Sunday, June 14, 2015

Savant @ Beta in Denver, Colorado (Review) [6-11-15]

Review By: Justin D'Amico

Thursday was a special night for NRG Thursday at Beta Nightclub in Denver Colorado. The one and only Savant came through with an arsenal of amazing music. He also brought along his good friend and fellow mixologist Jelo. The two had the place bouncing so hard it was unreal. It was probably the illest NRG Thursday ever.

Opening the night was Sang Dinh a Denver DJ with a lot of style. He pumped out some techno and house beats to get things started. Next up was Cognition & T-Rav a duo also representing Denver proud.

The energy in the room went through the roof when Jelo came into the booth. As to be expected with his hyper beating heart electro music. Jelo is one of the best artists on Section Z Records, and he pairs up rather well with Savant. For this show Jelo let the afro flow out, and he has quite a head of hair. His headphones will barely go over his head right now!

Jelo is a very entertaining DJ to watch live, with his music he dances and instructs the crowd when to jump at the drops. He also does a great job on the hype tip, keeping the crowd fired up. At the end of his set he pointed out how stressful it is to open for a mastermind like Savant, but also that he loves how it keeps him on point to mix a unique set every night. Jelo also did a little introduction for Savant using his headphones as a microphone, a clever tactic many wouldn't know to do. He told the crowd "You guys are awesome sauce tonight!"

Savant came out a went right to work, he started with a mash-up of about ten songs in the first few minutes of the set. One of the incredible mashes was blending Daft Punk into the Beverly Hills Cop theme song. Then he went into DJ Dan "Renegade Master" mashed up with his brilliant Nintendo beats. From there Savant started to blast out more of his massive library of original music.

Savant got into almost every one of his albums at some point in the set. He did a lot of the music from his most recent release Invasion. Also taking us back into the days of Vario with songs like "Splinter" and "Hero From The Past." The coolest part was near the end of the set where he played "Melody Circus" and so perfectly slowed the beat down to create a new ending for the track live in the mix. The final song was one many were waiting to hear, the powerful track "Sledgehammer." He made a few adjustments to create a new feel for the crowd, and again he wound down the beat into an exquisite finish where the song slowed to a single note and faded out.

This was like no other Thursday ever before in my life. It was so cool to hear the beautiful sounds of Savant coming out of the speakers at Beta Nightclub. He made some of the naughtiest bass amplify through the room and into the souls of the people. I am excited for the future with Savant continuing to produce immaculate music at an incomprehensible rate of speed. Big shout out to Jelo for making the trip to Denver for this show, and everyone else who made this night so fun.


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