Friday, November 21, 2014

Savant & JELO @ Elektricity - Pontiac, MI [11/14/14] (Review)

The long awaited return of Savant to Michigan has finally been fulfilled and it couldn't have been any better. With buzz about his new album Zion floating around, It was very exciting to hear that he was coming back. Backed by SectionZ Records, Savant attracts a lot attention to the growing label. Wielding a very unique and powerful cluster of sound, he is able to wow any crowd with his in-depth variety of original music.

Anything is possible at a live show. From live remixing to incredible sound combinations, the show keeps your attention from beginning to end. While being new to Elektricity nightclub, the two artists worked together to provide an experience that both the crowd and themselves wouldn't forget. With local support from Fun Fakt as well as Food Fight, it was sure to be a night for the record books.

After both of the talented local acts were finished it was time for JELO to take control. Giving us an up beat set that got everyone moving. The veteran electronic artist gave a the audience a treat with his bangin' house and dubstep combinations. Setting up perfectly the subtle transition to the craziness that was to be unleashed by Savant. Earlier chatting with Savant, He mentioned his gratitude towards JELO's style of music and how greatly the two have come together to bring a show that flows fluently for fans across the globe.

The time had come and the mask The venue went quiet and that could only mean one thing. Anxiously awaiting the sound that would determine his opening song, I quickly prepared for the brutality up ahead. Continuously slamming the crowd with his out of this world mixing techniques, the energetic artist seemed to be having just as much fun as those supporting. Not having much time to say anything was no problem when it came to hyping the crowd. Showcasing some of the brilliance behind Savants upcoming album Zion, I was able to pick out and jam to a few recognized tracks from the album teaser. From what has been heard, this album will be one to tell your friends about.

As the night came to a close, Savant played 10 minutes over the closing time for a finale one could only dream to relive. I hold nothing but good words for both JELO as well as Savant. Their hard work gives us the music that gets most through their day to day lives. Normal people just the rest of us, but with dreams and goals that are unrecognizable to the eyes of most. With precise and accurate views on just about any topic, Savant shows his intelligence without even having to try.

As we restart the clock and patiently wait, we can only hope for a soon return from the Section Z crew. Special thanks to Savant, JELO and most importantly the man behind it all, Joshua Hernandez. Until next time!

Review by: Trenton D'Amico


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