Saturday, June 21, 2014

Bassnectar & Seth Drake - "F.U.N." - Song of the Day [6/21/2014]

With three days left for the release of Bassnectar's much anticipated LP NVSB, the genre-bending artist released another tune that's going to be on the album. F.U.N. is to be the opening track on NVSB. The tune is meant to define the theme of the album as a whole, creating flawless contrasts between Noise and Beauty. Starting off with a very ethereal piano melody, F.U.N. develops a very mysterious and spacey vibe. The buildup is one of the most cinematic and intense buildups I have ever heard in an EDM tune. Eventually the piano fades out and horns and thick synths slowly come in, creating a very orchestral sound. Finally Bassnectar throws in his classic 808's to build more force and passion. The song as a whole seems like it could fit in a movie score, with thick basslines, orchestral soundscapes, complicated chord patterns and chilled out drum beats. F.U.N. is a must listen for any fan of EDM. It really shows you that there is more to this genre than straightforward drops and female vocals.


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