Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Glitch Mob - Love Death Immortality [Album Review]

The Glitch Mob are no strangers when it comes to experimentation in the electronic scene. With the release of their debut LP Drink the Sea in 2010, they established themselves as a group which creates music containing a combination of both organic and synthetic instrumentation while also expressing a tone that is very emotional and uplifting. After this release, the glitch electronica scene was expanded greatly and many standing and upcoming artists attempted to use The Glitch Mob sound as inspiration for their new music. Soon afterwords, The Glitch Mob gained massive respect for their style, playing festivals and many tours whenever they were not producing. 
Fast forward a few years and we witness the release their second LP Love Death Immortality. The Glitch Mob commented that during the production of this album, they were constantly communicating with fans via social networks, and they believe that this album represents the emotional intimacy that they have built over time with their followers. Love Death Immortality is an album that is very different from Drink the Sea in terms of production and style; however, it still maintains the emotional tone prevalent in all their previous works. This album is definitely more fast-paced and has a very dominant dance vibe to it. This style is represented most in songs Skullclub and Carry The Sun, which clearly have electro-house overtones and general EDM build-ups and drops. These tunes are not very consistent with The Glitch Mob sound and seem to be little too generic within the giant-but-not-diverse progressive house scene. However, songs like Can't Kill Us and Skytoucher, the most versatile and original tracks, combine styles from many different genres of electronic music while also showing us production skill that we have never heard before. 
Unlike in Drink the Sea, The Glitch Mob decided to collaborate with many artists on Love Death Immortality. Along with the amplification of emotion, these collaborations are flawless and smooth, showing us that The Glitch Mob can be very diverse in sound and production. By far the most original and touching collaboration takes place on the final track of the album, Beauty Of The Unhidden Heart. Sister Crayon's vocals seem to float effortlessly over The Glitch Mob's downtempo dubstep beat while the fuzzy synths roam in the foreground, expressing to us a unique uplifting emotion that we have never felt before in electronic music thus far. 

Love Death Immortality is a journey into the energetic world of emotional dance music, and the last track is the tether that brings us smoothly back to reality. This album will without a doubt be an inspiration for many artists both in and out of the glitch scene.


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