Tuesday, August 18, 2015

!Tyro - "More Love" - Song of the Day - [8/18/15]

This is a naughty dubstep banger from !Tyro. He is a Denver dabstepper, as he calls it, and he has hooked up with Kairos Audio to release some new stuff lately. You can find !Tyro on stage a lot of times opening shows for big names in electronic music in the Denver area. Recently !Tyro was a part of the big Rebudz Presents show that brought out Eptic and Habstrakt. Denver dabstep is blowing up, and vaporizing all over the place, so definitely get down with !Tyro and his raunchy beats. You can follow !Tyro on soundcloud here. Also look for him next time a your favorite dubstep DJ comes thru, most likely !Tyro will be there too.


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