Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Electric Wonderland @ The Haus ov Wheres in Denver

Review and Photos by: jdrightright

Saturday night a sneaky underground music show was held at The Haus ov Wheres. This was a night of many forms of excellent music and a chill ambiance. Broken2TheWorld and Self-In-Flict-Ed came through with a diverse line up of DJs for the people. Three DJs aroused the ears: Jack Jack, Santospaceship, and Ampliphoniks. They all mixed a different flavor of bass, but all three were dope.

The stage setup was really cool for this show. Santospaceship not only DJs, but he is skilled also in design and production for Ill.uminate a visual design company. He loaded up the stage with lights, lasers, and even had a projector with mapping for his 3D booth design. It was very appealing to the eye. Behind the booth were two more zones that the projector also had mapped out for the purposes of 3D and specially designed images to be displayed on. The walls the projector would shine onto had shapes poking out at you. Mostly a sort of spike or pyramid type of shapes, but this went well with the projection cues specially created for the stage. It was really cool to see a custom light show in such an intimate setting.

The Haus ov Wheres also had a bunch of cool things around the building including keyboards, pianos, 808s and other old school music makers.  It made for a cool feeling to have a bunch of instruments around. The place is basically just an old shop downtown. They encouraged anyone who wanted to hula hoop or spin poi to do so as they pleased, and some of the crowd were really good at it.

First up was Jack Jack he played a lot of high energy music. He kept the heart beating for the people in the crowd. The audience responded well to his drops. Jack Jack really likes to engage the people by singing along to the track, and inviting the people to do so too. He got into some cool music that I know and love like Porter Robinson and others. Towards the end of his time Jack Jack started to get a bit more zappy with some cool electro drops. He did a great job on the outro as Amphliphoniks joined in the booth.

Chris aka Ampliphoniks was the crowd favorite for sure. He did a great job promoting the show and got a lot of love from his fans. He played for an hour and a half and the whole time the dance floor was packed. He came up with extremely inventive transitions going from one genre to another on a totally different spectrum, it was rather impressive. Early on he had a slick electro feel with squishy bass drops, I was reminded of Feed Me with that type of hype. Towards the middle he switched it up in some glitchy trap drops. Ampliphoniks was all smiles during his set, he seemed really happy that the people were reacting to his music as intended. Late during his mix Ampliphoniks had a speedy drum and bass section which was perfect for getting a second wind into the crowd. He set it up nicely for the closer of the night Santospaceship.

Santospaceship turned over the stage controls to his homie who just got there with a badass fog machine. He got into some trance and progressive to start the set, but then soon after changed it up and got into some dirty dub. For the most part dubstep was not played by the two opening DJs, and this was why Santospaceship wanted to change things up a bit. The stage was glowing and beautiful with a consistent fog so the laser and projector were enhanced further. One song I remember was a song with awesome Rick and Morty samples repeating "Sesh-wan Sauce" and then hard bass. It was a good change up to the room and a great closing set for the show.

I had a really fun time and met a bunch of cool people at this show. As of right now the next show at The Haus ov Wheres is still up in the air, but stay up to date with Broken2TheWorld for more Self-In-Flict-Ed shows that may pop up. Shout out to the underground squad, that was a great time and pleasant vibes for all. See you all next time.


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