Sunday, January 4, 2015

Doctor P with Mayhem and Fury @ Beta Nightclub (1-2-15) [Review]

Review By: Justin D'Amico

Friday night was a big one at Beta Nightclub with a killer line-up showcasing three popular electronic producers. Each of them perform a different genre making for a superb variety. Fury representing the Denver area strong with his fast paced drum and bass beats, Mayhem with the illest trap bangers, and Doctor P the dubstep mastermind and co-founder of Circus Records. Beta Nightclub is known for bringing huge names together and Friday was no exception, the place was bouncing all night.

Beta Nightclub is a world renowned venue having been mentioned as one of the best clubs in the country by multiple outlets. It has a capacity of about 950 people and almost every weekend it's sold out. The club is set up with a main floor surrounded by private bottle service areas and a special VIP booth located right beside the DJ booth. Upstairs the balcony surrounds the dance floor with one side for standing room and the other with more private VIP booths. Also a separate room with a second stage is always bumping house music upstairs. The rear of the balcony also has an elevated VIP lounge spot right above the bar. One thing that I love about Beta Nightclub is how they can cool the whole place down with a huge co2 cloud that completely whites out the room. When it gets too hot they shoot out a massive spray of carbon dioxide, it's an exciting and refreshing way to quickly chill out the room.

Fury got things going with a two hour set kicking out the drum and bass jams. He started off with more chill and simple beats, but by the end of his set he had the place fired up. Fury is a Denver junglist with a keen ear for the best drum and bass music. Having Fury set the tone was a perfect way to get the night going.

Next up was Atlanta's own Mayhem, one of the best in the business at producing trap music. Mayhem turned up early in his set with hard hitting beats, and he went hard for the whole hour and a half. Later in the mix Mayhem brought out a friend to rap over the beat for a couple songs adding a little bonus flavor. I am usually very skeptical when it comes to trap producers, but Mayhem continues to amaze me. He is always mixing in new tracks I have never heard before, constantly morphing his set to include the latest and best new music.

Doctor P would close out the night with a naughty dubstep set including all the finest music in the genre. He dropped songs from Datsik, MUST DIE!, Flux Pavilion, and a number of his own bad ass tracks. Doctor P has a clever way of mixing live, he builds up one song while setting up another in his headphones, then right at the drop he switches it up. He rarely plays a song out to the second drop, where the second drop would usually go is exactly when he surprises you with a new one.

Doctor P created a live VIP version of his remix of the Scroobis Pip song "The Struggle" adding extra bass yawns and giving it a new feel using different sounds in the melody. At the end of his set Doctor P made a point to stop about 5 minutes early, this was perfectly planned to get the crowd screaming "One more song!" He knew exactly what he was doing, and he came back out with a perfect encore, "Flying Spaghetti Monster." Just an incredible set from one of the best producers in the industry.

Beta Nightclub is always a destination for big name producers to come and get it poppin off. If you are in the Denver area and haven't been to a show there then you are slacking. They have a massive sound system including four huge Function One speaker towers that pound out the bass proper. Tickets are never too pricey, typically 15-30$, and with some of the big names they bring in it's definitely worth it. Big ups to Fury, Mayhem, and Doctor P for all putting together sicko sets for the people to groove out to.


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