Sunday, October 26, 2014

Baths - "Lovely Bloodflow" - Song of the Day - [10-26-14] is a nice chill type of musical artist called Baths. This particular song has a lot of glitches creating a melody, but a lot of his music is rather mellow, and some use vocals or samples of spoken words. "Lovely Bloodflow" comes from Baths debut album Cerulean released by Anticon. This is the official music video through the Anticon youtube channel. Chill electronic music is becoming a popular sub-genre, not so much in the club scene but more so in cars and the background when people want to chat at parties. Satellite radio even has a station dedicated to it simply called Chill on channel 53 for XM. Baths is awesome, you can listen to most of his music on spotify here.


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