Sunday, July 13, 2014

Wolfgang Gartner - "Illmerica" - Song of the Day (7/13/14)

This is such an amazing music video and a great song too it's "Illmerica" from Wolfgang Gartner. The video is goes deep into history using a political cartoon type of visual to quickly summarize the manifest destiny of the world powers throughout the last few hundred years. "Illmerica" comes from Wolfgang Gartner's first studio album Weekend In America a completely brilliant listen all the way through. Wolfgang Gartner is at most of the big electronic music festivals every year, and I never miss him. He guides the crowd with his hands like a band conductor along with being a champion mix master for his live sets. You can stay on the up and up with Wolfgang Gartner's tour dates by liking him and following along with his official facebook page here.


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