Saturday, April 5, 2014

Excision, Datsik & Mr Hudson - "Jaguar" - Song of the Day [4/5/2014]

While Kode9, Skream, and Benga may have been the core founders of Dubstep, Excision and Datsik were of the few artists who brought it to the frontline of electronic dance music. With heavy synthetic percussion and low frequency basslines, Dubstep by nature is a very dark genre. The final track on Excision's X-Rated LP, Jaguar starts off with every instrument fading in. The synth and guitar riffs level and rest perfectly over the heavy bassline while Mr Hudson's spacey, reverbed vocals float lightly over everything else. An extremely emotional tune, Jaguar represents a style of Dubstep we don't hear often. Instead of being very dark and grimey, it is clean, slow, and uplifting. The bass, although less fuzzy and more crisp, is still very heavy and low-frequency. Jaguar is a must-hear for any Dubstep enthusiast.


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