Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Pigs On The Wing @ Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom - Denver, CO - 3/7/14 (Review)

Review By: Justin D'Amico

Last Friday Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom was taken over by Pigs on the Wing, an amazing Pink Floyd tribute band featuring founding member of STS9, David Murphy. The show included a huge ensemble band to recreate some of the best music from the legendary band. What an awesome night of music.

Pigs on the Wing get their name from a Pink Floyd song of the same title. The song(s) "Pig on the Wing" comes from the album Animals, it's a two part track that opens and closes the record.

The band has 8 members, and for certain songs roles are switched up to recreate the amazing sound once championed by Pink Floyd. Typically the band is as follows: David Murphy on bass guitar, Matthew Weiss on guitar, Coley Dennis on guitar, Mike Albanese on drums, Alfredo Lapuz on organ and piano, Stanley Walker on synth, Timi Conley on vocals, and Chris Clark on vocals. Backing vocals are sometimes a group effort depending on the song, so nearly everyone gets involved on the microphone within their set. The band works really well together and is very careful in timing out different cues to properly recreate the complex music. Pigs on the Wing are very tight as a group, and they have a lot of fun on stage together.

The set put together by Pigs on the Wing was incredible, and it was almost three hours long! The gargantuan set was broken up by a short intermission, but still a performance that long was unexpected. Pigs on the Wing started their set around eleven and jammed out almost until two in the morning. The set went into a number of deep tracks as well as many of the well known Pink Floyd hits. Their version of "The Wall" really got the crowd going, and it sounded almost just like the album. "Money" was the re-joiner track to open the second part of the show after the intermission and it killed. Pigs on the Wing were brilliant live, and I will definitely be going to see them again whenever they decide to play another show. This show was their first performance since Electric Forest 2013 and they don't have anything else on their upcoming schedule.


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