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Megalodon with Twine, Dack Janiels, and Coult45 @ Summit Music Hall (Review) [7/3/16]

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Stetsen Colt Mathias

Summit Music Hall was rowdy this weekend for a big show put on by Amplitude Presents. The line-up was essentially a triple headlined event including Dack Janiels, Twine, and Megalodon. Also Coult45 was in the house to ramp up the hype, and two lucky contest winners were also added to open the doors; Freddie Rule and Coenica.

This was my first time at the Summit Music Hall, and it was impressive. The place maxes out at about 1,400 people including the balcony. The room is set up with excellent vantage points from nearly every position in the building. When you walk in the front door you are in the back of the room next to a long two sided bar island. As you enter the room further towards the stage the floor tiers down so the people in the back of the room can see over top of those closer to the front. To one side there is a small seated kitchen area that serves pizza, burgers and other snacks. At the beginning of the night the balcony was closed and it was mostly used as an area to display the laser fields zapped out by two full color lasers installed on stage. The lasers were mounted high on pillars and angled upward to safely display the powerful beams. Later in the night the balcony was opened and the laser crew made some adjustments so that the people up there would not be in the field of the lasers. Also to add to the visuals a LED graphic wall was assembled in front of the booth in a semi-circle, mostly used to display the logos of the DJs. Summit Music Hall was close to being sold out, but even so, with how the room is layed out there are plenty of spots to view the stage without having to cram into a small space.

Starting out the night were the two DJ mix contest winners, Freddie Rule and Coenica. Freddy Rule got things started off on a chill note, and built up to some melodic dub. Then Coenica took the stage and they started to get things a bit more rowdy getting into some glitch-hop and dubstep beats. Coenica consists of Braydon Drell (The Philosopher), and Alex Williams (Baby). This was a great way to start the night and also get the word out on some fresh up and coming talent.

Denver favorite Coult45 was up next with an extended set going for an hour and a half. Not a problem for a pro like him, he is used to getting the room poppin off at Beta Nightclub right across the street from Summit Music Hall. The room really started to fill up when Coult45 came on, he always has the illest music to drop in his sets. One track he mixed in served as a shout out to the homie !Tyro, another awesome Denver producer. Coult45 has been doing a lot of studio work mixing and mastering new original tracks and remixes too. Definitely keep your eye on Coult45 he always has the club goin up.

Next on the decks was Dack Janiels and he slayed from start to finish. He started out by asking, "Where my fucking stoners at?" This had the whole place screaming right off the bat. Dack Janiels had the headbangers flailing hair and breaking necks to the bass. Dack Janiels has ties to the Never Say Die Black Label, Rottun Recordings, 40oz Cult and a bunch of other hard bass labels. He threw shout outs to a bunch of badass producers including, Habstrakt, Figure, and Dubloadz during his set as he dropped music he made in collaboration with them. Dack Janiels put together a massive bass set with huge energy and it made the room sizzle!

Dack Janiels introduced Twine and he didn't miss a beat, he just went straight into a monster dubstep mix. Twine is another artist with multiple record label affiliations including OWSLA, Disciple, Monstercat, SMOG, and more. Twine lets the music do the talking, he is very relaxed and technical while creating his live mix on stage. Every now and then Twine would direct the people and dance along to the beat, but for the most part he just stayed on point. Twine closed out his set with an incredibly hard ten minutes of filth, he dropped music from Excision and he had everyone putting their X's up to salute.

The final set of the night was from Megalodon a raunchy dub-stepper representing the one and only Never Say Die Records. He pumped out the loudest bass and the dopest new music of the night. Megalodon is on the cutting edge of hard bass music, and that's why he was trusted to put together the most recent Never Say Die Black Label compilation XL 3. The compilation includes tracks from Dack Janiels, xKore, a few Megalodon songs of course, and much more. On stage Megalodon is very animated, he bounces around and keeps the energy off the charts. He had to shout out the bass house boss Jauz as he dropped a brand new song they did together called "Shark Attack". A mosh-pit accompanied the majority of Megalodon's set right in the center of the dance floor. The bass was pounding so hard that the CDJ's were shifting and nearly falling off the table in the booth! Megalodon crushed it and the people went hard right up until the last wub.

What a night, heavy bass echoed through my head for hours afterwards! Summit Music Hall was a perfect place to rage, I hope to attend many more shows there with the growing posse. Thanks again to Stetsen Colt Mathias for capturing an exciting photo album of the night. Huge props go out to Amplitude Presents for bringing this gargantuan line-up together. They are an elite squadron in the Denver bass family who always brings the heat. Make sure to follow Amplitude Presents on Facebook for show announcements and contests to win free tickets.


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