Sunday, August 25, 2013

Award-Winning Danish Female MC, Lucy Love, Releases New Single & Video - "Prison"

Award-Winning Danish Female MC
Releases New Video + Single "Prison" 
New single and video from award-winning Danish artist Lucy Love,
and new album on the way

Scandinavia is bringing heaps of talented cutting edge female artists these days – and Lucy Love is no exception. All though she has somehow went a bit under the radar in the US, with her first shows in Brooklyn and at SxSW earlier this year, she is all ready a big deal in Europe and Denmark in particular.
Lucy Love is the model of a modern star. She represents an era of cultural flux, where forging your own identity means hard work but great rewards. Her influences are from underground and mainstream, from across the decades and across the world.

Pop, club music, art and technology all come together in her work, all focused towards the expression of her singular vision and personality. Costume, video, dance and design are as important to what she does as her relentlessly hooky grooves and honest, outspoken lyrics. This is where a rich tradition of pop theatrics from Grace Jones and Kraftwerk through electroclash to Lady Gaga comes meet the irreverence and sonic force of the UK underground, Scandinavian craftsmanship and a good dose of southern African party mentality.

The new single ”Prison” is a catchy rave anthem, with insisting synths inspired by the happy days of 90s Eurodance. Although there’s nothing happy about the lyrics, which are about the desire to set everything on fire and burn it down. The video for ”Prison” (directed and edited by Lucy Love herself) is an up-close and fast pace black-and-white portrait of different personalities.

”Prison” is the first single from Lucy Love’s upcoming third album ”Desperate Days of Dynamite”which will be released on the 23rd of September on Lucys own label Superbillion Records. 



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