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TNERTLE with Party Pants and Skydyed @ Cervantes Other Side (Review) [11-20-15]

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Friday night The Other Side of Cervantes had a special get together and record release party for TNERTLE. The line-up brought out a big squad of Denver talent including: Sassfactory, Alixir, Skydyed, and Party Pants. The Other Side was nearly sold out and the people got weird with their friends.

The festivities started off around eight and first up was Sassfactory. She would do a chill, bassy, and future type of set to open and also a tweener set between Skydyed and TNERTLE. Next up was Alixir another talented Denver DJ. Alixir did a good job mixing up some funky and dubby beats too.

Skydyed would take the stage next and they always kick out the jams. I love Skydyed because of their interesting style, they incorporate elements of jam band funk and add in electronic bass and glitches. Skydyed always comes through with a lovely sound that is very uplifting. The three guys each contribute in different ways. They have an excellent percussionist, and two guitarists who also add synthesizer and other electronic production techniques to their live show. I have been a fan of the band ever since seeing them kill at Arise Festival back in 2014. Every show they do you can tell that Skydyed gives it their all and they love to play together.

Michal Menert joins in with TNERTLE

The purpose of the party was a big celebration for TNERTLE who just released their debut album called Matamata on Super Best Records. Michal Menert was in the house Friday night too, he is the big dog at Super Best Records and he knows good talent. This was very exciting for the members of TNERTLE to finally be able to share their passion with the people. For part of the set Michal Menert would join the band for a special jam session.

TNERTLE has amazing energy on stage, they are a big band with a beautiful full sound. The musicians in the band can switch up instruments to create new flavors in their live set. For example the saxophonist had at least three different versions of the sax. She played an alto sax, a baritone sax, and another was an electronic type of sax. There were accordions used for other songs, and the guitarists had multiple axes to use for different twangs. TNERTLE played an hour and a half long set, and the whole time the crowd was mesmerized. They make awesome jammy and funky songs, and also they put their own style on other popular songs they cover. One memorable track they covered with a TNERTLE twist was an old classic from Outkast called "Spottieottiedopaliscious." This was an unforgettable set and a perfect record release showcasing the band and all their versatility.

Mikey Thunder (left) and ProJect Aspect (right) - Party Pants

Closing out the night were two of the illest producers Denver has to offer in a new collaboration band called Party Pants. The duo is a combination of Mikey Thunder and Project Aspect both from the Mile High Sound Movement. Each of them alone have a unique live show; Project Aspect adds his guitar skills to his sets, and Mikey Thunder is a scratch-ologist with his decks. This set was really cool because it allowed each of them to contribute a third element into the live mix. It started off with Mikey Thunder laying down the beat on his two digital turntables, and Project Aspect whaling out on his guitar. Then about half way through it would switch up to Project Aspect on the mix with Mikey Thunder adding samples and scratches over top. This collaboration is still very new, but the skills both guys bring forth makes it work very smoothly.

Cervantes Other Side had a fabulous feel with such good funky jams flowing Friday night. It's always a favorite spot to go see some of the best local bands, and also big names from all over the world. Congratulations to TNERTLE on their record release! Mad love vibes for everyone else who contributed to this awesome night.   


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