Friday, January 16, 2015

Oisima - Everything About Her (Ta-ku Remix) - Song of the Day - 1/16/2014

This song doe! Ta-ku flips the switch on the original "Everything About Her" produced by Oisima, with lyrics by Anabel Weston, and creates a whole new beat entirely which plays off the song's initial beauty and proceeds to skyrocket into a seriously huge and original tune. Ta-ku achieves this with not only chopping and screwing the vocals and adding a fluid mixture of bells and drums to enhance the sound throughout, but he also surprises us completely at 1:30 with a brilliant drop that includes insane high-pitched violin samples that drive the song into a reggae inspired feel on top of its beautiful and melodic foundation. It seems as though Australia really knows what's up these days, especially since the Future Classic Label originated there - a label managed by Ta-ku and many other swiftly rising producers such as Flume and Touch Sensitive. Even Oisima, the producer of the original track, conceives his lovely songs whilst residing Down Undah. Regardless, this song is the soundtrack to the pregame, the party, the afterparty, the drunken sex and/or drunken munchies that transpire on these beautiful Friday nights. Enjoy!


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