Thursday, November 13, 2014

High Maintenance - "Drop It" - Song of the Day - (11-13-14)

Hold on tight at the drop, this one goes extra hard! This is "Drop It" from High Maintenance the DnB junglist from Brighton in Britian. His beats are mean and dark using a lot of minor chords in the melodies. The bass is hard and the pace is fast, this is the type of music I like to listen to in the winter. Drum and bass music goes perfect with snowboarding, for some reason I always associate the two. This song "Drop It" is available to download for free directly through soundcloud, so go snag it up. High Maintenance has a bad ass DnB remix of the Virtual Riot song "We're Not Alone" coming soon so definitely stay tuned for that. Follow High Maintenance on facebook here to stay on the ball and for more swag.


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