Sunday, July 6, 2014

ARISE Music Festival - Aug 8-10, 2014 - Loveland, CO (Preview)

"The ARISE music festival will feature three days of music, yoga, workshops and co-creative experiences of all kinds. Located just 65 miles north of Denver, Colorado at Sunrise Ranch, in a breath taking rocky mountain oasis, this magical and secluded landscape is a perfect container for participants to entertain and be entertained, explore their creative potentials, connect with nature, stretch out, dive in, and dance to the wee hours.

“The music is like the fire …. and we all gather around it to warm our souls” says Paul Bassis, Producer of ARISE. “The intention of the festival is to facilitate and amplify that inspiration into real life action”. On site we have a permanent 400 seat domed theater to present internationally recognized speakers, screen films, host dynamic panel discussions with thought leaders and innovators and hold workshops.

Theme camps give different sections of our creative communities an open platform to share and inspire. Village themes (like our Hemp Village, Kids Village and Organic Food and Beverage Village) allow for the mingling of like minded souls whether your primary interests are music, clothing, food, yoga, the subtle energies, activation, visionary art, or just kicking it with a cold one in the Craft Beer and Wine Village! With over 100 bands, DJs, presenters, artists, activists, theme camps and film makers, be prepared to immerse yourself in a outdoor wonderspace we will all create together.

ARISE Music Festival’s intention is to create a community experience, the kind of transformational camping festival experience that is uniquely possible when we are all in it together from beginning to end. We hope you choose to join us. It’s going to be magical."


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