Friday, October 24, 2014

Jantsen & Dirt Monkey @ Mac's Bar In East Lansing, MI (10/19/14) [Review]

Things got a bit nutty at Mac's Bar this past Sunday! With news of the Bounce City Tour stopping in town, I wouldn't have expected it any other way. A killer lineup of artists I had never seen before continuously swept me off my feet with their unique ways of presenting some of their favorite tracks.  Fusion Shows - Based out of Michigan - seems to have developed a good idea for what artists people are wanting to see in these parts.

While this was my first show at Mac's Bar, I was very surprised by it's atmosphere. I wouldn't say it wasn't what I expected, but it had defined itself as a place of it's own. Providing myself, as well as the rest of the crowd, a very personal set from the artists.

Although I was unable to make it in time to catch The Bass Choir, I hope to catch them sometime soon in the area. As I walked in, the duo ANVBiS were setting up and ready to give us a show! Blasting us with their trap and bass music, the crowd was quick to catch on. Backed with a decent light show setup, it was a great way to start the night off.

Midway through their set Jantsen and Dirt Monkey showed up! I spotted Jantsen right away and introduced myself. Not knowing Dirt Monkey was standing right beside him, He introduced himself. The shaved head through me off for sure! 

For those of you unaware of Jantsen, What are you waiting for? The veteran electronic artist clears paths others didn't know existed, yet remains unheard by the ears of so many. With his one of a kind sounds and style, there's no telling what you might get when you cross his path! Coming out of Boulder, Colorado, he continues to spread his music worldwide. After hearing about the recent collaborations with Bassnectar, it makes me wonder what is next?

Keep an eye out for LOCOJA. A newly announced side project created by Jantsen as well as Lorin himself. I asked Jantsen, "What is to come?" and he dropped Bassnectar's name. There could be a possible album coming from the two! When it will be released is still in up the air, but planning seems to have begun.

Dirt Monkey has built a strong very fan base! He has branched off from Sub.Mission and now he is building his own label Kairos Audio. Expressing his expansive combination of sounds, he made it look easy to put together. With my eyes glued, I noticed his style of mixing stands alone. Creating new sounds with songs already created by fusing them together at different speeds and times. I later noticed a stack of Dirt Monkey stickers that needed some love! Passing them out and tatting up the already decently inked venue with pink and black stickers was a job well fit.

Upon realization that the end was near, the crowd stood together expecting only a couple more tracks. Song after song we continued to jam out without hesitation for another half hour! With an energy level that couldn't be diminished, the two artists kept going at it! Including Dirt Monkey's "Tap Ho" remix as well as an unreleased Bassnectar track, it was safe to say they saved some of the best for last. All in all the show was awesome and a night to be remembered. I can't wait for them to return in early 2015! :)

Check out the Bounce City Tour feat. Jantsen and Dirt Monkey in a city near you.  
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