Thursday, September 4, 2014

RJD2 - "Her Majesty's Socialist Request" - SOTD (9/4/14) is an incredible producer, he makes hip-hip beats for all kinds of people and he never slacks. This song "Her Majesty's Socialist Request" is a newer track from RJD2 only about a year old. He has been producing for a long time so you have to go back into his huge library of music to get some of the classics. RJD2 puts on a really skillful show when he DJs live, not just using two turntables but he actually uses four decks and also MPC type sample boxes too. His booth is overflowing with beat-makers and turntables, and he manages to keep it all rolling recreating his mixes live. If you aren't familiar with RJD2 you should be, so go look up more of his music in the usual places.


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