Thursday, June 26, 2014

Savant - "Sledgehammer" - Song of the Day - (6-26-14)

The song of the day today is from Savant, one of the very best producers out today. This is the Official Music Video for "Sledgehammer" from Savant's album Alchemist. Savant makes extraordinary music with many layers of melodies perfectly blending together. Most Savant tracks are not uniform in format, he does not always repeat sections as a chorus. Sometimes sections are used like a chorus, but for the most part Savant has no specific structure to his music. Each track has a completely unique format, and Savant has a lot of songs. Some say Savant has a library of over 10,000 original songs created or in the works! He constantly challenges himself to go in new directions with music and his fans eat it up. You have to go deep with Savant because he shares so much of his work for free, you can listen to a ton of his music on the Official Savant Soundcloud page.


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