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Sonic Bloom Festival @ American Safari Ranch in South Park, Colorado [6/19/14-6/22/14] (Review)

Review By: Justin D'Amico  &
                     Troy H. Manley

Sonic Bloom Festival was an amazing musical and spiritual journey shared by thousands of people. The American Safari Ranch in South Park, Colorado was the new location for the event this year, and what a great place to have a festival. The area is a beautiful valley up in the mountains of Park County, Colorado. Sonic Bloom Festival brought together a huge array of musicians and artists of all forms for a celebration of love and creativity.

Stunning visuals were a natural theme for Sonic Bloom Festival. Throughout the weekend, vivid blue skies dominated the daytime hours and the clear skies made all the stars visible at night. It was important to be prepared for the intense mountain sun blazing down on the grounds. Each night at dusk a brilliant glowing orange sunset fell over the mountain ranges. Evenings were rather chilly getting down to near freezing temperatures in the middle of the night. The range of temperature was drastic, and it was again important to prepare accordingly for the weather. Only a small portion of the festival saw rainfall, making it particularly dry and dusty. Being in an open natural setting for a long 4 day weekend was a great way to unwind and indulge.

Sonic Bloom was a giant celebration of love and unity, with everyone helping their neighbors. There was minimal conflict among the attendants, and also the American Safari Ranch remained clean throughout the weekend with little garbage accumulating on the grounds. Each individual campsite was asked to maintain a refuse container and properly dispose of waste. The majority of the campers were compliant and this made for a good environment to live in for the long weekend.

Probably the busiest person at Sonic Bloom Festival was Jamie Janover, he was directly involved with multiple performances, collaborations, and a key promoter. Jamie Janover is a part of the band Zilla, as well as Janover & Resunator, not to mention that he got in on Break Science's live set. He even led the Sonic Bloom Orchestra on the final night of the festival as the conductor. During the second media press conference on Sunday, Jamie Janover told in depth stories about the origins of Sonic Bloom Festival. He mentioned an amazing fact about how, the now gargantuan producer, Pretty Lights, agreed to play Sonic Bloom Festival in 2008 for a mere $100 dollars! It was really cool to be around such an influential individual like Jamie Janover, he was very humble, insightful, and easy to talk to.  

A number of vendors set up tents all around Sonic Bloom Festival to display and sell merchandise. One that stood out to us was Wasatch Glass Works. In their booth you could watch glass blowing demonstrations and check out some of the best hand made glass products in the world. They are famous for inventing a unique hash oil rig called the Nectar Collector, of which now there are many versions. The founder Kristian Merwin spoke to us about his difficult to master triple bubble style and the Nectar Collector 3.0 - the newest version of the legendary design. Merwin has been blowing glass creations for 14 plus years, and he now has a team of apprentices he is showing his highly specialized skills to. Check out the Official Wasatch Glass Works website to see more extraordinary designs and to purchase one of your own.

Nectar Collector version 3.0

One thing that's really cool about a giant festival like Sonic Bloom is how everyone remembers it a little bit differently. Each individual's experience is from a completely unique perspective. The music is shared equally, but the way it is observed will always be exclusive to each person, and that is what makes it so special. Everyone had their favorite performances at Sonic Bloom Festival for certain reasons, these are ours and some of the finer details that we noticed while watching.

5 Favorite Performances At Sonic Bloom Festival - Justin D'Amico - 

The Polish Ambassador

He is becoming one of my favorite people to see live for his music as well as his energy. The Polish Ambassador has such cool dance moves it forces you to try to imitate him. He does a cowboy hand air gun thing and dips left and right to the beat with a certain swagger no one else can mimic. The Polish Ambassador plays only original music and his own remixes for live sets. His music is so tropical it makes you feel like your at an all inclusive resort of awesomeness. I was super exhausted from a long day of shenanigans and still I had to dance my ass off to The Polish Ambassador's set because it just moved me. Music like The Polish Ambassador's gives me a chill and chokes me up almost to tears, but then I just blink really fast.

Unlimited Aspect

As if it wasn't enough to get Unlimited Gravity and Project Aspect together; for Sonic Bloom they added Steven Kuzma from Lost Optical on drums and saxophone from Clark Smith of Dynohunter. Boosh! Unlimited Gravity brought his whole setup with keyboards, samplers, and vocal manipulators. Project Aspect busted out his guitar and also live mixed music at the same time. Super Unlimited Aspect, as I was referring to it, was a lot of fun to watch, it reminded me of a Big Gigantic set but with even more glitch goodness. Many sets included quick collaborations and cameos but this was an entire set combining 4 amazingly talented musicians.

Mr. Bill

Mr. Bill was rocking out the Dome Stage so hard on the last night of Sonic Bloom Festival. He first caught my eye with his crazy socks, they were pink, black, and blue with some kind of Aztec pattern. It's entirely possible he was wearing yoga pants because they were really tight and pulled way up, but I am not for sure. Regardless to his attire Mr. Bill put down a badass set Sunday night, one of the best of the weekend.

Krooked Drivers

The set from Krooked Drivers on the Hummingbird Stage was killer. The Denver duo fired up the crowd right away with music I suspect will be a part of their new album coming soon. It's cool to watch Maddy and Donnie get down to the music together. They often are on the same wavelength dancing to the beat. Lots of love was in the air and it spreads fast when listening to great music.

Zion I

This was a straight hip-hop to death set; lots of fun, tons of crowd participation, and big smiles all around. Zion I stood out to me, being the only true hip-hop group at Sonic Bloom Festival, and just for being so hype. The Dome stage was completely poppin off for Zion I. It was just one of the types of performances that puts me in a good mood for the rest of the night.

5 Favorite Performances At Sonic Bloom Festival - Troy H. Manley -

Shpongle (Simon Posford DJ Set)

Shpongle is the brain child of British masterminds Simon Posford and Raja Ram and is self-coined as "a strange hybrid of electronic manipulation and shamanic midgets with frozen digits squeezing the envelop and crawling through the doors of perception." Shpongle's music has the ability to open your mind and free yourself from daily constraints to enable your imagination run wild. Throughout the set Simon was accompanied by fire dancers and hanging acrobats - making the show a total sensory experience. The trance music played by this man was something else, I swear for at least half an hour of that show Simon was playing just for me. Yup, it was that damn good.


The legend himself returned to Colorado after having successfully recovered from an open heart surgery the year prior.  His live sets consisted largely of new and unreleased material, which always makes things interesting. His down-tempo set on Friday was magical, with insane graphics by Johnathan Singer constantly twisting, turning, melting away, and reappearing throughout the set. Saturday's dancefloor set by Tipper was accompanied pair with visuals by mastermind, Android Jones. Being his only appearance in Colorado for the year 2014, these sets were something extra special.

Unlimited Aspect

Ronnie Weberg (Unlimited Gravity) & Jerry Jaramillo (Project Aspect) are two of the most down-to-earth dudes I have had the opportunity to rage with on many occasions. Big things are on the horizons for these two Colorado natives and it's only a matter of time before big-time success finds its way onto the laps of these ridiculously talented musicians.


It's not very often hip-hop shows capture my ear and totally engulf my soul. However, these dudes did it. Their energy was unprecedented and unlike many rap shows I've been to, you could clearly understand them as they murdered their set. Although seemingly out of place at a festival heavy on the electronic side of things, these guys were the biggest surprise of the weekend and now it is known not to miss these guys given the opportunity.

Kalya Scintilla

Having never heard of Kalya Scintilla prior to Sonic Bloom, I would have never thought to skip some of the Polish Ambassador to check him out. However, I was lucky enough to have a good friend tell me not to miss at least part of this show. So, I didn't. Kalya Scintilla was something else, creating vivid soundscapes with an accent of world fusion beats, and at times even vocalizing some enchanting tribal chants during his set. He moved from song to song and kept the crowd in a hanging suspense of what ridiculousness he was going to throw at them next. His high energy levels and enthusiasm for the music lifted the mood of the crowd and made it easier for everyone to lose themselves in the music.

Sonic Bloom Festival was a mystical musical journey full of unforgettable memories. Being out in the middle of the mountains with nothing to do but party with your homies is a great way to find out who you really are. The American Safari Ranch was an excellent setting for this spiritual journey of love and unity. We at Ikonic Sound hope to become one of the regulars at Sonic Bloom Festival like some of the legends we were amongst. Thanks again to everyone who made Sonic Bloom Festival such an amazing time, CAN'T WAIT FOR NEXT YEAR!

Shpongle - "Divine Moments of Truth" - Song of the Day - 6/30/14

Shpongle brings us today's song of the day. This will probably induce some flashbacks. So be ready.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Televisor - "Dream Soda" - Song of the Day - [6-29-14]

This is a smooth track from the duo Televisor called "Dream Soda" a complete throwback to the disco era. Since disco is supposedly dead we can call this track Nu-Disco music. Regardless to how you categorize the song it's a heart thumping jam. The members of Televisor, Adam Griffin and Robert Davies, are total funk masters. Their music is impossible to not respond to, even if just a little toe tap. Peep out more great music from Televisor on their official soundcloud page.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Trash80 - "Icarus" - Song of the Day (6-28-14)

Timothy Lamb also known by the stage name Trash80 is a producer who makes superb video game music. His songs are so well done, and in the style I find most appealing; 8-bit or chiptune. Icarus is a brilliant retro album, using great melodic synthesizer layers of old school sound, it's sure to send you on a nostalgic journey into your youth. At least that's what Timothy Lamb's music does for me. You can get a bunch of awesome Trash80 music for free through his official website here

Friday, June 27, 2014

STRFKR - "Rawnald Gregory Erickson The Second" - SOTD - [6-27-14]

STRFKR is a great band to lounge out and listen to. Formerly known as Starfucker, but the name was adapted to more easily spread the good word about their music. When searching for more STRFKR music try both spellings. They have a bunch of good songs so make sure to peep them out. You can get music, merchandise, and more at the Official STRFKR Website.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Savant - "Sledgehammer" - Song of the Day - (6-26-14)

The song of the day today is from Savant, one of the very best producers out today. This is the Official Music Video for "Sledgehammer" from Savant's album Alchemist. Savant makes extraordinary music with many layers of melodies perfectly blending together. Most Savant tracks are not uniform in format, he does not always repeat sections as a chorus. Sometimes sections are used like a chorus, but for the most part Savant has no specific structure to his music. Each track has a completely unique format, and Savant has a lot of songs. Some say Savant has a library of over 10,000 original songs created or in the works! He constantly challenges himself to go in new directions with music and his fans eat it up. You have to go deep with Savant because he shares so much of his work for free, you can listen to a ton of his music on the Official Savant Soundcloud page.

Gabe Flaherty - "Booze Run" featuring Loeb

Here's a brand new jam from Gabe Flaherty called "Booze Run". Gabe Flaherty is just 20 years old and hailing from Toronto, Canada. He is an awesome talent and he produces a very catchy style of music. You can download "Booze Run" for free through the downloads tab on Gabe Flaherty's Official Facebook page here.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Millionyoung - "Cynthia" - Song of the Day (6-25-14)

Today's song of the day is "Cynthia" by Mike Diaz, of Millionyoung. His music is very calm and peaceful with excellent vocals on some tracks. "Cynthia" is a simple love song that makes you feel happy and uplifted about a new romance. This song comes from Millionyoung's EP called Be So True released back in 2010, all five songs on it are excellent. Millionyoung now is a duo of two producers, Mike Diaz and Kristof Ryan, but still the same relaxing cool music.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - "Bright Lit Blue Skies" - SOTD [6-24-14]

This is one of the sneakiest indie-rock bands around, Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti. Their music is very retro with a production quality that makes it almost sound like a classic rock era band. This song "Bright Lit Blue Skies" comes from their 2010 album called Before Today. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti has a variety of angles to their music, some songs are more drugged out and some are very well put together and tight. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti is a total throwback to simpler times, and that is always a good feeling.

Monday, June 23, 2014

The Bird and the Bee - "Polite Dance Song" Song of the Day [6/23/14]

The Bird and the Bee are a rare 2 person band. Inara George (The Bird) provides amazing vocals and guitar on some tracks, while Greg Kurstin (The Bee) does studio production and plays keyboard. "Polite Dance Song" is from back in 2007 on their EP titled Please Clap Your Hands. This silly music video was directed by the one and only Eric Wareheim from the "Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!" I find Inara George's voice to be completely mesmerizing, she is a superior quality vocalist. The Bird and the Bee are a must for any chill playlist, go check out more from them now.

Krooked Drivers with Mux Mool, Marcelo Moxy, Fisk and Special Guest @ The 1up Colfax (6-14-14) [Review]

Review By: Justin D'Amico

Saturday night the 1up Colfax in downtown Denver, Colorado was overtaken by banging beats from Super Best Records. Krooked Drivers headlined with a bevy of big time support including Mux Mool, Marcelo Moxy, Fisk and surprise guest Michal Menert threw down too! Super Best Records came through huge with a stacked line-up representing the label proud.

The 1up Colfax is an arcade, a bar, and now also a music venue. There are arcade games surrounding the perimeter of the front room and also a huge variety of pinball machines too. The stage area and dance floor is in a separate back room with a capacity of about 300-400 people. Even more arcade games are placed in a small hallway directly off to one side of the dance floor too. For shows with live DJs the live music is pumped into the front room, making it so people can play arcade games while jamming out. Both the front room and the back room have a full bar and there is also an outdoor area used as the smoking section and for cooling down. The 1up is one of a kind, and a great place to check out whether or not there is a performance in the back room.

The live music for the night was kicked off by Fisk a Denver based producer who makes chill glitch-hop beats. Its always hard to get the room warmed up, especially with a ton of arcade games distracting the crowd from dancing. Fisk did a really good job and he was able to get some of the people to lounge with him in the back room early in the night. Check out Fisk on bandcamp here for some of his chill beats.

Next up was Marcelo Moxy one of the few DJs left live mixing using vinyl. Marcelo Moxy is out of Boulder, Colorado but he also represents New York and LA. He spins a bunch of sub-genres with a sort of disco feel tying it all together. Marcelo Moxy spun a smooth set bringing even more people into the stage room.

Mux Mool would take the stage next switching it up to a more hip hop style of music. Mux Mool creates his live set with a laptop and a sample machine. He hits drum samples and other sounds he has cued like a live drummer uses a drum set. Mux Mool was one of many artists in the house last Saturday at The 1up Colfax who is a part of the Super Best Records label. During the second half of Mux Mool's set is when Michal Menert popped on stage. While Mux Mool finished up his set the crowd gathered to see Michal Menert setting up for a special set.

Michal Menert is a Super Best Records artist and he is also part of Pretty Lights Music. He is very talented, and it was incredible to get to see him perform in a smaller venue. Michal Menert did just a short set but he crammed it full of new music, and he also rapped for a song which is going to be part of an upcoming release. Michal Menert was a completely unexpected delight to see perform. Michal Menert will be a performing next at the Sonic Bloom Festival coming up this weekend in South Park, Colorado.

Headlining the night of Super Best Records artists was Krooked Drivers, a duo of DJs - Maddy O'neal and Donnie Dalbora respectively. They came out strong bumping Denver glitch hop, and dancing with hard deep head-bobs. The room was full and the vibes were right, everyone got down and danced for their set. Krooked Drivers have great energy live and it's always fun to see that when watching a DJ set.  

Super Best Records really went all out for this show and the crowd was really appreciative. The 1up Colfax is open everyday from 3:00PM - 2:00AM. Even if their isn't a band playing it's a perfect place to hang and have a drink while feeling nostalgic playing classic arcade games and pinball. Keep up with the music schedule at The 1up Colfax for future concerts by following the official Facebook page here.

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Zedd - "Slam The Door" (6/22/14) Song Of The Day

Zedd has become a huge name in EDM with songs like "Clarity" and "Stars Come Out", but I am a huge fan of his more goofy music. "Slam The Door" being that type of fun humorous Zedd track, but also with a killer beat. Zedd is definitely one of the leading artist in the EDM game, so don't slack off on his music, go check out more of Zedd's library now.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Bassnectar & Seth Drake - "F.U.N." - Song of the Day [6/21/2014]

With three days left for the release of Bassnectar's much anticipated LP NVSB, the genre-bending artist released another tune that's going to be on the album. F.U.N. is to be the opening track on NVSB. The tune is meant to define the theme of the album as a whole, creating flawless contrasts between Noise and Beauty. Starting off with a very ethereal piano melody, F.U.N. develops a very mysterious and spacey vibe. The buildup is one of the most cinematic and intense buildups I have ever heard in an EDM tune. Eventually the piano fades out and horns and thick synths slowly come in, creating a very orchestral sound. Finally Bassnectar throws in his classic 808's to build more force and passion. The song as a whole seems like it could fit in a movie score, with thick basslines, orchestral soundscapes, complicated chord patterns and chilled out drum beats. F.U.N. is a must listen for any fan of EDM. It really shows you that there is more to this genre than straightforward drops and female vocals.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Galarga - "Ghost Tower" - Song of the Day [6/20/14]

This is a sweet chiptune/trap version of the theme in the Ghost Tower of the original Pokemon games. This is a short song so feel free to listen to it multiple times like I did, Galarga is sure to like the extra plays.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

MGMT - "Kids" - Song of the Day - (6-19-14)

MGMT was giant about 4 years ago with this huge song "Kids". They remain an awesome and very inventive band to this day. You can get their most recent album which is self titled MGMT and more on their official website here. It's a really cool website with a very psychedelic and interactive background, go check it out.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Katy Perry- "Birthday" Song of the Day [6/18/14]

I wish she would sing me this on my birthday. It's on the radio but it's catchy. ENJOY!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Parkinson White - "Flirty" - Song of the Day (6-17-14)

I have a gem for you today, this is an incredible song from Parkinson White called "Flirty". He has mad skills creating chiptune style electronic music, his tracks are all very deeply layered and meticulously mastered for superb sound quality. Parkinson White is from Aberdeenshire, Scotland and only 17 years old but he is already building a name for himself. To hear more of his stuff go to the official Parkinson White soundcloud page here. It's full of absolutely amazing new music.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Washed Out - "Phone Call" - Song of the Day (6-16-17)

Ernest Greene is known by the stage name Washed Out, his music is extra chill and also very creative. This song "Phone Call" is from his album titled High Times. His song "Feel It All Around" is his biggest hit to date, gaining a large audience after viewers of the television show Portlandia hear the theme. Ernest Greene's music on the official Washed Out soundcloud here.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Evol Intent - "Punchout!" - Song of the day - (6-15-14)

Evol Intent has created one of the coolest video game remixes ever with this song "Punch Out". Mike Tyson samples, Nintendo sounds, and Drum and Bass music with the fast beats pounding hard. Evol Intent kills it definitely go listen to more of their sounds if you are a true junglist.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Tipper - "The Bedraggling" - Song of the Day [6/14/2014]

Today's Song of the Day comes off of Tipper's most recent release Forward Escape. Like his more recent albums, Tipper has decided to record Forward Escape in full Surround Sound. The Bedraggling is one of the few ambient tunes on the LP. It starts off slowly with a very eerie, spacey vibe. No percussion, no beat. Just some floating synths and background sounds. Tipper has always been extremely talented at creating tunes and albums that are very cinematic and all-embracing. From the very moment The Bedraggling begins, we can feel the intensity slowly building. Eventually, Tipper adds the tribal percussion and crunchy synth lines to produce a very alien sound. This song, like most of Tipper's work on Forward Escape is extremely well mastered and flawlessly produced. The frequency range is very wide and every instrument is crisp and clear. This is a must listen for any fan of the weirder side of electronic music.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

RE:CREATION @ Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom and The Other Side (Review) [6-7-14]

Review by: Justin D'Amico

Saturday night was one of the funnest times I've ever had at Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom and The Other Side in Denver, CO. Euphonic Conceptions and Cervantes' put on a dual venue event dubbed Re:Creation with a huge line up. Marty Party headlined in the Masterpiece Ballroom with support from Snublock, Unlimited Gravity, and Ana Sia. The Other Side featured Late Night Radio with a special set to celebrate his new album release. The openers on The Other Side were Reed MT, Mikey Thunder, JK Soul, Artifakts, and Mux Mool. Cervantes' was bumping the whole night.

The Other Side opened up a bit early with a patio set directed by Mikey Thunder and JK Soul from 7:00-9:30. For Re:Creation the back patio area was used for a BBQ pit as well as a third stage to start the show. The patio area was busy with most of the crowd hanging out there early on in the night. The awesome wooden stage structure is now covered with a beautiful canopy. The patio is a great spot to go and converse with friends without having to scream over the music. up in the Masterpiece Ballroom was Snublock, a Denver dude representing an original Nintendo controller cap - my kind of guy. He got things started with what he calls his left field hip-hop and future beat music. Snublock is someone to keep an eye on, he is making some really cool new music a bunch of which is up on his official soundcloud page here.

Over on The Other Side there was another Denver native and turntable mix master, Reed MT. He makes all of his music by sampling vinyl records and he also preforms with two turntables and a mixer, the old school and highly respected way of doing things. His finished mix comes out to be a smooth hip-hop beat and with carefully timed interesting samples placed within accordingly. Following Reed MT was Artifakts a young producer hailing from Wisconsin with a chill down tempo glitch hop style. Artifakts was a perfect fit with all of the acts on The Other Side.

For the most part the majority of people were hanging out on The Other Side until one specific turning point, Unlimited Gravity taking the stage in the Masterpiece Ballroom. Unlimited Gravity completely filled the room within ten minutes, it was pretty remarkable. He was in rare form going extra hard on stage and the people couldn't help but join in and dance. The most notable part for me about Unlimited Gravity's set was how he was able to transition from glitch hop into drum and bass, two genres which are typically not mixed back to back. All of his transitions were seamless, and it was an insane set to watch and dance along to. You can stay up to date by liking and following Unlimited Gravity on his official facebook page there you can find links to his other social media outlets as well.

Ana Sia followed Unlimited Gravity switching up styles to house music, but she does it differently than many other DJs. For her set Ana Sia uses only two CDJ machines and a mixer, no laptop. She then loads music onto flash drives to create her live mix with. Ana Sia was completely killing the room with a fresh set, but for whatever reason about half way through her time she watched one of the CDJs short out and go blank! She could no longer transition between songs! This was detrimental having no back-up CDJ in the booth, and Ana Sia was forced to quit her set early. It was a bummer because Ana Sia was on point.

This led to a boost in the population of The Other Side, but not for long as Marty Party came out early. Some of the people stayed and jammed out with Mux Mool the last act before Late Night Radio. Mux Mool does mostly hip-hop and glitch-hop with a bit of funk mixed in, he was really good live. Mux Mool is not only a musician he also creates some awesome artworks, check out Mux Mool's official website to have a look at his galleries.

Late Night Radio with A.C. Lao
Late Night Radio had an exclusive set planned for Re:Creation because it was also a record release party for his new album Soap Box. Late Night Radio headlined with nearly a two hour set on The Other Side. He makes music that is full of soul with many deep layers and complex melodies blended. For the second half of Late Night Radio's set he was accompanied by live drums. The drummer was the same guy who played with Michal Menert at the Winter Warmer Festival a few months back, his name is A.C. Lao. Definitely go check out the new Late Night Radio album Soap Box if you haven't already. You can stream Soap Box on Late Night Radio's official soundcloud and you can download it here on bandcamp for whatever you would like to spend, it's a name your price download.

Marty Party took the Masterpiece Ballroom stage around 11:45 about a half hour early from what was scheduled, and he was expected to close out Cervantes'. It was going to be an extra long set  for Marty Party with very little down time being on stage alone. Luckily for him Ana Sia was itching to get back out there, even with only one CDJ available she formulated a plan to help Marty Party. Ana Sia re-took the stage, and for the last 45 minutes of the Marty Party set there was an exclusive tag team between the two! Using the one working CDJ and a mixer Ana Sia would cue up a song to blend with Marty Party's set and back and forth they went. It was a lot of fun to watch Marty Party and Ana Sia adjust and learn each others technique. They were feeding the crowd with incredible music and amazing vibes, it was all smiles through out the entire room.

This was a crazy night at both sides of Cervantes', but it all worked out in the end. It was so much fun to get to see a completely new combination of musicians on stage together. Big ups to Marty Party and Ana Sia for putting on an outstanding impromptu tag team performance. Also make sure to check out the new Late Night Radio album Soap Box that just dropped.

Psymbionic & Soulular - "Silkscreen" [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Psymbionic's SoundCloud Profile Picture\
Posted today by, Austin, TX based producer, Pymbionic, he added this note: "Quite excited to finally release the first track from Part 2 of my album! This one is a little collab I cooked up with my fellow Gravitas Recordings homie Soulular, based in Los Angeles. We went deep, exploring the more melodic side of bass music with a psychedelic twist. Parallels (Part 2: Eye) will be dropping in its entirety on July 1st for free download, so hopefully this ties you over until then :)" This track is pretty fuckin' awesome and it's available for FREE download HERE.

"Over the Rainbow" performed on a Theremin - Song of the Day - 6/11/14

Everyone knows the classic Over the Rainbow, but not all of you have heard it played on a Theremin. Well, here you are.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Pegboard Nerds - "Here It Comes" - Song of the Day (6-10-14)

Oh man, this new Pegboard Nerds song is so sick! "Here It Comes" has it all, great vocals in the melodic builds leading into insane bass lines and electrifying drops, the result; a complete dubstep masterpiece. Pegboard Nerds always come through with catchy songs and they are only getting better. Stay on the up and up with Pegboard Nerds by following them on soundcloud or like their official facebook page here.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Morcheeba - "Gimme Your Love" - Song of the Day - 6/9/14

British group, Morcheeba, has been delivering hits since 1995 - releasing 8 studio albums since their formation. This is one of my favorite selections off their 2013 album, Head Up High. Get your Friday started off on the right foot. 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

"Lets get ready to Rumble" - Jock Jams Song of the Day [6/8/14]

How can you go wrong with a throwback? Some 90's will always put a smile on my face.


Saturday, June 7, 2014

Dave Tipper - "Puzzle Dust" - Song of the Day - 6/7/14

Dave Tipper is returning to Colorado next June 19-22 for two sets at Sonic Bloom Music Festival. Time to get excited people!!!