Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Bass Station @ Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom (3/12/16) [Review]

Review By: jdrightright

Photography By: Emma Ceaglske

Saturday was another huge show put on by two of the best promotion companies in Denver, Rebudz and Reload Productions. The line-up had a little something for everybody with Aarbear, Detrace, SQUNTO, Crissy Cris, LAXX, and Eptic all on the docket. The show of course sold out, and for those who didn't have a ticket I feel bad you missed out on such a superb night.

First up was a local Colorado producer Aaron Jackson aka Aarbear, he was the winner of the DJ contest to open the show. He was met with a quickly growing crowd as the people rapidly filled the Masterpiece Ballroom. Aarbear represents Fort Collins with a hard dubstep/trap style. He did a great job getting the place warmed up.

The next producer Detrace is an awesome talent also out of Colorado and representing Denver. He caught my attention recently with a bunch of dope releases on Kill The Copyright. Detrace has collaborated with a bunch of up and coming producers too and with each new song he advances the game a little bit. I am a big fan of Detrace music, he uses a lot of my favorite video game sounds in his productions. Also Detrace is rather versatile with a wide range of electronic genres covered. Keep an eye on this guy he is going to blow up soon, mark my words.

SQUNTO the bass dragon got up on stage and immediately started breathing fire bass. He is an east coast producer coming out of Holliston, Massachusetts. SQUNTO is quite elite when compared to a lot of producers in how he prepares for a live set. I was able to talk with him a bit and he was explaining to me how he blends up to eight tracks for a single drop when he performs live! SQUNTO threw down such a naughty set, completely unpredictable, and extra mean bass pumped into the people's hearts.

The next set was a bit of a switch up with Crissy Criss and his sick jungle beats. I always enjoy having a nice variety of artists in a single show and for the most part the crowd did too. Crissy Criss had a few trick drops up his sleeve, transitioning sometimes into Drumstep and Dubstep to keep the people on point. Drum and bass is such high energy music and it always gets me bopping around the room. This was the first time I have seen Crissy Criss and I thought he layed it down like a boss.

The Never Say Die boys would close out the night starting with LAXX. He has been on top of the scene lately with a bunch of bangers and collaborations with everybody in the industry. LAXX has a hybrid style he goes in between trap, dubstep, and genres not even invented yet. He definitely has killer production skills, and he is also very good on the decks live. I have had the pleasure of hanging out with LAXX in the past and he is a very humble guy, focused on the task at hand; making the people bounce.

Eptic was the finale for this intense line-up at Bass Station and he mixed a brilliant set. It started off with a special fake-out drop that went right into my favorite song, "Spellbound" from his Immortal EP. You could hear everyone yell "I don't give a fuck" as that part of the track played. I love the music Eptic puts out into the world, it's very unique and his sounds are so crisp and clear. Eptic is also a graphic designer, and every monster or alien sort of image that he posts along with each song he created himself. He has been designing graphics of his own to accompany his live sets on the LED boards as well. Eptic is infinitely inventive and I can't wait to see what he has in store for his next release.

Bass Station was an amazing time, and lots of feels were shared with the bass fam. Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom has a mystical way of bringing people together united in bass. Big thanks to Eyediola Photography for providing these excellent concert photos. Coming soon Rebudz and Reload Productions are announcing another show called Bass Rising set for May 7th, again at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom. Stay tuned for more details, and this time get a ticket right away because you know it's gonna be a sell out. 


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