Friday, February 21, 2014

Marvel Years feat: Jay Fresh - "Get On It" [FREE DOWNLOAD]

If you didn't know by the end of 2013 you better funkin know by now that funk in EDM took the funk over!! Groups like Big Gigantc, Gramatik, and the Floozies helped solidify the surge as a producer to incorporate the dirty beats with the filthy funk. Marvel Years,  an up and coming 19 year old phenom from Vermont, straight brings you sly digital and the family stone status amped on a case of spike energy drinks. If the bass doesn't have you getting down I assure you the lyrics from Jay fresh will have you James Brown sea walking. This is a grand track for hip hop and electro soul fans to help fight traffic, you might even have to resist the urge to keep your feet on the pedals for liability reasons. Stop what you are you doing because there's something better waiting when your press play. Get on it!
By Dustin Huff


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