Thursday, January 19, 2017

Savoy feat: Fatherdude - "Living Color" -- New Music & Tour Inside

"Living Color really embodies our deep love for Disco and Soul music. The inspiration was to really pull feelings and instruments from our favorite era of Disco ('79-80) but for the production and arrangement to feel current and new, yet timeless at the same time. We wanted to make something that doesn't sound like a trend or something that might be expected of us - but more a culmination of who we really are as artists and what has inspired us the most. Father Dude is an amazing vocalist, and we love how the song ended up with a feel good vibe that just flows.

We're on tour and brining along the homie Puppet! Tickets -"

February 8th The Broadberry Richmond, VA
February 9th The Foundry Philadelphia, PA
February 10th U Street Music Hall Washington, DC
February 11th Middle East Cambridge, MA
February 16th The Fox Theatre Boulder, CO
February 18th Ogden Theatre Denver, CO
February 22nd The Shelter Detroit, MI
February 23rd The Mirmar Theatre Milwaukee, WI
February 24th First Avenue Minneapolis, MN
February 25th Chop Shop Chicago, IL
February 26th Deluxe Indianapolis, IN
March 2nd George’s Majestic Fayetteville, AR
March 3rd Farmer’s Market Oklahoma City, OK
March 4th Empire Garage Austin, TX


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