Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Luke Robison, who shall now be and forever known as Phaedosonic, is a Rochester, Minnesnowta native that was transplanted in Sioux Falls, South Dakota - yes people actually live in South Dakota - for a number of years developing his persona as a producer in the secrecy of his igloo. The first time he played this track for an audience, the heavens opened in my living room and angels descended upon us with faces washed by tears; for what the prophet Phaedosonic has bestowed upon these celestial ears was the most beautiful arrangement of sounds to have ever echoed the chambers of their inner lobes. (9)

"Connect" is Phaedosonic's first single and hot damn did he come out of the gates swinging with some sticky pounding bass, masterful progression, and top notch production in a track that is sure to garner some attention. When asked what his thought process was for creating this track he simply responded with, "What is love?"

That's something to ponder. What's not to ponder is downloading this track. It's too good not to. Phaedosonic invites you to give your feedback and share this track with all your friends. Let us know what you think! :)

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  1. Nice work! Thanks for the download! More more more..... :)