Friday, August 1, 2014

Araab Muzik - "Streetz Tonight" - Song of the Day - [8/1/14]

Araab Muzik and his bangin hip-hop beat "Streetz Tonight" is today's song of the day. Araab Muzik is known as the MVP of the MPC, the sample box style drum machine he uses to create his music. He is awesome to watch perform live, and he can use an MPC to cover other producers music and for remixes too. I have seen him recreate Skrillex and others live just by perfectly timing a select array of samples. Araab Muzik has total control of the sounds with his hands using them like drum sticks on the pads. Other producers might use an MPC sample box machine to add little bits to live sets, but Araab Muzik is able to play his sets on one completely live.


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