Monday, September 8, 2014

DJ Cutman ft. Spamtron - "Overworld" - Song of the Day [9/8/14] Cutman is an elite video game music remixer/producer, podcast host, and he runs the record label called GameChops. This song "Overworld" comes from an awesome Zelda themed EP entitled Triforce of Bass and it has a number of other chiptune artists represented too, like Spamtron. DJ Cutman hosts a weekly podcast called This Week In Chiptune where he highlights the best in the electronic sub-genre. The podcast consists of mostly a mix of the newest chiptune bangers from all around the world. On the label Gamechops you will find a bunch of nostalgic video game music re-imagined and re-vamped with new crispy sounds. "Overworld" is one of my favorites because of three reasons, it's chiptune style, the Zelda music, and the moombahton tempo. Go check out more DJ Cutman, his label GameChops, and This Week In Chiptune for a constant stream of amazing music.


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