Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Underachievers @ Cervantes' Other Side (4-13-14) [Review]

Review By: Justin D'Amico

Monday night was a good one for underground hip-hop in Denver at Cervantes' Other Side. The night included Denzel Curry, Dillon Cooper, Azizi Gibson, Prawphit, and The Underachievers headlined. This was a part of the ongoing "Eyes of the World Tour" traveling all over the country.

The openers were extra hype for this stop on the tour. For a Monday night you couldn't find a more lively crew the hang out with. There was a lot going on with so many artists preforming, limiting sets to about 30-40 minutes. The people were highly responsive to the requests of the MCs all night. Every time they asked for hands up the whole room followed along.

The Underachievers is a New York based duo of lyricists that go by the stage names AK and Issa Gold. They represent a psychedelic hip hop style and throw mad shout outs to the "Beast-Coast". The Underachievers took the stage a little bit after eleven and went until closing time. The set started with an impromptu smoke session as fans passed their blunts and joints to AK and Issa Gold. It got to a point where The Underachievers had to pass on the smoking in order to keep it real and finish the set proper.

Be sure to check out The Underachievers and their current Eyes on the World Tour when they come to your city. If your thing is underground hip hop, these two have some sick flows to bob your head to. For the people in the Denver area, stay on the up and up with Cervantes' Other Side and the Masterpiece Ballroom for more underground hip-hop concerts. 


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