Monday, April 20, 2015

Jim Grim - "The Perfect Dance"

Here's a perfect piece of glitch-hop music from one of my favorite electronic composers, Jim Grim. He, like many of the most creative producers today, comes from the SectionZ Records crew. "The Perfect Dance" is a little peek into the next album from Jim Grim, called Ifomi. His intentions are to disseminate this record a special way. Each song will be individually put out via social media outlets. Then once all 15 tracks are released Jim Grim has promised to make the whole album available for free. I am fired up to hear what Jim Grim has been working on.

He describes his motivation for the album and the meaning behind the title in the quote below.

"This album is dedicated to Ingelin Flåen Olsen, Aka IFO. The girl I love. The meaning of this album was originally not ment to be shared as it was kind of "private" or internal to understand, but whatever, I've decided I want to share it with all of you. Why? Well, I'm quite fond of sharing experience in general, and I can't really find a reason to not share it to those who are interested in reading about it. For all you others, just skip reading. Alright anyway, the album was supposed to cover a series of events that happened within in a period of my life last year. Each title is a small description, kind of in chronological order, of a situation or a flow of thought that I had during this experience. I'll tell you more as I release each track."   --  Jim Grim


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