Thursday, November 20, 2014

RL Grime, Branchez & Tommy Kruise @ Royal Oak Music Theater - Royal Oak, MI [11/13/14] (Review) + Void LP Release!

Review by: Trenton D'Amico

What a way of returning to Royal Oak Music Theater! The Void Tour made it's stop in Michigan for a night of unforgettable events. With much built anticipation, the week had come to it's end and it was time for the show. There were two openers that couldn't have fit any better. All of the current hype behind RL Grimes new debut album "Void" gave a very strong backing towards the uncontrollable energy level that was showcased. At the time of the show, the album hadn't been released and there wasn't anything that would stop me from getting a glimpse at what was to be expected!

Tommy Kruise was given the opportunity to help welcome the crowd to the world they were stepping into with his trancy hip hop beats. Without previous knowledge of his background I wasn't sure what to expect but overall it was a great way to start the night out. Recently putting out an 8 track EP titled "FĂȘte Foreign", the up and coming artist out of Montreal has began to pave a way for himself.

Next we were given Branchez. A young and very talented artist. With his future sounding hip hop beats, he gave the setting a brighter look on the darkness that was to come. Being my first time seeing him play, I was very impressed with his music choice. A flawless combination that easily could hype crowds of all variation. Myself as well as many were hoping or should I say waiting for the remix that started it all. It's always nice to hear songs like "High You Are" live. With bright soothing lighting he played the melodic feely track we've all turned to at some point or another. Being left in awe is always a great way to endure the end of a set. The chill time came to an end as it always does, but next was RL Grime and nothing else seemed to matter!

With all of the lights on him, RL Grime took the stage and made it his own. Immediately giving us one of the best songs off of the album, Scylla was for sure a great opening track. The pyramid like stage highlighted the artist behind it all in a very simple and organized way. Song after song everyone stood in place attempting to understand what exactly was going on. The unique style of hip hop alterations kept the show interesting from start to finish. Being only days after the release of "Kingpin", it was for sure on the list of must hears. As his set came to an end, I was surely disappointed that I didn't hear it, but then he was called back onto stage to properly close it out! Playing "Kingpin" heated things up a bit, but then "Tell Me" followed and the place went crazy.

Although many are unaware, the very talented Henry Steinway is in more places than you think! While RL Grime strives greatly throughout the electronic music community, questions come about on the activity of his other persona Clockwork. Knowing that the day will surely come, we can only be curious as to what plans are on the table for the future of not only RL but Clockwork as well. We've been given more than we could ask for from the musically talented trap god and it's now our turn to pay it back anyway we can!

As previously mentioned, RL Grimes debut album just recently released and it's a must have! The 12 song collection holds a few of the greatest in the genre currently and is taking over music charts worldwide. Currently holding multiple #1 spots, this album is surely one to check out. Go over to iTunes and get your copy now!

There are still many dates remaining on the Void Tour and if you aren't already aware, it's a definite must see. For more information regarding tickets and info be sure to check out our previous post regarding the tour here.


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