Thursday, June 30, 2016

Holy Ship 9.0 Sets Sail Early January

All aboard for another year of Holy Ship with an even bigger lineup than before.. Providing this one of a kind experience, HARD, Cloud 9 Adventures & The Bowery come together year after year to bring you to a place like none other. With musical acts from Fatboy Slim, GRiZ, Claude Vonstroke, Maya Jane Coles, Getter, Giraffage, Golf Clap, Party Favor, Craze, Jauz & many more, this year is sure to top the charts. Interested in finding out more? Be sure to head over to for more info!

Norunoua Teases At Upcoming Album Release

Although the thought has always been there, the time has finally come and we couldn't be more ready! The forthcoming project from Norunoua has been an elegant process from creation to repurposing, but the final product is nearly completed. This minute and a half interlude displays the vast elements presented on the album and perfectly prepares you for what has yet to come. Kick back and put this on repeat, Chrysalis is coming.. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

LUCA LUSH & K?D Give Out New Feels [Free Download]

Couldn't think of a better duo myself.. LUCA LUSH & K?D put out a brand new free track this afternoon and it's been on repeat ever since. Amaretto blends together the feels both artists give off creating a new element of surprise that struck us in the face! The progressive track flows from ear to ear flawlessly and keep you listening from beginning to end. Get your FREE download of the newest premier here!

Bumbershoot Stands Out With Their 2016 Lineup

Back to Seattle for another amazing year of the Bumbershoot gathering! Join thousands for a action packed Labor Day Weekend with music, comedy, art, food & more. The not so average convention brings together crowds usually unseen together for a chance of a lifetime. Find your part in not only some of best food the nation has to offer, but also multiple stages of diverse music from around the world. Bringing musical acts such as Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Kygo, Death Cab For Cutie, Porter Robinson, Run The Jewels, Billy Idol, Marshmello, ThirdEyeBlind and many more, Bumbershoot 2016 is surely the place to plan your next getaway.. While the festival does not provide camping, the time is now to get this show on the road! Head over to the Bumbershoot website for more info! 

Monday, June 6, 2016

Join Magical Mitten Productions For Bassover Takeover!

Back for another round of mayhem at Club Above, Magical Mitten Productions brings out YOOKiE June 18th for the Bassover Takeover! With an extensive track record of successful events, the collection they bring out not only keeps you dancing, but will leave you wanting more. In his recent uprise, YOOKiE has been all over the place with releases and features. Releasing the four track EP with Jameston Thieves on Buygore as well as going viral with his "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites" remix, his reign continues with much more to come. To add to the talent pool, providing support for the night are local artists Dogfingaz, Tek-Mazter, Krippleninja & Secrt Asian MN!

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Ori Shochat Will Make You Bounce [Free Download]

This new swanky tune from the OG Ori Shochat brings a groovy feel for free! After keeping quiet for some time, the project stays alive with a hit single & hopefully more to come. The not so common 808 pattern brings us back to the early days of trap, making for a all around great track. Get your free copy HERE!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A Journey Through Boredomfest

Photo by AlarmDesigns Photography
Morning til well.. morning we experience the warmth provided from Boredomfest and it's attendants. The one day festival went above and beyond to exterminate negativity and stress among hundreds of others. Although some names didn't stand out at first, their talent did. With impressive sets from just about every performer, we can't wait to see what next year is to bring!

Our day started with a metal band that goes by SALIGIA. The energy behind this set was beyond belief and the crowd was sure to let that be known! The never ending load in revealed a 5 person band with 2 guitarist, a bassist, a drummer and a lead vocalist. After quickly organizing themselves, they were ready to go. Starting off with a mesmerizing guitar rift, there was no questioning the avid attention presented. As any following act would, A good friend known as ZACH scurried to put together a ground breaking performance to bring people back to stable ground.

While only some could bare the heat, we traveled to the main stage to see what we could find and turns out sexy pinatas are what's in. What at first appeared to be a metal structure, it was later discovered that this structure is wooden and very permeant! Providing the perfect summer day music was upcoming artist GDLK and the setting was perfect. Watching festival goers roll through the gate as early birds took in all there was to offer was surely a site to see. 
Heading back to the Ikonic Stage it was a nice change to hear some more relaxing music from the great list of bands provided. Once the Anarchrist Funk Brothers came to the stage, it was time for the vibes to set in! With a great flow of musical energy, these four were able to pack the barn with the echoes of the jazz sax.

Calvin Hobbes set was filled with tension and energy.  While it's hard to create a unique set, Calvin left the audience baffled with a bone chilling selection of songs and creative transitions that illuminated the farm.  His originals became overwhelmingly climactic as he laced them perfectly with complementary songs in this surprising set.  Every song was unexpected, yet welcomed with open arms by an audience that couldn't get enough.  

Photo by AlarmDesigns Photography
Being our first Run DMT show, it was time to release some built up energy. Jumping from song to song, the intensity rose with every change and the crowd made sure to make that known. It was pleasing to hear tracks come from all eras of his career as well as some to come. Most artists just blare the same tracks, but this set was personalized for the party goers of the night.

Stepping into the barn after his headlining set, Run DMT brought out his alter ego PPLPRSN and let me tell you.. Some of the tracks coming of out that set we're straight out of a spaceship. While looking forward to new music from both personas, they both sit in very different places. 

With another year in sight, we hope to be apart of everything Boredomfest! Although we wish we could have explored a few days longer, this one day festival was beyond belief and brought new aspects to camping festivals throughout the nation. We'd like to thank our friends at Forward Momentum Productions, Prolux Entertainment, Elderberry Farms & those we have yet to meet.   

See you next year Boredomfest :)

Boredomfest Michigan 2016 OFFICIAL AFTERMOVIE We are all one big family. One big family of all the kids who never fit into a certain clique that loves and welcomes anyone to come join us <3 Thank you so much to everyone who played a role in the entire Boredomfest experience: Performers: RUN DMT / Siren / Calvin Hobbes / Crowd Cntrl / THE TRAP HOUSE / N0wACkATTaCK / M.O.B. / Noize Complaint / B-3PØ / D.j. Bighouse / Exxc!tement / GDLK / Massacremuzik / Jëvi / Tclyde / ALLisONE / Infalieve / Jsquared / Dj Uno / Red Dangit / PPLPRSN / NateInHD / Opal-Ite / IsMoon / Anarchist Funk Brothers / The Omniscient / Saligia / Sound Violation / 2nd Star on the Right / Ascentient / Unexotic / The Body Rockers Vendors: Eazy Eats / BajaGringo Taco Truck / A Tutu For You Tu / Nodugonoko / FlowerChild Revolution / Radd / Knee Deep in Glass / Henna Forte & Forte Face & Body Painting / Asiyeh's Hands of Henna / Boredomfighters Skateboards / Paint Brush Ashley Affiliates: Ravers Unite / Autumn Awesum / Andrew Kirschman Audio / Colby Event Services / Ikonic Sound / CHOFF Entertainment / Elderberry Farms Videography and editing by: Dimitri Sofias of 93 Productions Event photography, logo, and graphic design by: Track ID: Siren - Revelation We are #boredomfighters. We are Forward Momentum Prod. Keep up with ForMo: @formopromoyo #dancingisimportant #boredomfest #boredomfest2016 #bfest2016 #boredomfestmichigan #forwardmomentum #formo #dancingisimportanttour2016
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