Sunday, November 16, 2014

Ween - "My Own Bare Hands" - Song of the Day - (11/16/14)

This song is "My Own Bare Hands" by Ween, a rock anthem for the American working man. Ween can be super goofy or spot on rock and roll champions. This song is more of the latter while at the same time listening to the lyrics will no doubt make you smile. I love this song, it's the soundtrack to the tough guy so typical in society today, always exaggerating and boasting. The best lyric of the song is regarding an overcharged machismo in this line, "She's gonna be my cock professor; studying my dick. She's gonna get her master's degree in fucking me!" This track comes from the magnificent album La Cucaracha released back in 2007. Get down with Ween music and more swag by checking out their official website here.


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