Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Despot - "Crap Artists" - Song of the Day - [9/24/14]
Most people don't know Despot, but those that do spread the word because he is so fresh. The lyrics Despot puts together create such a good flow, he constructs bars where the syllables match up to previous patterns all while staying on point with a perfect description or story. Despot represents the underground New York rap scene hard as fuck, one of the finest in the big city. This song "Crap Artists" has the illest hip-hop beat ever, the track comes from a compilation disk by the label Definitive Jux called Time Travel Vol. 1 a killer collection of underground lyricists. Definitive Jux is a baller hip-hop label founded by El-P. Go check out more from Despot if you can find more, he is super underground. Peep the official Definitive Jux Soundcloud, and dig deep on Youtube for more Despot gold. I haven't found a track with Despot on the mic that's not amazing.


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