Monday, June 1, 2015

Gesaffelstein - "Pursuit" - Song Of The Day - 6/1/2015

Well today's Song Of The Day comes out of the gloomy weather I or anyone else has been experiencing this past weekend. Not that this track is gloomy or anything but it definitely has some dark vibes with it. Though Gesaffelstein is no longer doing live performances we can still sit in the glory of his superb Techno/Industrial music. "Pursuit" was the first track I had heard from Gesaffelstein and I was hooked from that point on. At the time I didn't know much about this type of music but I couldn't get enough of those sounds playing through the speakers. "Pursuit" reminds me of something you'd hear in a spy movie with lots of action and intensity. The main, heavy synth pattern is almost infectious and once you hear it you can't get it out of your head. The vibes in this song are almost chilling and have some much emotion. You could literally start a rally with this track, it's that strong.


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