Saturday, April 18, 2015

Vitalic - "Second Lives" - Song of the Day - [4/18/15]

For today we have a cool melodic song from Pascal Arbez-Nicolas aka Vitalic. This track is called "Second Lives" and it has a simple beat with just the right amount of intrigue. This is a very odd music video and also the bands official representation for the song. It shows a number of different scenarios that all take place in a bathroom stall. It's weird how the same area can make one claustrophobic and at the same time others might utilize the space for a lusty or perverted experience. The song is awesome, a true heartbeat type of track of a progressive format with a lot of cool sounds. Vitalic has a very creative musical style and he also sells interesting merchandise with his logo the upside down triangle which can be purchased here.


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