Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Redman - "Pick It Up" - Song of the Day - (10/8/14)

Reggie Noble aka Redman is truly the most hilarious of all hip hop lyricists. He represents the brick city - Newark, New Jersey - and he tells his side of the hard streets. Redman is a proud marijuana aficionado, he and Method Man have a film called How High which is probably the second best stoner film ever created after Half Baked. "Pick It Up" comes from the third Redman album Muddy Waters released back in December of 1996, a record that went gold in just three months! Despite being a goofball Redman is rather intelligent, his lyrical flow is one of the most impersonated in the game. His bars are timeless, almost a 20 year old album still has you "Humpin and a bumpin in yo jeeps." Back in the day Redman was all about Def Jam Records, and Def Squad, now his crew is Gilla House. You can check out the Official Redman Website for more music, movies, and awesome merchandise.


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