of their artists: Dodge & Fuski, Barely Alive, Dubloads, and Astronaut. Also one of the bass bosses from Beta, Shank Aaron; and DJ Contest winner LYZ.i were on the ticket. The building was bouncing for this massive display of wub.

The stage was filled with technology strategically arranged to stimulate the eyes. Two side LED panel walls and a large central panel wall behind the booth provided the graphics. Also four lasers in a trapezoid configuration were installed, two were raised and on each side of the inner panel wall, and two more in the front corners of the stage on the far ends of the two side LED walls. The visual display was stunning from all different angles inside.

Rebudz has been running contests where local Denver producers and DJs submit a thirty minute mix for a chance to open a show, and they had a contest for Bass Rising too. The night got started with the DJ mix contest winner LZY.i and he got the mojo going with moombahton, trap, and a little house. Having these contests is such a cool idea to help get the word out on new local talent, and there is so much of it in Denver. The Masterpiece Ballroom had a number of special guests in the house hanging out backstage too like !Tyro, Decadon, DJ Fury, and more.

Shank Aaron was up next and he always shows out. This night was extra special because his brother and fellow producer Wooli was in town. Shank Aaron brought his brother on stage to let him spin some of his new beats. One of the best parts of the whole night was just after this little back to back section with Wooli and Shank Aaron. They were both put on blast by the graphics guy who displayed a picture of the two as young children on the LED panel walls. It was priceless! Shank Aaron dabbled a bit with what he calls his AYOB music folder, it stands for Ask Your Older Brother. He explained to me that it's the OG dirty dub music, and if you don't recognize it then just ask your older brother because he'll know it. Shank Aaron set a strong tone for the rest of the artists to build off of.

To start the quad dose of Disciple artists was Astronaut and this time both of the guys were in town. Astronaut is made up of Dan and Rossy, two very talented fellas out of the United Kingdom. On stage they keep it proper hype and for this set they got into a lot of bass house. Their set was really energetic, it was impossible not to jump around too. Astronaut does a good job with the switch up drops, setting up one song then dropping another, and then switching back to the prior for the second drop. To conclude they mixed together a trap and dubstep outro leading into their label mate Dubloadz' set.

Never have I seen so many finger guns of bass as I saw Dubloadz shoot. His stage presence was incredible, it was rather entertaining to watch his reactions to the drops. For some parts Dubloadz was reminiscent of a mad scientist holding his hands in weird positions as if to gesture, "It's Alive!" On top of his amazing vibe Dubloadz put together a merciless set, just blasted the room with bass cannons. He got a big reaction to his shout out to Virtual Riot, and then he dropped a collaboration track of theirs just recently released called "Juices." Another memorable part of his set was a mega dope remix of the old Metroid theme. Dubloadz was in rare form, or maybe he's always that spunky, regardless he completely crushed it.

Barely Alive was accompanied by the homies Astronaut and Dubloadz to keep the crowd ablaze to start off. This was such a crisp set, every song sounded intense and three dimensional. Barely Alive has a hard, loud, and mean sound that bullies you into dancing. For the majority of the mix I couldn't smile, it wasn't time for smiling, it was time to rage face. Barely Alive dropped some fresh new music, one track was a collaboration with Habstrakt that is still unreleased. This track was a triple hybrid of styles with a trap build, a dub drop, and a house bridge, I can't wait for it to be released. To close out the set Barely Alive got into more of an electro mode which transitioned nicely into Dodge & Fuski.

For this show it was Rob Talbott from the duo Dodge & Fuski going solo. His mix was the perfect closing blend because he had a little bit of everything to throw at you. The very first thing he did was have the crowd prepare for Dan from Astronaut to stage dive for the first time ever. Right at the first drop Dan dove in the hands of the people and he was carried all the way around the room and neatly placed back on the stage. The whole Disciple crew stayed out around the stage for Dodge & Fuski's set. Since the squad was all chilling a bunch of the people in the crowd got signatures from the Disciple guys and free merch too. Rob was hilarious with little commentary on the mic saying things like "Dubstep is too dry," then mixing right into "International Anthem" by Flux Pavilion. He was laughing as he pounded a hardstyle drop that included samples of what sounded like the character Bricktop from the film Snatch yelling, "Put your hands up cunts!" At the end all the guys from Disciple went out for a curtain call and took a fam photo with all the crowd. Rob went right up until 2:00 AM so when the people screamed for one more song he made a compromise. He said, "I'll give you one more sound." Then Rob just scratched the CDJ pad for a split second and cut it. He is a really funny guy and that was a fitting way to give the people just a little more.

The record label Disciple is fairly new going into it's third year, and everyone affiliated is rapidly advancing the game. Founded by Rob Talbott (Half of Dodge & Fuski) and Rossy Burr (Half of Astronaut) back in 2013. Having sprung off the label Never Say Die there was already a solid foundation from which to grow. Ever since conception they have been making music that is consistently topping the charts.

Twas huge for Rebudz and Reload Productions to bring four of the Disciple artists out for a single show! Much love also goes to Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom for accommodating the ever growing Denver bass fam. Big thanks to Stetsen Colt Mathias for providing excellent images of the night. Next up is a stop from the Neckbreaker Tour with Dirty Phonics, Habstrakt, and many more on May 21st at Cervantes Other Side. Stay tuned for future show announcements too, there is a doozy coming just around the corner!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Trollphace Takes On Beta Nightclub For Gravity Fridays!

Prepare yourself for a night of heavy dubstep May 13th at Beta Nightclub! Infamous riddim legend Trollphace brings his wobbles to Denver for another week of Gravity Fridays. Recently releaseing on OWSLA, Never Say Die, SMOG & more, the heavy hitter brings a sound of his own to the table that no one can touch. Opening up are none other than a few of Colorado's finest dub producers Dirt Monkey & !Tyro from Kairos Audio and these two surely pack a punch. Tickets are on sale, get yours before someone else does!

Boredomfest's 2016 Lineup Will Have You Packing!

The journey back to Elderberry Farms is nearly upon us as Boredomfest 2016 creeps up. Bigger and better than before, the day fest in Michigan has turned the heads of many with their stacked lineup and camping access. Featuring Run DMT, Siren, The Trap House, Crowd Cntrl, & more, we're pleased to see such a strong list of talent come together. Although tickets are nearing their highest value, they are still very cheap and affordable! Start your summer festival streak with a bang and join us for a one of a kind experience.

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Dawning Music's Hit New Track Is Explosive! [Free Download]

Review By Brianne Yeskey

Photo From JM Photography
sBlending elements of future bass and trap, Dawning Music’s latest track “R(eig)n,” released April 27th, showcases an eclectic electronic style interwoven with relaxed, mellow energies. “R(eig)n,” meaning “reign right now,” or more colloquially, “killing it rn,” harmoniously layers a vivid, light melody with a fuller bass to create a tasteful electric ambiance. The track, inspired by Dawning’s vision of conquering his first festival impeccably incorporates both traditional electronic genres and progressive synths for an original song that will be sure to make it on your next future trap playlist.

K?d Is Doin It Right With This New Release [Free Download]

Daft Punk's "Doin It Right" received a very interesting facelift that'll hit you right in the feels! Up and coming artist k?d has been on roll with recent releases and is surely kept his footing with this remix. Helping bring in summer vibes with great music, this one of kind artist displays a better understanding of a great time! Get your FREE copy here - Download

Rebudz & Reload Return To Cervantes Ballroom For Bass Rising!

This Saturday we return to Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom for another get together with Rebudz & Reload Productions! If you missed out on Bass Station in March, you're sure to be blown away. Bringing some of the heaviest in the game, Bass Rising features a special Desciple showcase with Barely Alive, Dodge & Fuski, Dubloadz, Astronaut & Shank Aaron! Get your tickets before it's too late! 

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Join Kayzo, G-Buck, BIG MAKK & More At Gilt Nightclub This Saturday!

Orlando is in for a treat this Saturday at Gilt Nightclub! Although, isn't every night there a treat? This week join Kayzo with special guests G-Buck & BIG MAKK for another week of Encore! Thanks to Alliance Events, Disco Donnie, HTG Events & Optic Music Group, the streak of groundbreaking performances continues with another national headliner. Tickets are going quick and will sell out, be sure to get yours today!