Monday, June 23, 2014

Krooked Drivers with Mux Mool, Marcelo Moxy, Fisk and Special Guest @ The 1up Colfax (6-14-14) [Review]

Review By: Justin D'Amico

Saturday night the 1up Colfax in downtown Denver, Colorado was overtaken by banging beats from Super Best Records. Krooked Drivers headlined with a bevy of big time support including Mux Mool, Marcelo Moxy, Fisk and surprise guest Michal Menert threw down too! Super Best Records came through huge with a stacked line-up representing the label proud.

The 1up Colfax is an arcade, a bar, and now also a music venue. There are arcade games surrounding the perimeter of the front room and also a huge variety of pinball machines too. The stage area and dance floor is in a separate back room with a capacity of about 300-400 people. Even more arcade games are placed in a small hallway directly off to one side of the dance floor too. For shows with live DJs the live music is pumped into the front room, making it so people can play arcade games while jamming out. Both the front room and the back room have a full bar and there is also an outdoor area used as the smoking section and for cooling down. The 1up is one of a kind, and a great place to check out whether or not there is a performance in the back room.

The live music for the night was kicked off by Fisk a Denver based producer who makes chill glitch-hop beats. Its always hard to get the room warmed up, especially with a ton of arcade games distracting the crowd from dancing. Fisk did a really good job and he was able to get some of the people to lounge with him in the back room early in the night. Check out Fisk on bandcamp here for some of his chill beats.

Next up was Marcelo Moxy one of the few DJs left live mixing using vinyl. Marcelo Moxy is out of Boulder, Colorado but he also represents New York and LA. He spins a bunch of sub-genres with a sort of disco feel tying it all together. Marcelo Moxy spun a smooth set bringing even more people into the stage room.

Mux Mool would take the stage next switching it up to a more hip hop style of music. Mux Mool creates his live set with a laptop and a sample machine. He hits drum samples and other sounds he has cued like a live drummer uses a drum set. Mux Mool was one of many artists in the house last Saturday at The 1up Colfax who is a part of the Super Best Records label. During the second half of Mux Mool's set is when Michal Menert popped on stage. While Mux Mool finished up his set the crowd gathered to see Michal Menert setting up for a special set.

Michal Menert is a Super Best Records artist and he is also part of Pretty Lights Music. He is very talented, and it was incredible to get to see him perform in a smaller venue. Michal Menert did just a short set but he crammed it full of new music, and he also rapped for a song which is going to be part of an upcoming release. Michal Menert was a completely unexpected delight to see perform. Michal Menert will be a performing next at the Sonic Bloom Festival coming up this weekend in South Park, Colorado.

Headlining the night of Super Best Records artists was Krooked Drivers, a duo of DJs - Maddy O'neal and Donnie Dalbora respectively. They came out strong bumping Denver glitch hop, and dancing with hard deep head-bobs. The room was full and the vibes were right, everyone got down and danced for their set. Krooked Drivers have great energy live and it's always fun to see that when watching a DJ set.  

Super Best Records really went all out for this show and the crowd was really appreciative. The 1up Colfax is open everyday from 3:00PM - 2:00AM. Even if their isn't a band playing it's a perfect place to hang and have a drink while feeling nostalgic playing classic arcade games and pinball. Keep up with the music schedule at The 1up Colfax for future concerts by following the official Facebook page here.


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