Friday, January 30, 2015

Dej Loaf - "We Be On It" - Song of the Day - 1/30/2015

       Detroit native Dej Loaf (Deja Trimble) is a new and fresh face to the rap and hip-hop nation, but she is quickly rising and proving her talent. Her recent single "Try Me" gained the #46 spot on the Billboard Hot 100. "We Be On It" is a track from her mixtape "$ell Sole" that was released in October, and is my personal favorite. Her flow is fresh and natural; it's not too forced, unlike some female rappers', who have been entering the scene recently. She expresses her boss status, creating a name and stature for herself that makes it pretty clear that she doesn't take anyone's shit. 
Fun fact: her stage name Dej Loaf was formed from her first name, Deja, mixed with her longtime love of shoes (Loaf). At the ripe age of 23, I sense her growing popularity and fame will not diminish anytime soon. It is hard to find substantial rappers these days, and I'm quite positive she will continue to prove this as time goes on and her career explodes. If you've heard "Try Me" on the radio, which you probably have,  take a listen to "We Be On It" and her other tracks on Soundcloud and see for yourself that Dej Loaf is no joke. 


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