Friday, April 10, 2015

StéLouse - Joyride - Song of the Day - 4/10/2015 [FREE DOWNLOAD]

The first time I heard the incredible music of StéLouse (pronounced "stay loose") was his remix of Doja Cat's hit song "So High," and I instantly fell in love with how upbeat his sound was. There were a lot of remixes of Doja's sexy song (and I listened to probably all of them), but none compared to StéLouse's.

Once I heard this rework, I went to his Soundcloud page right away, and let me tell you, I couldn't find one song I did not love. In my opinion, mediocre is no where to be found in this man's collection. I'm wondering if Doja dedicated "So High" to StéLouse himself, because that is exactly how his music makes you feel, and "Joyride" is the perfect representation of this.

A native of Denver, Colorado, StéLouse belongs to the label Hebinomichi, which was self-created alongside his talented counterpart Ahh-Ooh. Maxx Baer, Pusher, and Rusty Hook, to name a few, also belong to the label.

StéLouse continuously incorporates an abundance of unique, exquisite sounds, and somehow makes them flow as one perfectly. The steady build heard in many of his songs, including this original, is patient, but the drop is always an unexpected, eargasmic surprise.

"Joyride," which was released last year on the City EP, goes from funky fresh and upbeat to sweet, sweet gangsta lovin' in a matter of seconds, and together the two variations generate a heavy yet ethereal melody that will make you want to jump in the car for a joyride with friends. It's Friday after all, so why not? Take a peak for yourself, and promise to not become too obsessed like I have. Free download in the link!


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