Thursday, December 3, 2015

Bass Control @ Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom (11/28/15) [Review]

Review by: jdrightright

Saturday was a night to remember at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom. Rebudz and Reload presented a massive line up for the Denver bassheads. The show sold out from walk up sales shortly after doors opened, so a lucky few were able to sneak in getting tickets at the last minute. This show brought out Fractured Silence, Mizer & Goetz, Dirt Monkey, LUMBERJVCK, TrollPhace, and MUST DIE! The place was bouncing to gigantic bass the whole time and loving every minute.

A custom stage setup was installed for Bass Control using a Mylar wall as a mirror and a pair of lasers. It was a neat configuration in which the lasers were aimed away from the crowd and into a reflective wall. The lasers would then bounce back and create a stream of slightly diffused laser light over top of the crowd. Reflected lasers would also bounce another time off of the giant disco ball and spread out into more beams.

A lot of bonus producers from Denver were present at Cervantes on Saturday night too. No one was gonna miss this show if they were able to get downtown. Among the crowd were producers: Decadon, Vinnie, !Tyro, Shank Aaron, and probably more I didn't see. For Bass Control everybody was in the house and ready to dubstep before it was even ten o'clock!

Starting off was Fractured Silence a young DJ from Denver. He put together a great set and immediately set a tone that the night was going to be full of grime and heavy bass. Next to the stage was duo Mizer & Goetz and they knew what to do; kick out the wubs. This was just a taste of what was in store for the night.

Colorado's own Dirt Monkey went on just as the final tickets were sold for a capacity crowd. If anyone knows how to fire up a packed house it's Dirt Monkey, it comes naturally to him. I am always impressed with how Dirt Monkey will mix in between glitch-hop, drum and bass, moombahton, trap, and his own brand of dubstep. He pounded out some of his classics like "Imperial March" and he dropped a live remix of Rianna's, "Better Have My Money." Plus Dirt Monkey incorporated a bunch of brand new songs in his mix too. Having a guy like Dirt Monkey represent the booming Colorado bass scene is awesome because he's ultra creative and always representing for the hometown fam.

The next face-melter was LUMBERJVCK a California guy and the leader of the JVCKSQUAD. He put down an extra naughty set of mostly hard dubstep and trap. The crowd responded to every drop and a lot of the bass was pushing hard at the people with a powerful force. One song in particular that stood out was when LUMBERJVCK mixed in Drowning Pool's, "Let the Bodies Hit the Floor" and the audience screamed the lyrics along with him. LUMBERJVCK didn't play anything chill, so we all just went hard as fuck for an hour along with the bass.

TrollPhace started off by loading up an array of heavy artillery. Then he jolted the room up another level with nasty trap and dubstep. His set was very sneaky, TrollPhace used the build up for one song and then right at the drop mix into the drop from a different track. Some of these quick drop transitions were completely unexpected and it kept the crowd guessing what might be coming next. TrollPhace was incredible live, he has an excellent ear for mixing two totally different songs and uniting them with a sicko drop.

The perfect opening song "Gem Shards" was how MUST DIE! got started. He has so many good machine guns and wubs in his live mixes. The place was bumping rather hard, and it was getting super hot with no one wanting to go outside for fear of missing out. At one point MUST DIE! was going so hard he had to take a knee and drink some water. He addressed the crowd after having a head rush from standing back up by saying, "I almost just died!" That would have been insane, but it was just a reaction to the altitude and the steamy hot room packed with humanity. MUST DIE! is totally on top of the dubstep game, and his musical ability is why he has connections with all of the biggest and best record labels in the industry. A good blend of hard songs and a few more melodic builds kept the room hypnotized until the very end.

This was honestly an overwhelming display of talent that Rebudz Denver and Reload Productions brought together for Bass Control. Also at a cozy venue, Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom, with a good size room and great vibes. I can't wait to see what is in store for the future events put on by both Rebudz and Reload. I have a feeling they will be epic, as always, because that's just how it's done in Denver.


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