Sunday, November 15, 2015

Eagles of Death Metal merchandise manager among the victims in bloody massacre at Paris music venue

A man is evacuated from the Bataclan following attacks. (Thibault Camus/AP Photo)
The music industry, as well as the entire world, suffered a horrific blow Friday when members of the terrorist group ISIS stormed into several areas of Paris' armed with assault rifles and suicide bombs as part of a barbaric planned attack against civilians.

Here is what we know.

Several members of ISIS stormed the Bataclan, a music venue in Paris, during an Eagles Of Death Metal concert Friday night. The terrorists began firing upon the concert attendees and taking hostages. What began as a normal night for the average concert-goer quickly turned into a ruthless massacre of horrific proportions. 

According to The Guardian, the death toll from the massacre left more than 100 dead at the concert hall with many more injured. Around 40 people were killed in related attacks around the city. 

The report also confirms there were eight attackers killed, seven of them being suicide bombings. 

Nick Alexander, the merchandise manager for the Eagles of Death Metal.
Polina Buckley/@polinabuckley 
Nick Alexander, the Eagles of Death Metal merchandise manager, was among the many victims to lose their life, as reported by RollingStone. Alexander worked with several major American acts including Panic at the Disco, Sum 41, The Black Keys and Alice in Chains.  

He was 36 years old. 

Friday's attacks prove that even in a concert setting, where most of us go to find happiness and escape the horrors of the world, are vulnerable. But alas, we cannot bow to the forces of evil that are at work here. The music industry might be a little shaken right now but as the old saying goes, the show must go on. 


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