Monday, January 5, 2015

Sum 41 - 'In Too Deep' (Kasum Remix) - Song Of The Day (1/5/15)

Today's song of the day comes with a side order of Nostalgia for all my 90's kids, well probably for most people reading this. One of the most well known Sum 41 songs got a great face lift from New York producer, Kasum. This remix brings all the feels of an awesome progressive house track, especially the infectious piano playing over the vocals. This song has a very natural flowing feel to it almost as if this was an original. Minimal editing to the vocals add to that feeling as well. Another great thing about this remix is likability. Playing this at any party(whether DJing or using your aux chord magic) will surely bring together a singalong that everyone can be apart of. Best part, its FREE! Make sure you follow Kasum for more great remixes and some new originals in the near future.


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